Confederate Holidays

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The Confederate States Constitution was freely ratified and it has never been rescinded in a similar manor.  Therefore the constitution remains in effect, howbeit suppressed!  The right to rescind the Confederate States Constitution and to overthrow the Confederate States Government has never been granted to an aggressive and barbaric invading foreign power.  Thus the seats in the Confederate States Government remain unto this day, vacant but valid.  The process awaits national elections to be arranged for that purpose.

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Confederate States Holiday(s)

The below are Confederate States National or State Holidays which should be observed.  It is realized in creating this list, various States and some local communities have their own scheduled dates.   

19 January - This day in 1807 General Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia.

January (3rd Monday) - This day is Confederate Heroes Day.

21 January - This day in 1824 General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson was born in Clarksburg, Western Virginia.

22 February - This day in 1862 President Jefferson Davis was Inaugurated President of the Confederate States of America.

4 March - Today's date is Flag Day in the Confederate States of America.

11 March - Confederate States Constitution Day - 1861, 

April (4th Monday) - Confederate Memorial Day for Alabama and Mississippi. 

26 April - Confederate Memorial Day for Georgia and Florida. 

10 May - This date in 1863 General Thomas J. Jackson died and is buried in Lexington Virginia.  This date is Confederate Memorial Day in North Carolina. 

30 May - Confederate Memorial Day in Virginia.

3 June - This day in 1808 President Jefferson Davis was born in Fairview, Kentucky. This date is Confederate Memorial Day for Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee.

12 October - This date in 1870 General Robert E. Lee died.  He is buried in Lexington Virginia. 

6 December - This date in 1889 President Jefferson Davis died.  President Davis was buried in New Orleans Louisiana.  In 1893 he was interred in Richmond Virginia. 

Find out about special dates that should be observed and remembered in your State or local area, such as Confederate Heroes, Confederate Victories in the War for Southern Independence, etc. Observe these dates in public and private ceremonies for yourselves and your posterity forever. Remember to stand when you here the music and words to the song 'DIXIE' which is for all practical purposes, our Confederate States National Anthem.

God save the Confederacy

"The North has used the doctrines of Democracy to destroy self-government. The South applied the principle of conditional federation to cure the evils and to correct the errors of a false interpretation of Democracy." --- Lord Acton

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