Overused and/or Misused

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Overused and/or Misused
There are many more then the below

an example of a misused term is the word gender, which defines masculine and feminine characteristics.  It is not a substitute for male and female sex, and females are not you guys!

Did you know that _____? - It  means your about to get a lecture from a self-made scholar!

Empowerment - As normally used today, it is a politically correct term, that points to an individuals self-centeredness. "Look at me ... I have power"     

GENDER - Humanity is divided into male and female sex - Gender relates to the masculine characteristics of men, and the femine nature of women.  It has nothing to do with biology!

Income inequality - Equalizing the income of women with that of men, amounts to socialism, which is the aim of the politically correct liberals.  this is normally proclaimed by the well to do liberal, who under pays their own workers.

Liberalism - Modern liberalism - Big government programs - political correctness - radical women's liberation - socialism - income redistribution.

Phobic – Example - {Homophobic} - This suffix could be applied to any term, but normally it is used to make the evil, sinful or perverted appear normal. 

Political correctness - The term goes beyond politics, and includes every facet of life, whereby if it isn't carried out the liberal, socialist way, it is politically incourect. As used today it extends to the point of absurdity and even ignorance! 

Sexist - In modern culture means any male who doesn't live by the women's liberationists code, is a sexist.

universal healthcare - Translated it means the tax payer pay for the overpriced, substandard medical care of the masses. 

Women’s Liberation - Reduced to its basic definition, it means a world in which women rule and men serve.

You Guys - A group consisting of both men and women are not you guys.  The term 'guys' is masculine and refers to males!

Term with which we need to get acquainted!

Biblical morality


intellectual ignorance


Self-evident truth

unborn child

Unalienable rights

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