Humble Christian Upbringing

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Humble Christian Upbringing
Saturday 11 April 1998


I was sent to a children’s home at a young age, the picture below was taken a year or so after. Anyhow, I was sent to a foster home with a farm couple in the countryside. The couple was what we call today Senior Citizens, which had sold their farm in Hungary during the mid-1930’s. They perceived the Nazi’s would come their way, sooner or later. They were devout Christians, Holiness by nature, not by denomination!

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My Boyhood Church

The small town Christiansburg was about 12 miles away, populated by perhaps 1200 people, where the man built a church. He built the church mostly by himself, with what little help a couple of us small boys could offer. He wasn’t a pastor, and he never claimed ownership!  And it was a simple church building, made of cinder block, and having steel crank out windows, along with a bop-bellied stove in the center isle.

The old man worked hard on his farm, plus working in a steel mill, while supporting the church, but he never complained, nor did he ever speak ill of anyone.  I had a variety of chores to do every day, such as feeding the animals, driving 8 cows down the road a mile, to their pastor field, with the help of two cow dogs.  After being on the farm approximately 4 years, the barn burnt down, and what did the old man say. “The Lord giveth and the Lord Taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”
 Shortly after he asked in prayer, “Lord, given me the lumber, and I’ll rebuild that barn!” A Week later, the lumber from an old abandon barn, on the edge of town was offered to him, for the price of tearing it down himself and hauling it away.  And again, he never complained, but went to work.  He was not much of a talker, but rather a doer!

His Christian testimony amounted mostly to being a ‘Living Witness’ and might I say, never since have I personally seen a better example of a Christian Witness.  All the pamphlets, brochures, and all the door knockers combined, could never match this aging old Hungarian Christian. I thank the Living God for bring this man, his wife and elderly mother, into my life.

Let me also say that all the large Christian Churches, Cathedrals and Palaces, could never match the humble cinderblock church, with the crank out windows and pop belly stove. That church and the man who built it, changed my life forever. 
That friends, neighbors and kinfolk is my life's testimony!  Jesus Christ has arisen, he lives, the tomb is empty!  Amen!

God bless!