Confederate Fighter Squadron

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Welcome Onboard

Confederate Fighter Squadron 


We live in the modern age of science and our society is filled with technological gadgets, that a generation ago would have been considered science fiction; now technology can be found everywhere we turn and involves every facet of our lives. We as a modern society are learning about such far fetched things as wormholes, the warping of space and time, topics that has somehow crossed over from fiction into the real world in which we live. How much is fact and how much is fantasy is yet to be revealed!

Still, we can’t help but wonder, what about the numerous strange events, which has been reported over the years by reputable people? Normally when such a question is raised, it we think of U.F.O.’s, Flying Saucers as well as strange and unusual occurrences. Therefore it is expected the reader will categorized the following in this regard; deciding if there is any truth in the story, or perhaps it is best reserved for the U.F.O. crowd and their little gray space alien friends.

Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787 --- "What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?   Let them take arms."


Confederate Air Space


There is no doubt that a vast majority of us have been told about ‘Civil War’ Ghost Stories from places such as Gettysburg, Fredericksburg and other Battlefields, regarding that long ago and terrible war. But not many have ever heard of yet another type of strange and unusual story, as told by an anonymous U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, located in Northwest Florida. This story does not involve the revelation of any secrets nor does it name names and it should be received as any other story; let us just call it a tale told over morning coffee, at a busy road side Fast Food Dinner.

The actual name of the pilots involved has been withheld, while this this story was told to me over a hot cup of coffee early one morning, during a return trip home, from Pensacola to Panama City Florida So the story goes, it was Tuesday 14 October 2008 and an Air Force Captain we shall call Jacob McNally was scheduled to be one of three pilots, which would fly a recently delivered F-30 from Texas to the Panhandled of Florida, with a stop over in Alabama. All three pilots involved have been well trained and experience, 2 of the three being combat veterans.

These aircraft were scheduled to be involved in mock combat training exercises over the Gulf of Mexico, but what took place in route, was nothing less then amazing. It must be remembered, that as the story indicates, the F-30 is an extremely high tech aircraft, and the possibility that it could be out maneuvered and overwhelmed by any aircraft is highly unlikely, our story does not traverse beyond that description. The public is or should be aware of its name, outside of that, the details of its real world capability, rightfully remains unknown!

Captain McNally arrived at the launch point near an Air Base at Houston Texas and joined up with the other 2 pilots, where they were scheduled to fly out the next morning at 09:30 A.M. on their way to Alabama, then Florida. It was early in the evening, and they had completed their preliminary briefings, so the remainder of the day was their own, in military jargon, they were on liberty. Captain McNally was not a smoker nor did he drink alcoholic beverages, but the Officers Club did serve a good meal, so he decided to remain on base.

He and the other 2 pilots were assigned Officer Quarters for the evening, and it was always the Captain’s policy never to stay up late, knowing he would be flying the next day, so he turned in relatively early. There wasn’t much going on in town any way, so after a little news and a television movie, he fell asleep. Jacob’s family was a little old fashion about such things, his father was one of those early to bed, early to rise type of people, and the Captain simply got in the habit, which always proved valuable, given his chosen career.

U.F.O.'s and Strange Sightings  

Captain Jacob McNally was not particularly a believer in Flying Saucers and little Grey Men from a far away galaxy, but then he never had given it serious thought, that was until strange sightings were reported over the news, and as it turned out these reported sightings had put all three pilots in the right mindset for what was to follow. Stories were appearing in the press along the northwest Gulf Coast of Florida, centered around the vicinity of Clearwater, which told of sighting four very unusual aircraft. These craft were described as being roughly similar to modern swept winged fighter aircraft, of which we are all familiar, however that’s where the similarity ended. The wings these aircraft were more rounded, as was their entire tail section, and they were said to make very little noise, even at high speeds.

Reports indicated there were some sort of markings on them, however there flight path was not low enough for anyone to make a positive identification, only that there marking were not thought to be U.S. Emblems. A report by two very reputable State Troopers indicated that while questioning an automobile driver for a possible traffic violation, they had all spotted four Unidentified Aircraft flying in formation. The Officers who were identified as James Cleburne and Ralf Colburn, described the aircraft as displaying rounded off swept wing, and flying at such a slow speed, modern jets would have fallen out of the sky. Yet they suddenly maneuvered toward the northwest and sped away so fast they literally disappeared from sight in minutes!

McDell Air Force Base is located in Saint Petersburg, a Coast Guard Air Station in Clearwater, and Tyndall Air Force Base in the northwest Florida panhandle, but all three denied having aircraft capable of such performance! Additionally three tourists were heading north on route 75 in a custom van early in the morning, at a time when traffic was moderate. They had managed to pulled over to the side of the freeway so as to switch drivers, when suddenly these aircraft appeared, creeping at such a slow speed, the three believing them to be jets, and feared they'd crash. Then as suddenly as these aircraft appeared, they sped away and quickly disappeared out of sight!

A homeowner and his neighbors, numbering about a dozen in all, were having an early evening barbeque in the back yard and like so many others, they made a U.F.O. Report to local Tampa Police! The only deviation in their story was in their claims to have witnessed these aircraft disappear, then reappear seeming at will, instantly speeding away at enormous speeds, faster then any known aircraft. All that Captain McNally knew was that neither of his two fellow pilots had mentioned having sighted U.F.O.'s, neither Jason or Johnson, so he himself decided not to bring up the subject in their presence. Still he couldn't help but wonder as to the truth of these sightings, while falling asleep the night before their flight out of Texas!

The Mission Begins

The Captain joined his two fellow officers for a light breakfast the next morning, not wanting to bloat himself before a flight across country! His usual custom on such occasions was a half-cup of black coffee, one egg, 2 slices of bacon, and a single slice of toasted bread, topped off with unsweetened fruit preserves. The Captain always figured to eat his main course after the flight, when he was more at leisure, this was something taught to him by his grandmother, and he would smile within himself at such times, recalling her words. He had spend much time with his grandmother, inasmuch as both his father and mother were working people, so it was she who help more then any to mold his character.

He was well trained and more then qualified in the aircraft they would be flying and given his combat experience, he expected a routine flight, the weather was to be variable cloudiness with rain along some locations of their route, but nothing overwhelming to be sure, was expected. He decided to stop at the Base Exchange, commonly known as the ‘BX’ the evening before, since he liked to take home a small gift for his wife. Knowing she tended to consider these little gifts a pleasant surprise, as is the manner of most women, and she did after all considered it a loving gesture! His wife Jeanne was an Elementary School teacher, a career which managed to occupy her time, while he was so often away on military missions!

Jacob was always conservative by nature, even though his ‘place of birth’ is Toledo Ohio, a liberal bastion of the state! However having received orders to the South after his flight training, upon completing his first tour, later on receiving yet a second assignment, also in the South, upon his returning from a tour in Iraq. The Captain found that he had become more Southern then Northern as a result he made a purposeful decision to study its history and customs during his off time. Particularly the period of the ‘Civil War’ and in particular the heroes of the Confederacy, while intentionally seeking to understand the Southern viewpoint, if possible.

Like most young men of his generation, he carried a cell phone, one of those thin models, so it would fit in his flight suit easily, without causing any discomfort, allowing him to stay in touch with his wife and 3-year old daughter Michelle. He owned a Blackberry but seldom carried it, since in his view, it was inconvenient and took up to much time, time better spent doing other things. His wife and himself shared a computer, but his frequent schedules away often meant she made more use of it then he himself! Nonetheless, whether or not U.F.O.'s are real or imagination, Jacob was satisfied with his career thus far, and didn't need anything to side track him.

Captain McNally had earlier won the 'Top Gun', in simulated combat exercises over the Gulf, while flying the F-22 Raptor, and he felt honored to be trusted with the Air Force’s newest high tech aircraft! He looked at it more like unto a suit of armor then a separate piece of equipment, a part of himself, once he was strapped in had dawned his helmet. Flying had become part of who he is as a person, and for as long as he could remember, it was to him like owning the sky, as if he was freed from the restraints of gravity, if only for a short period of time. He could fly and higher better then the mightiest eagle, and he love every moment of it!

Mission to Alabama and Florida

It was neigh impossible to fly over land from Texas to Alabama without over flying largely populated areas, however the course chosen for them, would take them away from the largest metropolitan areas, wherever possible. The flight path took them across Louisiana and Mississippi north of Shreveport and Meridian, then straight into McClellan Air Force Base, northwest of Montgomery. Captain McNally found it was not unusual to fly with minimal armaments on such occasions, but this time around for whatever reason, the aircraft would be fully armed, but he attributed it to the Air Force's concern for their top of the line Air Craft.

The 3-pilots checked in well in advance of their preflight briefing, which would be considered routine in such cases! Nonetheless, finally it was Tuesday, the day of their scheduled flight, the Captain had passed though the heavy security, which surrounds this particular aircraft, he then suited up and the three went through their briefing. The three aircraft had been towed out of the hanger, just prior to their departure, they were then lined up and made ready; throughout the area security guards were quite visible, and were seemingly everywhere. He was amazed at all the signs, which gave multiple warnings against one thing or the other, and rather then being awe struck they always made him smile.

Captain McNally had long since grown accustomed to the presence of so much security, besides he certainly understood the need! As he climbed into his cockpit, he wondered if the driver of a NASCAR felt like he does, just before the race, knowing he must be alert and at his best performance. He quickly let the thought pass, as he began to go through his well rehearsed list of preflight procedures. The moments went by quickly and the three aircraft was soon taxing toward their take off point at the end of the runway! Jacob thought to himself, what a pleasant aircraft it was, so maneuverable and the technology available to the pilot was nothing short of astounding.

At such a time Captain McNally went into a very special mode, wherein he became almost a different person entirely! The flight was relatively uneventful, save for the routine military procedures, which always accompanies a mission, even under peaceful conditions. They were flying in a somewhat close in ‘V’ formation, and given the speeds they were flying it wasn’t long before they had passed out of Texas, then into Arkansas and finally Louisiana, with nothing out of the ordinary to report in route. But unknown to any of the three pilots, all this was about to change and their mission would soon take on all the characteristics of a science fiction movie.

They were half way across the State of Louisiana when the unexpected and unexplained began to take place! Captain McNally was flying 'point' when his port wing pilot began to report seeing something, suddenly all three aircraft were now on full alert, no doubt this particular 'boggy' would prove to be nothing more then an unreported commercial or private aircraft. But whatever it was, it seemed to fade in and out of view, as if it could control its own visibility. Captain McNally was not alarmed at this point, inasmuch as it was not unusual to spot bogies of one sort or the other, in any case perhaps a small flock of birds had showed up on radar.

High Tech Aircraft Breached

Finally his starboard wing pilot came over the radio, "Jacob, did you see that?" Yes, came the reply, but what is it? It looks somewhat like a modern fighter aircraft, but it is far more advanced! His 2-wingmen, the one on his port wing is known as Jason and the one on his starboard is a man named Johnston, both men began to look to their own port and starboard side; what do you two see, asked Jacob?

Jason replied first, there are 4-aircraft, moving up along side, as well as behind and above us! Jacob called for ground radar verification, the reply was astonishing, "we see nothing in your vicinity!" Their own aircraft could not be seen on radar, accept under very special and limited conditions. The four strange aircraft was by now so close there was little doubt, even the pilots could be seen at this exceedingly close distance!

Captain McNally ordered his wingmen to switch to their classified frequency, whereupon they made an emergency report to their command! What they experienced was later described second hand, but if true, it could have only been something from out of a time warp. These strange and unusual aircraft had capabilities unknown anywhere upon earth, at least in our time. When the description of all three pilots was compared, they were found to be similar and these pilots were categorized as reliable witnesses to this strange and unusual event!

The aircrafts were described as having swept wings, but the tips of the wings were rounded off and the nose was scooped, similar to a hammerhead shark. The four aircraft obviously had a flight commander who was able to detect our classified frequency, and even communicate with us. Johnston made an astonishing report; "Jacob, these aircraft have Confederate Markings." What, replied Jacob; "Yes Jacob, Confederate Markings, the Confederate Battle Flag!"

Then Jason joined in, I see them too Jacob, I’ve been raise in the South, I know a Confederate Battle Emblem when I see it, these aircraft have Confederate Markings. Ground Command came back; the 2-wingmen went silent, allowing Captain McNally to make the official response. Are you officially reporting having been surrounded by a high end Confederate Fighter Squadron? "No sir Colonel, not officially!

Colonel, I am requesting permission to hold off on an official response until we have landed? Very well Captain, came the reply! However any chance of disregarding the entire incident, as merely an optical allusion was made impossible, by what followed! The four unknown aircraft was now being called the Confederate Fighter Squadron, which came back with a startling announcement of their own; "you are flying in Confederate Airspace, your aircraft will be disarmed and you will be given 25 minutes to land before loosing power."

The Burial of an Incident

Suddenly all three Air Force F-30 Fighters began showing a series of malfunctions in their weapons systems, it was as if the trigger mechanism was fused in the open position, meaning they could not be fired. Then warnings of mechanical malfunctions began to appear, which were not serious enough to stall the engines, but sufficient enough to give warning, it was time to land, somewhere, anywhere. By this time the three had crossed into Alabama and was nearing McClellan Air Force Base, northwest of Montgomery!

Possibly unknown to the Confederate Aircraft or else it simply did not concern them, the three Air Force Fighters were equipped with nose and wing camera capability, which were used to photograph these strange aircraft that had disabled them so effectively. Immediately upon landing, the entire affair was classified top secret, along with the photographs, which had somehow disappeared into a never land of denial, as if none of these events had ever taken place.

Captain Jacob McNally was the officer known to have reported the four strange aircraft to be of Confederate origins, and of a vintage highly in advance of anything in our arsenal, having capabilities, which quite literally put our aircraft at their mercy. Captain McNally stated; "They could have destroyed us at their leisure, but for whatever reason, they chose to simply ensure we were grounded. But what amazes me, the Captain reported; the Confederate Commander stated that we were flying in their airspace, as if the Confederacy had won the ‘Civil War’.

There was one portion of the mystery, which was never be explained, and perhaps caused the incident to be classified top secret and then buried; "how could the trigger mechanisms on three top of the line, high tech aircraft be fused, without having destroyed them?" It would have taken the skills of the finest technician to do such a thing, and that might not be sufficient, given the alloy of which they are made. How could they know, let along accomplish such a thing, that of disabling these aircraft, and only to the precise degree of forcing them to land?

It was guessed by the source of this story, that somehow the Confederate Aircraft had the technology to turn these F-30 Aircraft's own internal heat sources against themselves, like unto an experienced surgeon altering one part of the body, without damaging anything else. It is known that Captain Jacob McNally, had always being able to relate how completely interesting his fights had been, without revealing any secrets, but in regards to this flight, he was somehow totally silent, as if it never happened.

Later on in his life, when caught alone, while on a hunting trip with an old friend, he admitted the truth, that somehow a strange Confederate Fighter Squadron had appeared over the skies of Louisiana and Mississippi. Aircraft so advanced, they overwhelmed our best technology, and that he was convinced they had somehow crossed over from another dimension in time. Colonel Jacob McNally retired from the military, even then, he would occasionally be found looking up at the skies, with a bewildered look in his eyes, expecting that just might return!

God save the Confederacy



"The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed." ---  Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

Those who cannot envision victory will never taste of its fruits, for victory is for those with the persistence and fortitude to resist the temptation to withdraw or whose resolve has been tempered, when conditions worsen and the cost rises; it is not for the weak hearted, nor those who are softened by the ease and comfort of a gilded cage, provided by the enemy at the cost of liberty. It is for those who continue to fight the good fight, even after others who have gone before, having faced overwhelming numbers and firepower found themselves unable to complete the mission." --- Jay Buckner

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