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New York New York


The story you are about to read is fiction; at the time of it’s writing the devastation described here had never happened; believing life to be precious, my prayer is that they never take place.  However, knowing that it could happen, stirs me to tell this tale!  Join with us now as New York City is stuck by the most powerful hurricane ever experienced in recorded history.

We live in a society, which has for the most part, abandoned the God of their forefathers, deciding the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and prayer, are unfit material for the instruction of our children or as a guide for the conduct of our daily lives.

Other nations and empire of by-gone ages have followed the same path, committing the same folly, in every case it ended in disaster; dare we hope for a different conclusion for a city, which more then any other, represents the center of economic and financial power for the Yankee Empire?

"It is my prayer, the lessons as taught in the Holy Scriptures and exemplified in history will be heeded and learned.  That whatsoever a nation soweth, that shall they also reap!   The United States wanted a nation without the Almighty God; the Holy Scripture and prayer, they may well be granted their wish.  But In the process our Creator could decide to turn his back and walk away!  Then who will defend us when the sea roars and the storm come?"

The Journalist


My years as a journalist have taken me to a variety of places, even New York City, which was at the time suffering under an extremely hot summer.  My cousin and her family from Tennessee had regretfully moved to New York, after accepting a job offer and were now urging me to visit them in one of the so called better sections of Brooklyn.  I called them and after describing my assignment in New York, they insisted that I stay with them.  They were working people and my absence so much of the time covering various news events, would make this trip convenient everyone.  A place to stay having been taken care of, I made airline reservations out of Atlanta, and headed for the big metropolis.  Their house was not exactly a house in the traditional sense of the word, but a row house, none-the-less it was very comfortable and subway service was only a short distance away.

My first assignment in New York came more as a last minute decision by the network, rather then a preplanned event and it was decided that I'd do a column on the coming Special Secession of the United Nations.  I had been in the United Nations Building once so I knew my way around.  It would be an interesting assignment, even if I personally opposed the concept behind the U.N. myself.  While I never had much of a liking for New York City or the U.N. still an assignment is an assignment, so I went to work.  However the temperature kept rising, eventually reaching 104 degrees, muggy and it was still only early June!   What would it be like by mid-July?   An expected hurricane was not only developing in the Caribbean, but moving closer to the Miami coast line, while at the same time gathering strength and intensity.   Already reaching a category three and conditions being ideal, it was expected to strengthen even more before making land fall, expected to be somewhere along the southeastern Atlantic Coast.
States and as it strengthen more and more people began evacuating.  But unexpectedly the storm moved away from the shoreline, gradually turning slightly to the northeast, still precious few took it serious; New York City was now in the bull’s eye of the storm.   Absolutely no one really thought this hurricane would likely come this far north before moving inland, and even if it did New York is a huge city.  Such storms usually either have gone ashore or have turned toward the North Atlantic, long before striking the coast of New England.  Hurricanes seldom even strike New Jersey, let alone New York!  However, the local Meteorologists did indicate the weather and the water temperatures were extra warm, the entire length of the Atlantic Coastline as far north as New England.

A combination of extra warm ocean currents and a shifting weather front, none-the-less made is possible a northbound category five hurricane could come ashore in New York, even if it was unlikely.   The weather warnings had given these same statistics in the past, and it never seemed to take place, so why would it happen now?   However what was unknown and unbelievable had it been known, was that things were about to change regarding the storms present location off North Carolina, and it would once again change its course.   Anyhow the water couldn't be that warm, was the common perception?  Those in a position to know understood the atmospheric conditions, but a hurricane in New York City, no one ever heard of such a thing!  By the late afternoon of the third day the hurricane had strengthened to a category four, and the Big Apple remained the target area.

The National Weather Service included New York in its continuing Hurricane Warning bulletins, even though it was generally believed the storm would make a turn before striking the city, none-the-less advisories indicated it was best to be on the safe side.  The city officials were further warned of the possibility, it could grow to a category five and given the extreme weather up and down the Atlantic coast, it could very well break the scale and establish a new category six.  A hurricane of that magnitude would be like unto dropping an Atomic Bomb on the city!  While city officials took the normal precautionary measures, they were only minimal at best and precious few took them serious.  In any case how do you evacuate 16 to 18 million people?

Facing the possibility of enormous political disasters in the coming elections, if these predictions proved incorrect, the city delayed taking action to evacuate.  Managing only to confer with the Governor of New York on the subject, who decided to put the National Guard on alert?    F.E.M.A. the Federal Emergency Management Administration was contacted once more, by both the city as well as the Weather Bureau, urging them to be prepared for the possibility of a catastrophic hurricane striking New York.  It was learned later their preparation was extremely minimal, since history had shown a hurricanes seldom come that far north, let alone a strong category five hurricane pouncing down on New York City itself.  Yet all the while severe preliminary storms were already being felt all along the Atlantic coast as the growing hurricane moved ever closer.  This huge hurricane had slip by the coast of the Virginia shoreline, and still growing in intensity.  The people of Virginia knew it was far enough out to sea they were beginning to feel cautiously optimistic, while all eyes now turned toward New York.

The hurricane had moved northward from Georgia, North Carolina and the area of Virginia, stood off the coast of New Jersey; finally New Yorkers and the adjacent areas began to pay closer attention!  The storm had not only become a category five, but was inching closer to breaking the record, growing so strong it could no longer be called a category five.  The Weather Bureau was forced to accept the real possibility; they would need to add a new category to their scale.  Given the size of the monster directly off shore from Atlantic City the State of New Jersey began to believe they were getting off extremely easy having experienced winds of 85 miles per hour, coming from the fringes of the hurricane.  The size and strength of this beast was unbelievable; concern began to change to panic, when it was announced by the Weather Bureau, that regretfully New York would likely face a direct hit by a hurricane what was now being called a category six hurricane.

National as well as local television and radio stations were broadcasting a possible catastrophic strike on the City of New York by a magnitude hurricane, unknown in all of recorded history.  The National Guard of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and every other States northward throughout New England were activated.  It was now obvious to everyone in metropolis of New York City, the financial capital of the western world was about to be hit by a storm so colossal in size, it could wreak havoc like unto several Hiroshima size Atomic Bombs.   The question was being ask; what effect would the storm have on buildings the size of the Empire State Building?  It was not possible for the city to have foreseen a hurricane of this magnitude, since a category six storms had never occurred, and in any case hurricanes have always gone either inland or out toward the North Atlantic before striking New York City.

No living person could have believed it to be possible they were about to suffer what no one else on earth had ever suffered, a hit by a category six hurricane.   But here it was knocking at the gates of the city!   How does one even begin to evacuate a population the size of 18 millions people, in the New York City region alone?   Once convinced of the urgency of their situation, what plan could now be devised this late, which would be effective in evacuating so many people, and at the same time remaining in the city was paramount to a death sentence.  Only a divine intervention could spare New York, but then New York City had always been far too busy and arrogant to give the Almighty God more then a passing consideration, they tended more to worship the gods of money, science, political power, political correctness and Secular Humanism.

The Christian Faith had long since become the butt of local mass media jokes and criticism over many decades, due to their extreme liberalism and secularism.  Testifying of Almighty God, the Holy Scriptures and prayer in public was equated with violating someone’s civil rights.  Suddenly these things were quite all right both in public as well as in the hall of government!   It was even said the local headquarters of the America Civil Liberties Union, was holding a prayer vigil in hopes the God they had denied and blasphemed, would now come to their rescue.   While in some circles, New York City was being likened unto the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in respects to its likely imminent destruction.

The coming winds were bad enough, but the tidal surge was expected to exceed 150 feet, which would totally flood the city up to at least the 15th floor, with destruction running even higher.  The subways and bridges would be under water and would likely be destroyed as the tidal serge comes ashore.  My thoughts turned to something I had never anticipated as a journalist!   How could it be possible that I might end up reporting on a storm that would destroy an entire city, my relatives as well as myself?   When finally much too late to be effective, a mandatory evacuation was ordered of the entire New York City, including Long Island and beyond.  While it was still early and before dawn, given the forward speed of the hurricane it would likely be coming ashore by mid-morning.

Naturally, while being assigned the task of covering the United Nation, my concern was primarily for the safety of these seemly unsuspecting people.  The officials of the United Nations were going about their daily business as usual with little mention of closing the session and evacuating.  It was my estimation they had simply correctly believed that neither the State of New York nor the City of New York itself, had the power to require their evacuation.  It was considered in diplomatic language, sovereign property!   There seemed to be a confidence among their members, that the building was sound enough to withstand the storm.  The next morning I had just arrived at the U.N. Building, when I received a cell-phone call from of all people, the Major of New York City.

The mayor seemed contrite as if he had settled with destiny and possibly even with the Almighty God.  He simply indicated that a white limousine containing several people would arrive at the front of the U.N. Building.  The driver will approach you and say 'Sir, your services are required.'  This is so as not to alert others of your imminent departure!  The limousine will take you to Battery Park where a 15-passenger helicopter will be waiting.  The other passengers are even now in route!  The driver will also have a package for you to be delivered!  Take it with you and don't open it until you are safe at home, there will be more coming your way by computer.  The package will be contained in a small plain shopping bag.  You will depart the city in time of course Mr. Mayor, I ask?   No he replied, my place is here, whatever may happen to the people of New York City happens to me, for better or worse.

I protested that he was needlessly sacrificing himself and ask of him, why me?   Because he said, I trust you will tell the world the story of the destruction of our city and the complacency among New Yorkers, which made of it a human tragedy.  The story of the actual destruction will be sent to you by satellite computer hookup during the closing minutes, so look for it.  How sir, I asked?   Don't worry; I'll get it through if it must be sent by currier pidgin, but I'll get it out of the city in sufficient time.  We said our goodbyes, and while I have never had a desire to live in New York City, this transcended any social, cultural or political differences.  This was a human tragedy, and one could only wonder was New York City being ask to pay for her past sins?   I didn't know, but still I couldn't help sympathetically pondering the cities fate!

The limousine arrived as the mayor had described and we were soon arriving at Battery Park and on schedule, and the helicopter was landing just as I had arrived.  Already a dozen people were waiting and another limousine was spotted about a block away coming from the direction of Brooklyn.  Sure enough there were exactly 15 of us, included in the group were several limousine drivers.  About that time a young woman of around 28 years of age dashed across the street, dodging traffic, nearly got herself and her baby killed in the process.   You must take me with you; my husband will be expecting me in Norfolk; He's with the Navy.   She indicated she had expected to take a flight out of LaGuardia but that was now impossible!   A middle-aged gentleman who had driven one of the limousines stepped forward.  Yes madam I see no reason why you should not be able to come along?  Go ahead, join the others inside the chopper, we'll make room!

Then I noticed, as the others were busy speaking to the lady and cooing her baby, the man slipped away in the direction of his limousine.  I ran over to him and ask wasn't he coming?  No, the helicopter has a load limit and that limit has been reach with these new passengers as well as some important documents from City Hall.  Also there is the tropical storm-force winds, which are have already begun to come ashore from the approaching hurricane.   He smiled as he slowly drove away, I'll be all right, I am a New Yorker, then he called out as he crossed the street, leaving Battery Park; I was born in this briar batch.  A remark intended no doubt in jest to put me at ease, having perceived me to be a Southerner!   But it was obvious with such a big kind heart; he had done what I never expected to see in such an impersonal City like New York.  This gracious gentleman had surrendered any change of saving his own life, so that this woman and her child might live.  His chances of escaping the city now, were rapidly falling to zero!

We were loaded onboard and took off heading due west, in an effort to get out of the region before the colossus came ashore.   But I kept praying over and over, My God, My God, couldn’t these people be spared somehow?   As I looked out the window, I could see that every freeway, bridge, tunnel and street was bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Busses, trucks and any other potential passenger carrier had been drafted into service.  But unknown to all those masses of people down below, it was a case of to little to late!   There has never been a traffic jam anywhere on earth; such as now existed in and around New York City, as wellas the surrounding region and already the outer rings of the storm were coming ashore!

A single day’s travel found me at my home in Northwest Florida; it was about 8:00 p.m. that very evening, and I was still holding my package, wondering if my cousin and her family made it out in time.  There would have been no way to make it across to Brooklyn in order to find out for sure, but her husband John is an experienced and intelligent man, if anyone could pull off an escape, he certain could.  There was not even sufficient time to fetch my own personal items.  Calling on the telephone would in all likelihood have proved impossible, since by now there may not even be such a place as New York City.  The news was spotty and that seemed strangely confusing, not knowing how things stood, I could only imagine.   Something was horribly wrong!   Normally the mass media would be all over this story, and broadcasting continuous coverage by now.   Then it occurred to me, much of their mass media infrastructure was in New York City itself!

I turned on my larger home computer and soon discovered why nothing was coming through; the entire city had been destroyed; nothing remained to speak of, but a huge sinkhole filled with water where much of the city had once stood.  My computer was programmed to pick up television and radio broadcasts, which were necessary to my work.  But soon after logging onboard the signal went dead!   It was like unto calling Hiroshima moments after the Atomic Bomb exploded overhead.  But then something suddenly began to download; it was the video from the good Mayor of New York.  Once down loading was completed, I urgently wanted to see for myself.   Sure enough the mayor got his package through, how he arranged such a miracle I could never venture to guess.  It had taken a good while to download and it was getting very late by now, but I couldn't sleep anyhow, knowing what must surely had happen in New York.

Once it was transferred to video, I saw the horror in its purest form!   The water had to be more then 125 feet or more and moving so swiftly nothing could stand in its way.  The water had rushed through the subway tunnels with such force it swept away the tunnel walls.  Then the speed and power of the water began to quickly eat away at the earth below the city.  A gigantic sink whole was then created which was so enormous, the foundations and under girding of the many of the skyscrapers were destroyed.  The larger part of the New York skyline collapsed in the process, included in the destruction was the Empire State Building, the U.N. Building and Times Square were gone, along with nearly everything else.

The best estimate seemed to be that the Mayor had a relatively small crew, mounted video cameras in several high places bout the city with the images being transmitted to one central location for inclusion in what was termed New York's Last Will and Testament.  The video indicated that as many people as possible abandoned their vehicles and sought refuge on the upper floors of the tallest buildings in their location.  However the storm's intensity smashed the windows creating a wind tunnel effect, carrying the people to their death, eventually smashing the buildings.  The others involved were obviously killed by falling glass, entire buildings or else debris; the remainder of the people was swept away by the largest tidal surge on record.  Building was gutted and their medal skeletal structures destroyed by the pressure, caused by what amounted to a total rupture and explosion of entire buildings.

Estimates have been announced stating there were likely 15 million dead and a very larger number of wounded.  Approximately 95 percent of the United Nations delegates and staff were in the building when the storm came ashore and all of them were presumed dead!   Not one single elected member of the City or Borough Governments have been thus far reported in alive!   The sustained winds had topped 220 miles per hour with gusts of over 300 or more, the storm had came ashore at such an angle, so as to cause the greatest possible damage   Given the enormous power of the water, wind and surge, estimates were that at least 18 floors of the skyscrapers would have been flooded even had they stood.

Making matters worse when emergency power was most needed all electrical power was lost to the city, as the entire grid shut down, stranding large numbers of people in dark buildings, elevators, subways and a multitude of stores.  As the skies darkened to nearly pitch black by mid afternoon, there being no traffic signals, all remaining vehicular traffic was halted by the pure enormity of their numbers.   The city was now completely closed down and helpless, as it lay prostrate before the largest hurricane in history.  I couldn't sleep that night so I continued reviewing the material, which filled three D.V.D.’s, which the mayor had sent to me.  I viewed them over and over looking, so as to fully comprehend the message he intended me to receive.   He had obviously reviewed each of his departments, their failures, as well as the decisions they made, each contributing to the mammoth loss of human life.

The Major made no attempt to cover up mistakes, but rather went directly into describing what went wrong; every possible topic was reveled on the video.  It became evident that large numbers of his city staff had spent those valuable last hours of escape time, in order to prepare these videos.  The Mayor himself liken his situation to that of a sinking Ship's Captain, and would leave only if his people were safely on the way and out of harms way.  These city leaders had given their lives in order to make certain the world would be informed, and I for one intended to do my best in making sure their story would be told unedited.  It was obvious that what I had viewed was more then merely a news story, but the last will and testament of a doomed city.

The clean up would soon begin but after the tragedy, no one was all that certain as to where to begin or how to precede with such an enormous task, not-with-standing the economic loss that would likely be incurred.   It was anyone’s guess as to what this would do the financial and economical markets, since the stock exchange as we had all come to known it, no longer existed.   There were rumors the Stock Market would be reestablished in Atlanta Georgia, but this was only preliminary conjecturing.  Certainly New York State would possibly face bankruptcy without massive financial assistance, but more importantly, how does one deal with the remains of 15 million dead even if all of them were found.

None-the-less it was prudent to be expedient and humane at the same time, before growing sanitary and health problems became a pandemic.   It was like having all the dead from the Second World War laying about the ruins of what remained of New York City, those that were above ground and the water line.  The assessment of the surrounding cities and states has yet to be made but when all is said and done, we have only begun to comprehend the enormity of the death and destruction.  The Governor of the State of New York State indicated, he personally believed the total death toll could easy reach upwards of 25 million!  These staggering numbers sounded more like the aftermath of a nuclear war, then a hurricane!

After reviewing the D.V.D.'s I couldn't help but weep at the closing statement made by the honorable Mayor himself in what must have been his last few moments upon this earth; "We have tempted and blasphemed our Creator our perversions and in denying Him!   Through our complacency and arrogance we have cast the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and prayer out of our schools, public places, society and our lives.  The payment finally came due, the grim reaper paid us an unwelcome visit, and exacted the full price with interest."   We may never know how he took the footage or how he got the tapes out of a dying city, much less how he was so visible and hard at work, while at the same time putting together this footage.

Maybe our Lord in his mercy answered one last prayer request of a condemned metropolis, a city doomed to total destruction?   Perhaps in His grace, mercy and wisdom, the Almighty God has made it possible that the world would come to know, that they might heed the message it wrought; don’t leave Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and prayer out of your lives and institutions for fear, the price they paid might be your worse nightmare come true.  For while He is indeed grace, mercy and love, He is also justice, judgment and wrath, it is never the less a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God!

God save the Confederacy





"Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Utopia – what a Paradise would this region be?" --- John Adams


We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honor and independence; we ask no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms." --- President Jefferson Davis - 29 April 1861

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