Climate Change Nut Cakes

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 Climate Change Nut Cakes
”Previously known as Global Warming!”
Friday 21 December 2012

We should clearn up the smog, and the polution, and the like, but
closing the coal mines and shutting down the oil wells is not the answer!

 The majority of those who’ve been paying attention, have heard of the left wing socialist and liberals propaganda on Climate Change, a political ploy, which was originally termed Global Warming.  Save that several extra cold winters sent that theory to the comedy section!  As a sailor, I learned early on and from a real professional sailor, that accept in rare situations, weather is determined by two natural phenominon.  We have all seen the Meterologist on television, as they show us the Jet Stream, however, there is also the ocean currents!

The Climate Change socialist show us images of massive sections of ice breaking away at the north pole, which is presented as evidence the climate is warming.  All of which they say, is due to man’s use of fossil fuels!  They don’t tell you the North Pole has no land under it, so the ice simply grows until it breaks off.  This is not unlike the accumulating snow on a mountain, which piles up until it breaks away and slides down the mountain.  What then are the Climate Change people up to, why do they push so hard, and deminize anyone who differs with them?

The answer has nothing whatsoever to do with the climate, but rather is rooted in political power!  Cooking up a Climate Change disaster allows them to justify ever more socialist programs.  While one step at a time, working toward transferring national sovereignty to a One World Government, which is their ultimate goal.  The climate has always varied throughout time, otherwise there would have been no ice age or doughts, northern Africa and the Middle East would still be vegetatively, a green zone.

California had been in continuous drought for several years, while Arizona and much of the South experienced an abundance of rain, all due to the Jet Stream, which has nothing to do with global warming. The Ship’s Captain who taught me, payed close attention to the two items mentioned above, the Ocean Currents and the Jet Stream.  I sailed with his Commander on many occasions, and he never missed; I would have trusted his judgement far more then a liberal or socialst with a polical ajenda.

There are outside forces which effect the climate far more then mankind, and these are valcanic erruptions, earth quakes, sun flares and meteors from space.  Additionally, if the Climate Changers truly believe the oceans are rising, the place to look is at the bottom, this is where it all happens.  The entire middle east was at one time lush green, now it is nearly all sand, and among the few green places remaining, is the land of Israel.  Are there any nutcakes out there who believe mankind is responsible for all these changes, which have taken place over milliniums?

In any case there will be a time of climatic disaster, a situation that has been prophesied in the Holy Scriptures, and the Climate Change People can be assured, this will indeed happen.  This prophesied period of disaster is to be the seven-year period, beginning with the Rapture of the Church, and ending with the return of Jesus Christ in glory.  Those who are alive on earth and see this take place; will be in deep, deep trouble, they’ll have their One World Government, and a Global Dictator, known in the Scriptures as the Beast of Revelation.

God save the Confederacy



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