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The Confederate Gladius
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Equal opportunity does not equate te equal results


Established 26 February 2014                Quo Gladius de Veritas               Thursday 10 April 2025 ________________________________________________________________________________




The Mass Media buzz would normally be headlining the coming November Presidential Elections, but attention has somehow been drawn to a Confederate Unity Meeting in Gadsden Alabama.  A meeting of Confederates normally would draw little attention outside of the local news, so why is this gathering so out of the ordinary?  And what has brought about such growth in what has formerly been considered, the lost cause?

Electoral Shift Looms
Both Major Parties Grapple,
over Potential Outcome  

by Jeremy Stevens
CPI Richmond
The leadership the Political Parties, have long been accustomed to dominating the arena, like unto a pack of scavengers fighting over a carcass, which is ‘we the people’, they now face a foe greater then their combined strength.  In Washington the President has never had a record of communicating with Congress, let alone negotiating with his opposition Party.
   On Tuesday  he was seen actually visiting the Halls of Congress, and going to a closed-door meeting, where both Parties, as one insider has stated, “have been invited in equal numbers.”  The President is finally consulting with Congress, and seeking their support, rather then acting on his own.   A President, heretofore known as a lawless President, now seeks to preserve the Constitution; he has thus far side stepped!  The Mass Media liberal press, which rather then providing none bias reporting of the news, has became an advocate, and a ‘Party Hack’ for a socialist Presidency.   A media, which in its one-sided reporting of the news, has aided in bring the nation, to what has become a Constitutional Crisis!  This President is like unto matching bookend alongside Abraham Lincoln!  President Lincoln having altered the Grand Ole Republic into a Consolidation of Socialist States; ‘we the people’ has finally risen up, in a showdown that will alter history.  The fear is that should the President attempt to use force to resolve the situation, which thus far has been peaceful, he will further aggravate the situation.  There have already been calls by a growing vocal sector of the Confederate Cause, according to a quote attributed to them, to ‘liberate and restore the Confederacy.’  A G.N.N. Capital Team was present as the President, Congressional Leadership, along with key members of his Cabinet, filled out of the Conference Room.  The Secretary of Homeland Security was heard remarking, “How does he expect me to halt a movement that already dominates the electorate, and will become a majority by next November.  Whatever choice the Administration makes, this President, is as an Administration accustomed to smooth talking its way though every crisis.   However he now face, not only a backlash, but also a situation whereby a War fought generation before he was born, is coming back to haunt the victors ill gotten gains.  As Jefferson Davis stated, “…the contest is not over...”



The Confederate Cause
The events in Gadsden

by Henry Hamilton CPI Birmingham
The City of Gadsden Alabama, a modest size Southern town has a population of about 110,00, and is located 56 miles northeast of Birmingham. The city has playing host to visitors, which numbered 35,000, by some estimates. The crowd, while seeming large in Gadsden, constitutes only a small portion of those who have gathered in other cities.  The day was Wednesday 9 April 2025, exactly 160 years since the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his Army, at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. It all began around 10:15, the morning of a bright and sunny day in Gadsden; the crowd had gathered in the city’s relatively small park, while spilling out into the streets.  Neither my crew nor I, found the opportunity to meet and interview the formerly announced speaker, a Mr. Edmund Marshall, who somehow has a hold on the masses, even among those who know little of him. Since the Confederacy lost The War, it has been known as the Lost Cause, but judging from the enthusiasm of the crowd, one has to wonder.  As I attempted to take in all that was happening, somehow the cause doesn’t seem to be truly lost, by any measure! Since the end of The War, there have always been a number of individuals and groups, espousing the Confederate Cause, even more so in recent years. Thus far their presence has been relatively insignificant, however now the crowds have swollen in size!  An outsider, not familiar with American History, might rightfully ask, who actually won that war, the United States or the Confederacy? But I decided to wade through the throng of people, hopefully picking up a few comments along the way. There seemed to have been an upbeat mood of anticipation, among the people gathered here!  Before we had barely reach the forward section of the crowd, Mr. Marshall, who had been speaking to several people, later found to be members of his board, stepped upon the platform and stood before a makeshift podium. He bore a wireless microphone, which was pinned on his right lapel.  Mr. Marshall’s spoke only about 20 minutes, but his effect on the crowd was immediate! This reporter had not previously heard this man speak, but after doing so on this occasion, I can only conclude that he is certainly no radical, but rather a mannerly, educated and charismatic Southern Gentleman, and a true patriot of the Confederate Cause. 



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