They Came from Beyond Time

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Welcome Onboard

They Came from Beyond Time
Tuesday 7 March 2006

The story you are about to read is fiction or just maybe it is straight off the front pages of today’s newspapers as well as prime time radio and television.  Which ever you choose to believe, those who bore witness to these events, described in this story were on the front lines.  The issue of U.F.O.’s was far from their mind, being predominantly non-believers in any case.  We are talking about a few good ole boys, going about their lives, as they had for years; when suddenly these events were thrust upon them, unawares.  Come with us now and join those same good ole boys, as they come face to face, with real aliens, who have arrived here from beyond time.



Our story begins 58 years ago in a then cross roads community of Roswell New Mexico at a local Ranch near a so called non-existence military facility commonly know as area 51 where the biggest hoax in history was perpetuated. It should be considered normal for the military to maintain secrets for the sake of national defense; the falsehood about the 1948 event was that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed. The supposed visit by creatures from another world came to be known as Unidentified Flying Object or "U.F.O.'s." Numerous so-called sighting have been reported over the years in various parts of the world, still the mystery is ongoing and seemingly unsolvable. The hoax is that there never was a crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1848 nor were “U.S.O.'s” ever spotted at any time before or since. What we have here is a story planted by a covert order, which dates back to the closing days of the War for Confederate Independence, a terrible conflagration commonly known under the incorrect title as the Civil War.

History records that approximately 5,000 Confederates and their family traveled to Brazil where they set up a number of communities, Americas Brazil stands as the culmination of that exodus! What is not commonly known is that another group of 700 Confederate Soldiers and their families traveled through Mexico and found a secluded place in the Amazon where they also thrived and built what became the lost Confederate City. These particular members of the 'Confederate Exodus' should not be confused with another band, which followed a similar course but were considered to have been destroyed by natives of the then wild and uninhabitable Amazon Jungle. Among these men and their families, were believed to include a number of the most scholarly intellectuals of the Confederacy, in addition to those having extensive talents and skills in a wide variety of fields. Over the years all manner of stories and legends arose around the lost Confederate City of the Amazon. The Confederate battle emblem has even been found carved in stone!

Among the stories and legends, which grew around the lost Confederate City of the Amazon, is that this group, being so isolated, began to grow inward rather then outward, due to their urgent need to concentrate their efforts on the survival of the entire group. What is not commonly known is that outside of the original 5,000 this secondary group of 700 Confederate Soldiers and their families traveled through Mexico and found a secluded place in the Amazon, where they thrived and built what eventually became the authentic lost Confederate City? These particular members of the 'Confederate Exodus' have often been confused with a different band of approximately the same number, which followed a similar course but are known to have been destroyed by natives of the then wild and uninhabitable Amazon Jungle. Among these men and their families of the lost city were thought to include a number of the most scholarly intellectuals of the Confederacy, in addition to those having extensive talents and skills in a wide variety of fields. Over the years all manner of stories and legends arose around the lost Confederate City of the Amazon.

The desperate situation experienced by these Confederates of the Amazon caused them to concentrate on their own security and survival above all else, until they were able to seeming disappears into the environment itself. Their world had been reduced from concerns of nationhood and statehood, to a very small world of their own making, which allowed them to concentrate all their efforts on scientific and technological advancements. Soon they mastered the animals, minerals and plants available in the Amazon and began to use them as yet another tool in their rapid advancement into becoming an extremely high tech society, far beyond their own time. Eventually they even went beyond the legendary 'Philadelphia Project' of the Second World War and mastered not only invisibility but also of time itself. It is generally believed by those who have come to know of this lost Confederate City and study them, that their mastery of time allowed them to travel into the distant future and return, bringing with them technologies thought to be untold thousands of years ahead of anything we know today.

It was thought that these Confederates from the exodus had advanced to the stage whereby they could be considered a totally separate race of men. These people are believed to have increased the average intellect among their numbers to where high intelligence and extreme physical prowess was considered normal, rather then an unusual characteristic limited to a few. If the legends of these lost Confederates were true, their flying machines and weaponry would be more then equal to the any U.F.O. story. Nonetheless they are no longer coming from the lost Confederate City of the Amazon, but from a distant place beyond the reaches of time. There have been a growing number of individuals, which have witnessed these Confederates from another time, and believe it is they who have spawned the U.F.O. stories over the past half-century. However over the years, gray uniforms were somehow translated into gray men, then exaggerated into being the strange looking creatures, we are so familiar with in the Roswell, Area 51 stories.

The exaggerated U.F.O. stories, which have been so encouraged by storytellers, are not so much an effort to cover up a strange phenomenon, which occurred at Roswell in 1948, as it is an even stranger event then Roswell, which took place so many years later. An event which if made public could cause an upheaval in society, much more serious in nature, then any suspected landing of extraterrestrials from another galaxy. The fear is that should these Confederates of the exodus choose, they could overwhelm any modern force, which might be thrown against them. Somehow these Confederate Soldiers and their gray uniforms have developed into an advance race, wearing highly futuristic uniforms from somewhere beyond the stars. Those who have witnessed these strange and unknown men in gray, have become all too aware that truth is much more stranger then fiction. That somehow 700 men and their families could begin an exodus from their conquered and occupied homeland, more then 140 years later, appear as if they were aliens from beyond time itself.

The Crestview Affair
Monday 25 April 2005

'Those people' fear they could return in force!’

The city of Fort Walton Beach Florida is a gulf resort positioned roughly half way between Pensacola and Panama City and just south of Eglin Air Force Base, which itself is said to be roughly the size of Rode Island. North of Eglin Air Force Base is the moderate size town of Crestview, which is itself a tourist stop along Interstate Highway 10 running from Jacksonville Florida on the Atlantic to California. However what is not commonly known is that the area is also the highest geographic place in Florida. It is in the wooded area just north of Crestview where what was described as a U.F.O. landing, which had easily overcame military troops from both Eglin Air Force Base and Fort Rucker Army Base in Alabama, whereby these troops were overwhelmed by an extremely advance technology. Knowledge of the incident has not only been suppressed but also buried so deep it will never be told to the public, even in U.F.O. stories. But you will now discover, that the last battle of the War for Confederate Independence was not fought in 1865, but late one evening on a Monday in April 2005.

It was 9:30 P.M. when several men had made arrangements to go hunting just north of town; translated into Southern English 'three good ole boys with hunting rifles went walking in the woods late at night' since it was extremely rare that they ever shot any game. The acknowledged leader of the group was a likeable man named Jude Cimarron, known simply as 'Jude' to those who knew him. These little excursions into the woodlands usually occurred several weeks apart during the spring, summer and fall of the year at times of fair weather. These men were not true outdoorsmen, but they did enjoy, just having a good time, as well as the opportunity to swap a few whoppers. An hour had passed before the men noticed a bright light off in the distance; it seemed to be descending down into the woods not far away. Jude spoke up saying; "Come on it looks like it came down in the woods up ahead!" The three men were off partly running then slowing down to a fast walk, until finally they came upon the scene.

The three of them came upon a well trodden clearing in the woods and a spotted what looked like a circular disk shaped object that appeared to pulsate with so much energy it appeared to glow like it was covered with illuminants. The three hide themselves in a crevice between several large rocks that had been overgrown with weeds and grass. It was highly unlikely they'd ever be spotted from this position so they felt comfortable to stay hidden and watch. Before long they heard a convoy of military vehicles moving through the woods as well as several choppers buzzing overhead. Jude turned to the others and told them not to make a sound or these people would cause a lot of trouble for them. Before long the entire area where the saucer had landed was surrounded with Army and Air Force troops all welding an assortment of automatic rifles, grenade launchers the like. However from our position we could see what may have been overlooked by the military itself; this space ship from wherever, was not resting on the ground, but was literally standing a foot or so off the ground, as if hovering or resting on unseen legs.

The three men were certain they had not been spotted so they continued to watch and observe what was transpiring before them. While the military was busy getting into position, believing they had entrapped a vehicle from another world, what looked like an electronic screen of some kind appeared to surround the ship? Suddenly an opening appeared in the side of the saucer and 25 men exited taking up positions around their ship within the perimeters of the electronic screen. However these three 'good ole boys' quickly notice they were not looking at aliens but humans, and as much so as any of the troops surrounding them. The space men if that is what they were, wore uniforms, which were extremely well tailored and made with an advance technology and design. But there was no mistake about their accoutrements; over the right side high on their chest could be seen the design of a Confederate Battle Flag. The three 'good ole boys' later indicated they would have laughed themselves silly, accept that they were too scared to even crack a smile.

What followed next would have understandably been discarded as a U.F.O. fantasy tale, had these three reputable 'good ole boys' not been present to observe the entire affair. The outer rim of the saucer began to light up like an osculating neon sign causing panic in the ranks of the military forces round about, and an officer was heard to shout loud and clear, open fire. In the meantime several Soldiers and an Airman were heard to shout; "there ain’t no way I'll fire on the Confederate Flag." This didn’t make their officers very happy! In any case their shells merely bounced off the electronic screen and never even got close enough to touch these men, who were now being openly referred to by the military as Confederates. Suddenly what appeared to be a laser of some kind shot beams of light in a multiple of directions, as both Army and Air Force troops began dropping their weapons. A soldier not far away dropped his rifle into a nearby grass-covered crevice before backing away in total freight and awe, at what had transpired. Later we retrieved his weapon and found that all of its parts had been completely fused together!

This went on for what must have been an hour, until finally the 25 men in gray turn and paraded back into their flying saucer. It began to make a shrill humming sound after a short while and rose slowly into the air, pausing about three hundred feet above the ground. On the bottom of the craft could now be seen a large illuminated Confederate Battle Flag! We watched until the craft was out of sight, and then turned our attention to the Army and Air Force troops, who were themselves looking up in awe, while obviously contemplating what had taken place. As if to teach these now helpless troops a final lesson, a voice was heard coming from the saucer, which sounded like it came from an Alfred Hitchcock movie: "We shall return." All three of our 'good ole boys' smiled and Jude whispered; "We all know where they got that little quotation, and it wasn't from outer space." The military troops tried to round up their gear and found the engines of their vehicles, like their weapons, had all their moving parts fused together. After about an hour and a half other vehicles, including several flat beds and 18-wheelers arrived, so as to carry away the disabled trucks, choppers and other equipment.

After the Landing

While the military was busy as bees moving heavy equipment in and out of the area, the three eyewitnesses looked at each other as Jude gave the signal to slip away, while it was still possible. After reaching a safe distance where it was possible to talk openly, they all went over what they had seen and decided it was almost too fantastic to believe, and in any case the military would erase all evidence of that had taken place. In this case it was understandable why they would go to such extreme measures. There was no way the evidence of the landing of a highly advance flying machine from some unknown place and time could ever be made public, particularly since it bore Confederate markings. The resulting tumult would no doubt cause a complete upheaval in society dividing the people for and against. This would in turn bring on a confrontation not unlike the War for Confederate Independence itself! It did appeared however the military was merely putting off the inevitable day, when they'd have to confront the reality, that they are no longer the toughest dog on the block!There is now a new competitor having bigger teeth and a harder bite!

The three men decided against reveling their story to anyone; for the moment, if questioned, they'd report that nothing whatsoever happened outside of a normal hunting trip, which was extended due to having a good time, so in the meantime they managed, to slip away unnoticed. But on the third day Jude decided to call his two friends, suggesting that enough time had passed and perhaps they should return to the site of the landing and take another look. That very evening, a couple hours before dusk, the three of them arrived on the site with plenty of daylight remaining for an investigation of their own. As they spread out and scanned the area, they found no evidence whatsoever that anything unusual had taken place. They knew the flying saucer had not actually touched the ground but had stood aloft on some kind of electronic legs, so there would be no pod marks on the ground. Still it was evident that in order to exert the kind of force necessary, to hold their craft several feet of the ground, there had to be evidence left behind.

After looking for about an hour and a half the three were about to give up, when one of them known as Lucky, by his close friends called out; come over here, I've got something. There on the ground amongst the overgrowth were several shell casings, the kind, which are ejected form, a type of military weapon no hunter would ever be using. These were larger caliber armor piercing shells, and not far away they also found burn marks on the ground, obviously made by the saucer standing just above. They looked around further but found nothing else, still they had the military rifle, which had been fused by the rays coming form the saucer. They would make a record of all the evidence, as well as retain the rifle for their own sake, as an assurance to themselves that it actually happened, and was not a figment of their imagination. But as time passed, the story was never made known to the public, and no one ever came to investigate, not even the well-known U.F.O. researchers.

While Crestview was not mentioned there were reports of sightings in various places: Montgomery Alabama, Charleston South Carolina, Richmond Virginia and Washington DC which were all explain away! These sighting were attributed to military aircraft, atmospheric conditions, moon reflections and a whole array of things, which all brought smiles to the faces of Jude and his friends. Somehow these reports of sightings over these particular cities where in close proximity to the same time as the Crestview landing, was a little too coincidental for happen chance. The Air Force who had claim they no longer investigate U.F.O.'s, were suddenly on top of explaining away the phenomenon, as just about everything but what had actually happened. There were also the normal artists renditions of what people claimed they had seen. While some did come close, none of them appeared exactly like the flying saucer, which landed in Crestview late on the night of Tuesday 25 April 2005.

The cover up was however complete and absolutely no one would ever know the truth, that is not until the day they make their promised return. The three men eventually resumed their periodic hunting trips in the woods, just north of Crestview Florida, the jokes and whoppers began all over again, but somehow in the back of their minds, they knew things would never be the same. On occasion the three friends would catch each other looking upward, not for birds, but searching the skies for a totally different kind of flying object. Would there indeed be a return of the lost Confederates from somewhere out there in the vast galaxy of time and space, where they had built a society and an awesome force beyond time itself?

The days turned into weeks, then months until finally a year had passed and the three friends began to lay the incident to rest, knowing they'd not likely live long enough to see it happen. Occasionally while walking across that same open field on hunting trips the three men would be seen gazing across the ground, then upward, as if to spot some remaining evidence, that what they believe they saw, had actually taken place.

God save the Confederacy


When we follow the popular culture of our occupation forces we stand in opposition to the verse where it states "Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.  For their hearts studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief." (Proverbs 24:1-2).  One need only count the numbers of innocent unborn babies, murdered through abortion.  How many public schools welcome the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and Prayer?  Can you vouch that their popular music, entertainment and educational processes are moral, healthy and wholesome?  Does their society even minimally adhere to the moral standards as laid down in the Holy Scripture?  Can there be any doubt, a liberated and restored Confederate States of America could do much better?  Need more be said on this issue?