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 Flags and Symbols

of the
Confederate States of America


"When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when reason shall have stripped the mask from representation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of the past censure and praise to change places." --- President Jefferson Davis


The there are six flags which have or continue to represent the Confederate States of America; four of these flags resulted from congressional action, having been passed and signed into law, while two of these flags came about through popular acceptance. While it is not uncommon for a new nation to adopt a series of lags as their national symbol during its early and turbulent days, the time comes when a final version becomes the sole national symbol of the nation. While we should honor all six of the below illustrated banners, the Blood Stained Banner or Third National stands alone as the symbol of our nation.


Here’s statement for opponents of all things Confederate, its flags and symbols. The meaning of our Confederate Cause, its flags and symbols, is not yours to determine. It is for those who cherish and believe!  We the loyal citizens of the Confederate States of America, we decide their meaning!  Log onboard the Proclamation of Independence, and see what the Confederate Cause means!


Third National Flag - Blood Stained Banner

Adopted by the Confederate States Congress on 4 March 1965
Designed by Major Arthur L. Roger, Confederate States Artillery.

Second National Flag - The Stainless Banner

Adopted by the Confederate States Congress, the bill signed into
law by President Jefferson Davis on 1 May 1863.

First National Flag - Stars and Bars

Adopted by the Provisional Confederate States Congress while
the capital was in Montgomery Alabama. Signed into law by
then Provisional President Jefferson Davis on 4 March 1861.

Bonnie Blue Flag

This flag gained popularity throughout the South. It was the first
flag to represent the seceded and independent Southern States.
Known as the flag of independence. It was officially adopted
by several States. It was originally created as the national flag
of the short lived Republic of Northwest Florida in 1810, which
extended the Northwest Florida boundaries to the Mississippi
River. The song 'The Bonnie Blue Flag' written by Harry
McCarthy remains extremely popular.

Confederate Battle flag - Produced in three sizes

This flag was never officially adopted by the Confederate States
Government. Though the Saint Andrew Cross symbol with stars
depicted on the flag, was incorporated as the canton on the
Second and Third National Flags. It was created by General
P.G.T. Beauregard on 21 July 1861, after the confusion at the
Battle of First Manassas. The First National Flag (Stars and Bars)
was quite similar as the United States Flag (Stars and Strips).
It was approved in September 1861 by General Joseph E.
Johnston and rapidly spread throughout the Confederacy.

Confederate States Navy Jack

Adopted 26 May 1863 as a rectangular version of the pattern
contained on the canton of the then Second National Flag.
Which like the later Third National, consisted of the pattern
of the battle flag - The Saint Andrews Cross with Stars.

Great Seal of the
Confederate States of America

Adopted on 17 April 1863, and by this time the Confederate capital
was in Richmond Virginia. The Great Seal contains the image of
George Washington mounted on horseback. The Wreath surrounding
the seal composes the major crops of the Confederacy; cotton,
tobacco, sugar cane, wheat and rice. The date 22 February 1862
on the seal marks the end of provisional status and the date the
new Confederate States Constitution went into effect. The Latin
words 'Deo ‘Vindice' means 'God Will Vindicate.'


God save the Confederacy



 ."I salute the Confederate Flag with affection,

reverence, and undying devotion,

to the cause for which it stands."


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