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Welcome Onboard!

A banner or flag can only take on the meaning of the people themselves, in whom it comes to symbolize; if they and their cause are just and honorable, so will be their banner or flag.  In like manner if the people procrastinate in complacency and compromise, their flag will carry that same meaning!  Therefore the Confederate Legion flag will in due course of time, come to stand for those principles which represent our just and honorable cause.  Its place in history will depend largely upon the nature, character, honor and patriotism of those who lay claim to the title of Confederate Legionnaire.  Therefore we urge those who would bare this flag, to do their duty according to the wisdom of Almighty God.

The Confederate Legion Flag was created on Wednesday 18 June 2008 and represents the 13 member States of the Confederate States of America, plus the then territories now States of Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  The Confederate Legion logo in the center was created in honor of our Confederate States Great Seal.

Even in its birth the Confederate Legion Flag holds out its own meaning and promise to a twenty first century generation that certain truths remain self evident, and the time has arrived for a new birth of freedom and self government.  That ultimate sovereignty rests in the 'Divine providence of Almighty God' as laid down in the Holy Scriptures.

The Confederate Legion Flag was born of the ashes of a long ago and now historic war, molded by the lingering death, destruction and flames of that same war. Therefore it looks back upon a nation invaded, conquered and occupied; by an over powering armed military force.  A people and nation having desired only to be left alone, that they might depart in peace.

While at the same time the Confederate Legion Flag, having been born in the early twenty first century looks forward to the future, and the rebirth of a nation thought to have been relegated to a half forgotten memory and to legend.  A nation never having been given the opportunity to build and prosper in its own right, shall now be reborn in a century twice removed from time of its fall.

We honor our history, heritage and culture, while looking forward to a free and independent Confederate States of America; therefore we encompass the past, present and future.  Our flag represents faith in the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, as the bedrock and foundation of a just, moral and honorable society.

We holds certain truths to be self evident, that all peoples are endowed by Almighty God with the right to decide what manner of society, government and nation shall be theirs.  The Confederate Legion Flag represents an organization whose mission and purpose is to liberate the Confederate States of America from occupation and cultural genocide, through lawful, peaceful and honorable means.

We are neither an armed force nor a militia, but rather a Christian, family oriented Confederate Military Ceremonial Honor Guard.  
"We Seek to Achieve the National, Political, Social and Economic independence of the Confederate States of America by all lawful, peaceful and honorable means.

We believe the Confederate States of America must be liberated and restored, the Confederate States Constitution reactivated. Thereafter, National Elections will be arranged for the purpose of the filling the now valid but vacant seat in the Confederate States Government.  The Confederate States of America will then raise its banner proudly to the full wind, as a free people.

These are among the principles for which we stand, and this is our banner, the Confederate Legion Flag!

God save the Confederacy

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"We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honor and independence; we ask no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms." --- President Jefferson Davis - 29 April 1861

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