The CSA Government

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The Confederate States Government
How our government can and will be constitutionally reseated!
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Proclamation of Independence
Confederate Elections - Confederate Congress
Confederate Constitution - Confederate States of America

Shall the Confederate States Government be restored by a meager few, outside and
appart from the general population?  Consider how it would all unfold in the real world!

The Confederate States Government was and remains a constitutional entity, by and for the citizens of the Confederate States of America.  The hyperlinks posted above should be considered in order to gain an understanding as to the status of the Confederate States of America, and of the Confederate States Government.  The Proclamation of Independence accurately explains this status, that an aggressive invasion, conquest and occupation of the Confederacy, does not dissove its constitution nor its rightful sovereigntity.  A declaration made by the conquorer, cannot justify an illegitimate claim that the Confederate States of America was never really a nation, merely because the aggressor wishes it to be so.
If that be true the same could be said of the founding of the United States, which was brought about by a similar war for independence.  The issue here is not to change the hardened views of those liberal and socialist among theYankee race,  for no amount of facts or legalities, not even the unalienable rights, given of Almighty God in creation, can alter their opinions.  The issue before us then is how do we restore, or more properly, how do we reseat the Confederate States Government?

There are  those among our numbers who, no doubt with every good intention, have forged an organization, which they insist is not an organization.  None the less this organization claims to be the Confederate States Government!   However one need only read the Confederate States Constitution, which is the only basis for our national government.  This is made clear, the Senate is an instrument of the individual State Governments!  Each member State has two Senators, which are appointed to office by their respective State Governments, thus they stand as an instrument of State sovereignty.

Each State is granted a number of Representatives in Congress, based on the census taken every ten years, the States alone hold the authority to call for national elections, so as to fill the now valid but vacant seats in the Confederate States Government.  Neither the Confederate Legion, nor an organization calling itself the Confederate States Government, hold any authority under the Confederate States Constitution, not even in a provisional status.  The Founder, Confederate Legion, holds absolutely no anamosity toward those who believe themselves to be our government.
The purpose here is the truth, which is truly self evident to those who are not blinded, to what I  believe is an honorable intent, none the less an inacurate process.  One might ask, will the seats in the Confederate States Government ever be filled, thus restoring the Confederate States Government.  Yes indeed, the Confederate State of America will regain its rightful independence, and our government, the Confederate States Government will be restored, via the ballot box.  But that process will not take place under an organization, by whatever name, which considers itself, that very government.

There is a process which will take place, in one form or the other, we must first convince the masses of the Confederate People, Southern People if you like.  Afterwards those who hold political office within each member State of the Confederacy, will then respond by supporting the calling for Confederate States national elections, or else they will be defeated in an election by those who will.  A meeting of State Delegates will take place in some format, who will then set the date, time and the terms of the election.
The precise manner and the details are not for me to say here and now, but the process will unfold, all in due couse of time.  Those who read this letter must understand, I have absolute no anamosity toward those who feel they must, for whatever reason, lay claim to being the Confederate Sta tes Government.  After all, since the surrender of our Confederate Armies, many have laid a similar claim!   And, let me say,  I’ve spoken to at least a couple of such people, but none of them could point to an authority, as laid down in the Confederate States Constitution.

Lastly, the most critical charge made thus far, against the Confederacy, that being slavery; slavery was an institution of its own time.  The north shipped the slaves into this land and sold them, the South bought them, so neigher party can claim some type of righteous platform.  In any case, when the Confederate States Constitution is reactivated, no one can be made a slave under its provisions; the slave issue has passed into history.  None the less, any three States under our constitution can call a closed convention to propose an amendment, which is then sent to the States for ratification.

Should I be so blessed with being in a position to take part, I would propose three amendments, all carefully worded!  There would be an official end of slavery, protection against international laws, treaties and the like,  and the third would deal with laws, regulations and Court Decrees enforced upon the Confederacy during occupation, which would then be rendered invalid.  There will be difficlties in liberating and restoring the Confederacy, and reactivating our Constiution, but whatever may come, we should never resolve these difficulties in an incorrect manner, which in any case would never hold any validity.
God save the Confederacy

The Confederate Legion