Justice of our Cause

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The Justice of our Cause
"We the People"

"That the Southern people literally were put to the torture is vaguely understood, but even historians have shrunk from the unhappy task of showing us the torture chambers."
--- Claude G. Bowers.  Since the zenith years of the civil rights movement in the early 1960's the history, heritage, culture and nationhood of the Confederate States of America has been depicted in a negative manner.  So much so that where once it was at least tolerated by our adversaries, now it is hated, reviled and despised.

The drive to depict all things Confederate and Southern almost as the root of ‘all evil’ thereby an overwhelming percentage of the general population has come to believe the ongoing reign of propaganda.  But when the truth is made know it becomes self evident to everyone concerned, the struggle by Confederates was and remains an ideal based in the principles of our unalienable rights.

Union barbarian troops under the despot Abraham Lincoln aggressively invaded, conquered and occupied an independent nation; committing atrocities, which today would bring charges and convictions on war crimes and crimes against humanity.  The Union had ample material and supplies so as to enable them to give adequate care to prisoners of war, but instead they meted out cruelty that in the Second World War would have made them heroes of the Third Reich.

How it is those same unalienable rights, which drove the colonies and secede from the British Empire and form the United States of America is so well understood?  While on the other hand the Southern States seceded form the United States and formed the Confederate States of America, which is so reviled.  The principles as well as the process followed by both these nations are basically the same.  The only possible answer must therefore rest in manner in which those things Confederate and Southern are viewed by its opponents!  Rather then make a conclusion based upon the justice upon which Confederates claim the right of independence as a separate and distinct people and nation, we are judged based upon those people's own bigoted views.

We are left with but a single conclusion; all those people truly believe their own rhetoric that they are endowed with a divine manifest destiny and the sole right to rule, irregardless of consent or rejection by those over whom they now govern, as a result of the aggressive use of force.  When the principles of the Confederate Cause are heard by a neutral listener, they can only conclude that our cause is just, honorable and constitutional, before both God and man.  We lack only the platform upon which to make our declaration, since it is obvious those people are unwilling to hear our case.  We are in their eyes evil and radical believers in what they refer to as the ‘lost cause’ and deserving of being driven into extinction.

If the hatred and bigotry those people hold against all things Confederate and Southern could be measure by the gallon, theirs would fill an ocean.  You are invited to read the following, which has been written by a scholar, and proclaims the very essence of our just and honorable cause.  Then imagine standing before the Almighty God as the final arbiter and judge; could you truly stand before His face and find fault in the following.

We the People of the Sovereign States and Territories constituting and entitled the Confederate States of America hereby proclaim before Almighty God and all who may read these presents that as our forefathers law-fully, peacefully and constitutionally seceded from that voluntary union of States entitled the United States of America and formed a new nation, according to their reserved political rights, and the inalienable rights endowed them by their Creator, so the aforementioned States and Territories were, are, and remain now Sovereign political entities within a voluntary national Confederation, conjointly constituting one independent nation amongst the nations of this world, and styled 'The Confederate States of America.'

We further declare that these inalienable truths are, and in no way can be, negated or compromised by the historic fact that the nation so founded was once aggressively, arrogantly and illegally invaded, overrun, occupied and subjugated by a superior external force, and thus subjected to war crimes and other crimes against humanity and brutally denied rights of life, liberty and due process of law, nor by the fact that our citizenry (when no longer able to defend their homes or persons and denied, by that brute force the basic human right to self-determination and choice of manner of government) were compelled, as States and Territories, to retract their articles of secession and rejoin, against their manifest will, their former and repudiated union.

We hereby declare that all such pretended acts, having been performed without the mandate or consent of the governed, and outside the duly ratified Confederate States Constitution, were, are, and forever shall be null and void, and so the dates of Secession of the several States and Territories (each acting in its Sovereign capacity) continue in unbroken validity from the said dates, as shall the dates of Secession of any such further States of the American union as may, at any time, choose to resume their sovereign status among the nations of the world.

And we declare before God Almighty, and call the peoples of the world to witness, our belief that, as men are created equal under Him, so are nations sovereign and equal in His sight, and as no man has the right to oppress another, so no nation may oppress another nation, enter their lands by force, or force their political will or culture upon another people, by means direct or indirect.

Upon these just and unbreakable grounds we confidently pray the Grace and Divine Providence of Almighty God that our cause may be vindicated and our right to self-determination again openly acknowledged before Him.

God save the Confederacy

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"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
{Proverbs 1:7}.  Those who judge all things Confederate and Southern so harshly have themselves rejected the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scriptures and prayer.  The creator of all things has been banned from their institutions of learning, halls of political power, and their popular culture.  There is little wonder 'those people' have become so willfully ignorant of the truth. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." {John 8:32}.  The evil and bigotry they believe they see in the Confederate Cause is but a reflection of themselves as if in a mirror, like unto looking through a foggy class believing they have a clear vision of reality

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