Judicial Tyranny

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Judicial Tyranny 


         The process of using the law, adjudication and the constitution to destroy individual liberty!

The United States as well as the Confederate States Constitution has something very mush in common; they are both written in an English style, which make them easily understood.  There are some things which are self evident; the reading of these constitutions as well as an understanding of their origins make it clear, they were both drafted and ratified as a restraint and a limitation, upon the power which can be legitimately exercised by their respective national governments.



These two constitutions begin to differ inasmuch as unlike the C.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution has been amended as a result of force.  This effectively nullifies those amendments, which were added in such a manner.  Our occupation forces have never accepted this premise, none-the-less the day will come wherein they will have no other option, then to face the truth of those atrocities they themselves have committed.

The below items discuss a number of topics which should be addressed by a liberated and independent Confederate States of America, in regard to judicial activism and terrorism.  However, for the present time, all Confederate Candidates should have  these as their platform, even while we remain under occupation.  A few items covered by this article tend to necessarily cross over the line between several departments and agencies of government.

1. Race: The issue of civil rights and racial groupings, as it relates to minority demands for special consideration must be dealt with in terms of true equality.  These are domestic issues; therefore the federal government should not be permitted to enumerate the population by race.  All issues regarding race should be returned to the domestic jurisdiction and governance of the individual sovereign states.  The federal government is authorized to know ‘how many people live here’ any other information is a usurpation of authority.

2. The federal government should be forbidden from exercising jurisdiction and authority over any and all issues regarding domestic governance, under penalty of imprisonment if necessary.  It has become apparent that politicians tend to concern themselves solely with retaining and increasing their political power.  It is regretful that imprisonment must be suggested as a remedy for those who would usurp authority unto them-selves, which has never been granted.  The tools are available within the text of the Confederate States Constitution and should even now be emphasized through the legislation.

3. Several constitutional amendments should be added, among these might be that of restricting of the federal government from ratifying any international treaty, agreement or resolution which has the effect of overriding or usurping the customs or constitutions of the member states or of the Confederate States of America.  Additionally the institution of slavery has already passed into history and cannot be reinstated; the Member States of the Confederacy should ratify none-the-less an amendment to this effect.

4. Modern politicians normally campaign and are elected with an agenda in mind and this has been normal throughout history.  However far too often the line is crossed by their holding membership in a secret order, which itself has a covert agenda outside the will of ’we the people.’  It is therefore not unreasonable to add to those prerequisites for any office of public trust, to make these memberships known, as well as any oath of allegiance taken to a secret order.  Additionally any secret agenda should be reveled to the electorate, as well to disavow their oath and membership in any and all secret orders.

5. Judges as well as Prosecuting and Defense Attorneys should be foresworn to the truth above all else; their adjudications, prosecutions and defense in court should be based upon the truth as well as the law.  The law and justice are not served when either the innocent is convicted or the guilty is acquitted; both are a travesty of justice.  Additionally those who would use the courts for frivolous law suits or to avoid the legislative process should be severely penalized, if their case is later found to be outside the enumerated constitutional powers of that particular court jurisdiction.

6. The education of our children must be restored as a prerogative of the parents or guardians and therefore beyond the enumerated powers of the federal government; their involvement in such matters is a usurpation of power never granted by ’we the people.  The citizens of any or all states may choose to relegate the educational process collectively to local, county, parish or state elected representatives.  None-the-less the federal government has not been delegated the authority to deal with education in any form, save in the case of the military forces.  Therefore they have no need of a Department of Education, a Secretary of Education or of federal educational programs.

7. Members of gangs, mobs and other criminal cartels must be considered cohorts in an enterprise whose purpose is the control, injury or death of others through violence.  This process normally includes rape, robbery and an ongoing terrorism of society to such a degree they must be placed in a separate category under the law.  Such a category cannot be stretched to include those with whom we disagree or who may seem obnoxious to society at large.  Listing a gang, mob and other criminal cartels must mean precisely what is indicated; they who are a danger to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

8. Those who find disagreements with the government must learn to choose other means of venting their frustrations other then rioting, burning, looting and pillaging.  The Confederate States should prepare a strategy and possibly a strike team, trained and prepared to take immediate, swift action against those who would use these tactics.  Every effort should be made to facilitate those who petition to demonstrate or protest in a lawful and peaceful manner.  While at the same time deadly force should if necessary be used to swash a riot, before it reaches the stage of massive civil violence, lawlessness and wonton destruction.

9. The issue of opinion polls may sound democratic but in practice they serve to reduce the elected representative governmental processes to nothing more then a popularity poll, naturally controlled by polltakers and the mass media.  The public is often misled by these polls without realizing they are solely for the purpose of busting the ratings of the network and the program, which airs them.  The outcome of such polls is generally crafted for the sake of self-interests and the results are largely known before hand, based upon how, to whom and under what circumstances the questions are ask.

10. The process whereby famous people use their own notoriety to prejudice a case under litigation by swaying the general public, based upon their own personal views; this is a severe miscarriage of justice and has no bearing upon the innocence or guilt of the accused.  Often such cases are turned into a media feeding frenzy, which itself can result in an innocent person being unfairly prosecuted or a guilty person acquitted. 

There must be a means found in which to neutralize these situations and allow the normal process of justice to proceed according to law and the constitution.  "The Confederate Judicial System must be based upon truth and true justice; penalties for the guilty must be swift, fair and harsh, based upon the crime committed.  The harshness of the penalty for any crime must be to such a degree as to dissuade others from following a similar course of action.  We owe our citizens a secure society whereby they may walk safely without fear of harm, injury or death; our women and children certainly deserve nothing less.”

God save the Confederacy

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: bur fools despise wisdom and instruction." {Proverbs 1:7}.  The politician who attempts to govern a people, state and nation without belief and faith in the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and prayer is like unto the fool who built his house upon the sand.

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