Confederate Military Veterans

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Confederate Military Veteran
Yesterday, Today and Tomarrow


 When the term Confederate Veteran is mentioned, one naturally thinks within themselves the ‘War for Confederate Independents’. And to an extent that is true! However, on this Web Page we speak of those who believe or believed in the Confederate Cause, and of the Confederacy’s right to national independence.  Soldiers, sailors, Marines, Airman and Coast Guardsmen fought in every war since that terrible historic war.

And in every one of those wars, the Confederate Flag flew high and proud!  These modern day Confederate Military Veterans, could not wear the combat uniform of the rightful country, due to its ocupation. But in their hearts, they were Southern Boys, and Confederates. It is these brave men we add to the historic list of those to be honored


 Whatever 'those people' say our flag meant in the
past, below is what is stands for in our time!

Our Flags Meaning



 "Upon these principles we stand, as well
as those of the Confederate Cause."

What is our cause?
The below is the place to begin!
Proclamation of Independence



The question stands before us; is it over? Is the Confederate States of America and its Armed Forces relegated to history? The answer then rests in the hearts and minds of those who believe! Look around the world, are there not examples of nations held under occupation, even for long periods of time. Nations. which have regained their independence and risen again, to stand upon the world stage?



"I would have never surrendered the army if I had known how
the South
would have been treated." … Robert Edward Lee




"Obstacles may retard, but they cannot long prevent the progress of a movement
sanctified by its justice, and sustained by a virtuous people." --- Jefferson Davis


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