Dust in the Attic

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Dust in the Attic
Saturday 9 August 2014
”Some things can be figured out through a little common sense, and a wee
bit of reading, a few of these are the items covered in the below letter.”

 Greetings!  There are a few issues that have stuck in my crawl, and I can’t think of a better time to dump them; so let me start, if possible, at the beginning of my story.  There is but one God, creator of heaven and earth, which may shock some of our more dumb founded Scholars, who believe the universe evolved out of nothing.  My early years were spent in what could be called awe struck, at those of higher degrees of learning.  That is until I discovered that one could be a learned scholar, and ignorant at the same time.  Now, this does not apply to all scholars, no doubt there are those who are intelligent, learned and still have their heads crewed on straight.
   There are, well, God Himself only knows, how many religions on earth, but there is only one God, the Almighty God of the Holy Scriptures.  And there are a couple of certainties involved here, among them are these; every single human being that has ever lived will face the Almighty God.  The issue is whether they will do so as a believer in Christ Jesus, as outlined in the Holy Scriptures, or in the final judgment.  Also, everyone now alive or who has ever lived will one day bow before him, and they will believe in the only begotten Son of the Almighty God.  There are those, and we all know who they are, who commit mass murder, and think they do God favor.
   Since a goodly portion of these many false religions were created by a single man, at some time in the past, why it is that so many numb skulls believe in them, which is a mystery to me.  God put all that brain matter inside our skulls for some reason, surely it was to think for our selves; least he would have created a single community brain.  Still I must say that when those having all this unused brain matter, breathed their last breath in this life.  And all these numb skulls stand before Him, the God who they will face will be the God of the Hebrew, Christian Holy Scriptures.  And the Holy Writ I speak of here consists of 66 books, with no additions or subtractions!
   There are two particular groups of people that stand out above the others, these are those who search for a lifetime trying to uncover ‘how the universe was made.’  Studying the natural universe is a good thing, but to use all that brain matter toward a false conclusion, when the answer has been laid down in the Holy Writ for millenniums, is not a wise use of one-brain cells.  I’ve known a much since boyhood, and I am certainly no scholar, the story starts with “in the beginning God” {Genesis 1:1}, and just keep reading from there.  The other group is somehow convinced that if they butcher enough people, paradise will be their eternal home.
   Lord help us, will they be surprised to discover, the place they are carving out as their eternal home, is much hotter then the highest ever recorded desert temperatures.  And the word used here, is often use in cursing, but it properly describes a particular place, and it is called HELL.  Now if you posses some other so called ‘Holy Book’ other then the Hebrew, Christian Bible, it would be wise to set it aside and buy yourself the one and only.  I am likely to get in trouble here, but here it goes; in English there is only one trustworthy version, that being the King James, and if some of the words trouble you, locate an unabridged dictionary.
   The last topic I’d like to cover is Israel and the Jews!  It would not be a stretch to say nearly all of the middle-eastern countries, and a huge number of those scatter around the world, would like to destroy Israel as a nation, and kill all the Jews living there.  Read carefully, and consult the Holy Scriptures if you like, but a few things WILL take place, at some point in the future.  All true Christians will be taken out of this world, in the twinkling of an eye, which I understand to be approximately a sixteenth of a second.  A good place to begin your study is the article titled; ‘
The Coming Apocalypse then follow-up by reading the other related WebPages.
   In a few words let it be said that there are those who have and are killing Christian, simply for not believing their own evil way.  Jesus Christ will return to this earth, seven years after the Rapture of the Church.  And he will not return as he did before, but will split the clouds as a conquering king, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  Until that happens, Israel WILL remain, and the Jew will be there, on hand, to occupy the land!  One needs not be a Prophet, to understand these things!  Consider ordering a copy of ‘
Left Behind {The Movie Series}’ it will help you understand in a general sense, the events that will take place, beginning with the Rapture.
   Just in case you are among those ‘Left Behind’ when the Rapture of the Church takes place, here are a few things that WILL take place, among many.  The Russians and the Arabs will together, march against Israel, and they will loose BIG TIME, five sixth of their armies will be destroyed, and Israel will remain.  A seven-year peace treaty will be signed, inasmuch as the Arabs will be left, by the war, all but powerless.  The Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt atop Temple Mount, and you can bet the ranch, this will take place.  The Arabs will bow down to the man they believe is their version of the Messiah, but the man they will bow before, will be Satan himself, incarnate.
   The issues discussed herein have been greatly simplified and abbreviated, but they are nevertheless true.  But understanding some things, may well mean, clearing the dust out of the mental, and might I say spiritual attic!
God bless!

Confederate Legion