Confederate States Elections

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Confederate States Elections 

Disregarding ‘we the people’ in the process of liberating the Confederacy is paramount to political insanity!

The Confederate States of America held its last elections before the time of the surrender of our Confederate Armies and since that time our nation has remained under occupation, subjugation and cultural genocide. The span of time lapsing between then and the present is not relevant to the legitimacy of the Confederacy’s status as a rightfully separate and distinct nation, having its own Confederate States Constitution. Like other nations, which have succeeded it, the Confederate States of America did not cease to exist, but rather entered into the status of occupation by a power foreign to itself.

The Confederate States Constitution having never been rescinded remains in effect, howbeit suppressed by that same occupation. Therefore the proper exist from occupation is that of liberation, not another series of secessions, which would only serve to undermined the legitimacy, wherein the Southern States had lawfully and Constitutionally seceded from the Union of States. Then and then only, can we remove the hand of occupation, subjugation and cultural genocide from our ballot boxes and hold free and open elections.



Confederate States Constitutuion.

We the people of the Confederate States, each State acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity--invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God--do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America.

Greetings! The question has arisen as to how the process of Confederate States Elections would actually come about after so long under occupation, no elections having been held since before the surrender of our Confederate Armies? The process begins only when we have gained the support of a sufficient percentage of the electorate, whereby we can control nothing less then a working majority of the Legislators in all 13 member States and Territories {now the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma} of the Confederacy. West Virginia previously failed to follow Constitutional procedures 1861 in breaking with Greater Virginia, so it would be desirable to gain their support, making 17 States, then after the liberation has taken place we can settle the issue of West Virginia, once we are a free and independent nation.

We must have a solid majority of the 50 States supporting the Confederate Cause for independence; therefore 13 additional States would be necessary, making the total a solid majority. Once we have gained the popular support of a solid majority of the electorate within the 13 member States, we will then have the political power needed to seat a majority in both Houses of the State Legislatures, plus the Governorships. Once seated these new Legislators and Governors would have the authority under the Confederate States Construction, whereby they may call for a special election in order to fill the now valid but vacant seats in the Confederate States Government.

Further the individual State Governments, under Confederate Control at that time, will also be able to determine who is and is not a Confederate State Citizen within their own respective borders, decisions would be made in order to determine who participates in the election. The details can be coordinated between the individual States through a Cooperative Committee, whose members would be officially appointed as delegates for that very purpose. The Committee Members would likely count among their numbers those Confederates who would have proven victorious in the then recent elections. It should be noted that while the State Governments remain cohorts of the occupation, they lack such sovereignty!

The Coordinating Committee would have to present recommendations to their respective State Governments, via their Governors and Legislative Leaders, as to what part, if any, the two major Political Parties will play in the elections. The principle is this; there is no way we can re-seat and their by re-establish the Confederate States Government, while ignoring the electorate, and we must gain a solid majority support of the electorate in any case, if we are to prove victorious. Additionally, alterations may in some cases be necessary in order to reset the boundaries of the various Electoral Districts within each State; Electoral Districts have under occupation, been so designed as to guarantee 'those people' retain power!

It should also be noted, the Confederate States House of Representative would go into secession with their next or third secession after the liberation with 109 members rather then the 435 seated now seated in the United States House of Representatives. This will mean the member States of the Confederacy while coordinating their actions through the Coordinating Committee will also need to assign the seats in the Confederate States House by population by State. Those determined to be citizens of some other nation, naturally should not be counted when dividing the Seats in the Confederate States House of Representatives or for voting purposes.

Those States having more two Representatives in the Confederate States Congress would need to reapportion their Congressional Districts! Under the Confederate States Constitution, Confederate States Senators are appointed by the State Government and are not popularly elected; the concept here is that under the Confederacy these Senators represent the sovereignty of their own individual Stated, unlike the House of Representatives the citizenry by population. This is critical to preventing Senators from ignoring the interests of their own State, which is what has occurred in the United States Senate.

We wonder why the Federal Government can dictate terms to the States and disregard their sovereign right to govern over domestic affairs within their own borders, when the very safeguards originally built into the system have been removed. In like manner the State Senate Districts originally consisted of fixed geographic Senate Districts within each State; this tended to divide power between the rural and the urban. In like manner the assigning of Federal Senators by the State Government served to assure each individual States as an entity, retained it power as a sovereign State.

The result of altering the original system is that political power is now concentrated in Washington on the Federal level and in the large cities within each States. Thus the States stand prostrate before an Imperial Federal Bureaucracy and they are answerable to everybody, yet at the same time nobody. The solution rests in restoring the balance of political power to where Federal Senators must answer to their own State Governments rather then merely dictating to them, or else face loosing their cushy jobs. On the State level the political power must be balanced once more between the rural and urban by restoring the election of State Senators to fixed geographic districts, divided as equal as possible along geographic lines.

Nonetheless, in gaining a solid majority support of the electorate, we will by the very nature of the election process, have regained control of our own individual State Governments, then we can use these already established seats of government, as our legitimate platform for liberating the Confederate States of America, including that of holding national elections and re-seating the Confederate States Government. Let me make it clear to everyone concerned, we cannot ignore ‘We the People’ and still expect to bring about an independent Confederate States of America, realistically that simply is not going to happen.

Many years ago I tried to address these very issues with the leaders of the then Republic of Texas, which ignored sound advise as well as the lessons of history, after which their organization collapsed; many of its officers now in prison. We will take the Confederate Cause to 'We the People' and gain a solid majority of their support or else we will never see Confederate States Independence. The process of seceding the second time is invalid, save for those States having never seceded, because the Southern States have already seceded once; those secessions were rescinded by force of arms, which negates the very process having rescinded them, leaving them enforce, howbeit suppressed by the occupation.

U.S. Federal Senators all have ratified treaties, which are damaging to the economy, resulting in shipping of an enormous industrial capacity as well as millions high paying jobs for average citizens overseas. They have ratified away much of the sovereignty of the United States to global interests, while failing to address the problem of open borders, allowing 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants to enter, their only answer thus far has been amnesty. How might things have turned out if these same Federal Senators were threaten with their jobs, by their own State Government if they dared to ratified these damaging treaties.

State Governments sending Senators to Washington if there were a balance between the rural and the urban, would likely have never chosen the traitors and criminals that presently representing our States. The South would still be the South and our history, heritage and culture would still be celebrated. Given the balance between the rural and urban sectors each State, the Confederate Flag would never have been lowered from our Statehouses, Political Correctness and the Civil Rights Terrorists would not now dominate the political arena. Revoking U.S. Supreme Court and Federal mandates then restoring formerly pertinent procedures and laws can still correct this problem!

When any private organization claims to actually be the Confederate States Government or usurps the authority to grant and deny Confederate States Citizenship, they are fooling both those who are gullible to join their numbers, as well as their own selves. There is a process and that process leads directly through ‘We the People’ without whom, there will never be an independence Confederacy. Finally, there are a few organizations which have a strategy aimed at creating a New Southern Republic or else a New Confederacy, neither of these will ever take place. The Confederate States of America is a separate, distinct, legitimate and constitutional nation, held under occupation; there will be no other upon this land while that fact remains.

God save the Confederacy





"We the People of the Sovereign States and Territories constituting and entitled the Confederate States of America hereby proclaim before Almighty God and all who may read these presents that as our forefathers law-fully, peacefully and constitutionally seceded from that voluntary union of States entitled the United States of America and formed a new nation, according to their reserved political rights, and the inalienable rights endowed them by their Creator, so the aforementioned States and Territories were, are, and remain now Sovereign political entities within a voluntary national Confederation, conjointly constituting one independent nation amongst the nations of this world, and styled 'The Confederate States of America." --- Proclamation of Independence

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