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Confederate History
Stay tuned, it ain't over yet!

President Jefferson Davis stated, "The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena." You can count on that being the truth, but as he indicated, The War has entered upon a new and enlarged arena.  The modern Confederate Cause is that new and enlarged arena!

The people of the Confederate States of America, while living under the occupation of a foreign power, we have been unable to celebrate our own history, heritage, culture and nationhood.  We lack the advantages of commemorating our own special holidays, but rather have little option then to see our calendar of events covered with those of our occupation forces.
Still there are some things we can do, and that is to remember and celebrate privately if we must or in Confederate Groups, wherever and whenever we can manage to gather together.

The special dates discussed on the below menu of web pages should be remembered and passed on to our children; there are other worthy dates, but these constitute a minimum.  We the Confederate People must remember our past, while looking to the future.
Our most honored past, present and future are linked together in an unfolding chain, which makes us unique among the peoples of the earth.  But more then anything, let us never be ashamed our who and what we are, nor of our history, heritage and culture!  

First President and Vice President - There will be a second!

The modern Confederate Cause is a peaceful one!  However, be that as it may, while we have lost the late War for Confederate Independence, the last chapter has not been written.  Our occupiers are well down the road to their own demise, which will take place as a result of their own folly.  When the time has full come, we will regain our national independence, elect and reseat our government, as well as a Second President and Vice President, Confederate States of America.  Until then, God save the Confederacy!

Menu of Special Dates

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