After the Liberation

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After the Liberation

“What happens after the Confederate States of America is liberated from occupation?”

Wednesday 10 September 2014

The question is not if the Confederacy will be liberated form occupation, but when, and for the sake of those of the Yankee Race, who may read these words.  The transition from occupation to a free and independent Confederacy shall be carried out by peaceful means.  The Yankee Empire brought about by President Abraham Lincoln is doing a fine job of self-destructing; we need not interfere with their work.  Those who reside within the borders of the member States of the Confederate States of America should understand, the transition would mean much work and sacrifice.

Before the topic of what happens after the liberation is discussed, let it be said, the Confederacy will not arise and bring down the United States of America, however one might choose to describe such a thing.  The collapse of the present day Yankee Empire will come from within its own ranks, but fall it will, and by its own hand.  The United States as a ‘Voluntary Republic of Sovereign States’ shall then rise again!  The United States of America as a nation and people shall do quite well, along side the Confederate States of America.

The Proclamation of Independence, posted below, explains the present status of the Confederate States of America, and the other articles explain the process of reseating our government; these articles are highly recommended.  The process of maneuvering through the constitutional process, the legalities and the differences of opinion, which may at times, be like unto a minefield.  But once the Confederate Cause gains a sufficient percentage of support by ‘we the people’ the Confederacy will be able to struggle through to victory.

However then comes an even larger struggle, rebuilding a nation!  We must reestablish our national identity, weeding out those laws, regulations and adjudications imposed upon the member States of the Confederacy, and its people.  Those State Constitutional changes, laws and customs invalidated by the Federal Courts, the Congress or the President, must be reinstated, until and unless freely overturned by the sovereigns states themselves.  One example, among many, is State Constitutional changes, or laws, which declare marriage to be between a man and women.

Each individual State should run down a list, if the federals overturned it, their having done so must be declared invalid, and all options left to State Authority.  There is the question of the State Senate, State Senates, as created by the founding fathers of both the United States and the Confederate States, represented a fixed geographic area.  This is still true of the Confederate States Senators, where Senators are selected by the State Governments.  In this way Senators represent the sovereignty of the States, the House of Representatives, the people at large.

It is highly recommended that Confederate State Constitutions be restored, so their own State Senators represent fixed geographic districts.  The State House of Representatives, like the national House of Representatives, represents the people of the State at large.  This creates a balance of power, whereby more sparsely populated rural areas hold equal political representation, under present conditions; the cities hold the greater Political power.  In other words, the country folks have little or no influence over State political affairs.

After the Liberation, our people need to reclaim our history, heritage and culture!  Political correctness, as well as the banning of the Christian Faith, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, from public places must come to an end.  Freedom OF Religion must replace Freedom FROM Religion, and those organizations that seek to destroy every vestige of morality must be disbanded.  These entities include but are not limited to the A.C.L.U. and the S.P.L.C.  The NAACP should be forewarned; they may seek Equal Opportunity, but never again Equal Results!

On one hand the Confederate nation must treat its entire people equally, but on the other, we cannot afford to allow the entire alphabet soup of organizations, to rip and tear at the fabric of our society.  The politics of ‘you owe me’ must be brought to a close; no Negro, Black man, women or child has been a slave, neither the son nor daughter of a slave.  Slavery was an institution of its own time, and has passed into history!  The north sold them the south bought them!  Therefore today’s Caucasians, White People if you like, owe no one for the years Blacks were held in slavery.

Our people must regain the ability to state the truth, without being told they are bigots!  If for example Blacks commit 75 to 95 percent of crimes, and if that is the truth, then it is not bigoted to state as much.  In order to change those statistics, Blacks, as well as Whites, need only stop committing crimes.  We must make our cities as close to crime free as possible, and rebuild them.  In the ridding of crimes from our cities, and in the rebuilding process, we must transform our cities into uniquely Southern Cities, not merely bland mimics of north.

Our military forces under a liberated Confederacy must begin with dumping terms like ‘National Guard’ and change the policy to where State Forces are under the sole command of their Governor.  Command should never be transferred to the National Government, save for a Declaration of War, using that precise term.  Such a declaration must be restricted to an act of the CS Congress, and signed by the President, never by Execute action alone.  Further, the Confederate States President must be prohibited from adding to, subtracting from or making law.

If the Confederacy is to be successful, we as a people must become by our nature, a different people!  We must rid our schools at all levels of liberalism and socialism, which in plain language means our teachers, college and university professors, either shape up or ship out, and that’s as straight forward as it gets.  No more inter city race based culture; instead we all unite under the Confederate, Southern Culture.  Even our accent and manner of dress must be restored, which can be taught in our schools.

There is a purpose behind being a separate and distinct people!  If we dress, act like and speak the same as every other people, then where is our claim to being uniquely Confederate and Southern, does not these terms then become empty and meaningless?  However, on the other hand if after the liberation our ladies begin to dress like Southern Belles, in the modern context of our times, if they take on the mannerisms of Southern Belles.  And our men dress, speak and act like Southern Gentlemen; people from around the world will want to come to see such a nation.

We can begin by returning the dress code to our schools, where females wore dresses or skirts and blouses, and the guys dressed like young gentlemen; no baggy pants, shaved off heads or long hair on the boys.  If this sounds harsh, believe me, when the Ten Commandments, the Holy Scripture and Prayer are restored to the schools, it will reduce the prison population, faster then the entire alphabet soup of socially discontented organizations.  In any case you adult ladies and gentlemen, can help by setting an example!

This article could go on and on, but suffice it to say, we will be handed a golden opportunity to present to the world, the living definition of the Christian faith, honor, integrity, splendor and grace, which was the Old South and the Confederacy.  Businessmen and tourist will not flock to see the same old, same old!  Television, computers, I-phones and I-pads have turned our people into numbskulls, who walk around like robots, glued to the idiot pad in their hands.  We have a coming opportunity of combining the old and new, into a gloriously liberated Confederacy!

God save the Confederacy