Passing of the Sword

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The Passing of the Sword

                        “I had a Dream”

 The Confederate Cause, in the modern context of our times, can be returned to power, thereby liberating the Confederate States of America, and the answer came to me in a dream!  It would require a scenario whereby Confederates must make an overwhelming demonstration of power!  While we cannot, while our nation remains under occupation, truly reconstitute our Confederate Armies, we can do so in every respect short of having them bear arms.  Be that as it may, we can no longer blame the Yankee Empire, for our own lack of devotion to the Cause since the option is our own.  The sword has been passed to those of our time!


After the rebirth of the Confederate Cause in the early 1990’s, and having seen Confederates divide themselves into more then two dozen assorted organizations and groups, I began to consider the matter.  Southern intellectuals went the opposite direction causing the rank and file to scatter, each believing their particular brand was the ultimate.  While at the same time none of these entities have or will bring, victory to the Confederate Cause.

What was a glorious beginning soon had deteriorated into something else, which I cannot figure out with any certainty.  As an elder Confederate I’ve seen over my lifetime many pictures, images and monuments dedicated to our glorious and brave Confederate Soldiers and Sailors.  At one point, while bowing over the grave of a Confederate Soldier many years ago now, I wept, asking of the Lord “Why could we not have won?”

Why did the tyrants and the despots have to come out victorious, rather then those whose principles were so honorable?  Perhaps if one battle had turned out the other way, just maybe Generals William T. Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant and the other Union Armies would have surrendered to men such as our beloved General Robert E. Lee.  I vigorously sent my questions heavenward, “Why Lord could we not have won that war?”


Seemingly a thousand questions came to my mind, all of them pressing upon me, even at night as I attempted to find some measure of rest, and fall away into sleep.  Then one evening in the mid-1990’s, I had a dream, and I would that every single believer of the Confederate Cause could have shared in that which I saw in my dream, while resting upon my bed.  As I fell to sleep I questioned, what have we done to deserve these years of occupation?

In my dream that night it all took place on Monument Row in Richmond Virginia beginning at the far end, on a beautiful spring day, it was mildly warm, a clear sky with a modest humidity.  There were crowds of people lined up along both sides of the street, looking in the direction from which the spectacle would come.  Little children waved their Confederate Flags, and the adults wore all sorts of Confederate patriotic memorabilia.

Then it all began, first there came the largest marching band I’ve ever seen, it must have been 500 members strong, and playing a wide variety of Confederate Patriotic Music.  Then there came what I could only call, the Children of the Confederacy.  All marching down the street toward the Capital Building, waving balloons decorated with Confederate Symbols.  Afterward came the greatest spectacle of all, as every eye turned, and everyone concentrated on what was coming.

They came closer and closer until finally the troops were passing by, it was the longest column of any army ever witnessed in a single pass and review, legions upon legions of Confederate Soldiers marched by, while I stood in place and watched.  But these were not a haphazard bunch of ‘good ole boys’ wearing an assortment of uniform gear.  These were sharp, well disciplined troops, whose columns and ranks were in perfect unison!

The sound of their heals clicking on the pavement sounded like loud claps of thunder, and every man wore identical, well tailored uniforms, which was modern, yet at the same time distinctively Confederate.  As they passed, a kindly gentleman standing nearby remarked, ”These troops are obviously divided into Divisions, as well as Armies numbering perhaps 100,000 or more.”  Their Officers wore gold collar devices and strips down their trousers, and bore side arms, as well as short Ceremonial Cutlass Swords.

The cuffs and collars on the Enlisted Personnel were based upon there military branch; dark blue for Army, red Confederate Marine Corps, while others colors represented the Confederate Navy and Air Force.  As these troops passed by, I observed there having chrome-plated buts on their parade rifles, while performing what is known as ‘precision drills.’  I was myself awe struck at their performance, these troops were so sharp, and there numbers so enormous.

While I stood in my place, the long columns of troops continued to pass, with seemingly no end in sight, then suddenly I awoke from my sleep, clearly remembering what I had dreamed.  And as the days passed I knew, that nothing we modern Confederates might do, would so impress our occupation forces, our own people and indeed the entire world, then what I had dreamed.  But still I had many questions, among them was, whether or not it was possible to forge such a Ceremonial Army.

Since that time I have attempted to recruit and organized, but in every case it failed, inasmuch as only a precious few were serious enough to undergo the self-discipline, training and commitment, let alone the willingness to show up on the street.  The vast majority simply wanted to be Confederate Legionnaires in name only, talking the talk, but never inspired to walking the walk.  I disbanded and decided to stepped back, so as to await that day, when it would truly come to pass!

Let me close this letter with this, ‘I do not blame those who have joined the Legion in good faith’, but rather our own lack of having a charismatic and influential leader.  Nonetheless, there will come a leader able to attract the numbers and hold the loyalty of the troops, as well as the general population.  While earlier efforts have failed, I have faith that this dream will come to pass in due course, and their will come a day, when a literal 
Million Man Confederate March’ will indeed take place.  And the leader we seek is already known as the ‘Leader of the Prophesy!’

God save the Confederacy

“Where there is no vision, the people perish … “ {Proverbs 29:18}!  Vision in this instance means being able to imagine a better outcome, visualize it in one’s mind, and then take action to make it happen.  As such, sometimes a vision can take the form of a dream, while other times we mentally visualize a better scenario, as we look about ourselves, in our own time.  Then there are those times when God visually reveals things to us, in what is also termed a vision!
Thus, if we cannot visualize in any form, a Confederate Victory, we certainly will never take action, either collectively or individually, to make it happen.  In the case of the Confederate Legion, it isn’t over yet, our failures will only add to our experience, and my dream or vision if you like, will come to pass in the real world!


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