On Holy Ground

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On Holy Ground
I stood this day in fire and blood;
On honoured fields of grass and mud.
This our land where valor rests;
Southern glory stood the test.

I walked among those stones of grey;
Where gallant warriors here they lay.
Into the battle bold and loud;
Confederate Legions like a cloud.

With pike and saber into the fight;
Dixie men with all their might.
Passing ages day by day;
Southern Knights all clad in grey.

Should they rise in grand elation;
They would bid us restore their nation.
A grandeur nation could never stand;
Than what they built upon this land.

Oh ye people upon this mound;
Stand ye here on holy ground.
Almighty God pray I this day;
Our Southern nation return to stay.

By G.B.F. McCullum 
* * *

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