Prelude to Liberation

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Prelude to Liberation
Birth of the Confederate Patriot Guard

History is not an absolute, but cause and effect: Change the cause and you alter the effect.  What if a single decision or battle had went the other way?   Perhaps an election had turned out differently!   We as individuals are capable of altering the future course of history by our activism, or lack thereof.  Imagine with us for a moment, certain historical events had indeed taken an alternate course.  Join with us as we travel to that date and place, where events did indeed turn out differently and as a result, all that we today know of as history, never happened.

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                Confederate Patriot Guard     Ranks and Insignias
                                        The Palace Guard
.     .

University of Alabama
Friday 24 January 2014

The Confederate Patriot Guard was more then anything else a product of its own time, some would call it a happen chance of fate, while others might refer to it as resulting from the divine providence of Almighty God.  Anyhow, it all began when a group of 300 University of Alabama students gathered together, not for a wild party, but a casual, social get together.  These were by chance, the more conservative elements of what was otherwise the normally wild, youthful university crowd.  The type, which attends nearly every college or university, those that just doesn’t seem to fit among the Fraternities and Sororities.  Often as not these are looked upon as the nerds or geeks, the books worms if you will, the ones who actually enrolled in order to get an education?

It was a Saturday evening, and most of the students involved being somewhat well to do, reserved a local family nightclub for the evening, which was normally used for Southern Gospel Concerts.  When the conversation turned to General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, one of the young men noted that the General was born on 24 January 1824, and this was his birthday.  Several of them were history majors, thus a discussion broke out about the exploits of the famous Stonewall Jackson.

While it hadn’t been mentioned on this occasion, it was well known, these boys were very dissatisfied with the outcome of the 2008 General Elections, and naturally so, since they were all believers in the Confederate Cause.  Howbeit, up to now they had been more or less, closet Confederates, believing not much could be done to advance the Cause, in any case.  That was until one of the students, a Michael McClure, likened Stonewall Jackson and his men to the 300 Spartans of ancient Greece.

Somehow Mike managed to get the floor and the attention of the others gathered around their circular table!  “The count shows we have 300 in attendance, true a few more then half of them are girls, but what if we could round up 300 men?  We are students, suppose we formed a group modeled after the 300 Spartans, but in a modern context of our times of course.  We could give them a benign name such as the Confederate Patriots, no, the Confederate Patriot Guard.

They would be billed as Cadets, with their own uniforms; all of us know of others that would join, we could put this together.  And, all but a few of us could easily afford to put our money together and have a modern version a Confederate Cadet Uniform created.  The few among us who couldn’t, we could all pitch in and help!  Instead of 300 Spartans, we’d be the 300 Confederate Patriot Guardsmen.  We could swear allegiance to the Confederate Cause and put on shows around the country!”

John Spearman, another student sitting nearby joined in with his own remarks, our Patriot Guard would be like a Fraternity and our girls could be like a Sorority, joining with us and help in everyway possible.  Perhaps even forming an all female group, which would march ahead of the guys and add to the show.  John looked over at his fellow classman, a Bill Snider; Bill, your Dad has plenty of connections, I bet he could round up the sponsors we’d need.

About that time two girls, seated at a nearby table turned their chairs around and joined in the discussion, along with three others already seated with the guys.  Sally Jenkins, known to be somewhat outspoken was the first of the girls to have her say; “Us girls will support you it if we are in on the action, we’ll play the part of Southern Belles or whatever is necessary for success, and we’ll march ahead of you guys, when you go on parade.

June Watson, seated two space to Sally’s right, added her comment; “I haven’t felt this ‘giddish’ since I was a cheer leader in High School, when do we get things going.”  My Dad is going to think I went nuts; he’s a liberal, but no matter, I can handle him!  Sally looked over at Sally and chuckled, that’s how you got all that ‘higher education’ by conning you Daddy.  Still another girl, stood to her feet, raised her hands over her head in a joyful outburst, “I am going to like this, I love dressing up and showing off!”

Then David Thompson, another student seated on the opposite side of the table stood to his feet; My Dad is an Attorney and maybe I could talk him into setting up all the legal niceties; David sporting a huge grin as he spoke.  All right then replied Mike, we’ll form a committee to get things rolling and our mentors will be none other then Stonewall Jackson and his wife.  The Confederate Patriot Guard was born, and as the weeks and months passed; it spread across college and university campus far and wide.

The Winds of Summer
Sunday 25 May 2014.

The spring was ending and the summer was at hand, it had been nearly six months since the University of Alabama Students had launched the Confederate Patriot Guard.  Their enthusiasm was notably strong for a bunch of students, who normally would have paid little attention to the Confederate Cause, let alone forming a Patriot Guard, in its support.  But it did manage to keep them out of trouble, since it required lots of dedication and time, when they weren’t studying.  The cool breeze of spring was gradually giving way to the hot winds of summer, but the Confederate Patriot Guard was ready for its public debut on Memorial Day.

However, there was a few deviations from the original plan, they would wear gray camouflage fatigues with the original historic rank markings of the Confederate Army, all produced especially for the Guard, through grants brought about by their parents influence.  Their hats were simply referred to as Jungle Hats, pinned up on the right side and bearing a specially made Confederate Patriot Guard emblem, for those who have ranks were that of Enlisted Men, however, the Phoenix Wings were added to Officers emblems.

Their boots were also designed especially for the Patriot Guard, as was their belt buckles; the Patriot Guard would wear scarves, whose colors were those of the Confederate Infantry, a light blue, officers wore yellow.  Given their gracious sponsors, they were also furnished parade rifles, which were exact replicas, save that they naturally would not fire.  Their officers carried 44 magnum parade pistols, and when all these items were but together, the results were awesome.

These were not ‘good ole boys’ or ‘good ole girls’ who showed up when the spirit moved, but well rehearsed professionals, when they hit the parade route on Memorial Day, straight down Monument Row in Richmond Virginia.  Their lawyers were on hand, just as an insurance policy, that they would not be harassed by law enforcement, from whatever level of government they might represent, and there were indeed attempts.

The Confederate Patriot Guard had started out to be a 300 man Cadet Corps, and ended up with 50,000 members in 17 States, totaling 850,000 Guardsman.  On a sunny Memorial Day they made their turn onto Monument Row and headed toward the Statehouse, their four flags were standing tall in the breeze.  These flags included the Confederate National, Navy Jack, Battle Flag and the Confederate Patriot Guard Flag.  There was no mistaking who they were; the Confederacy had return to Richmond!

Waiting along the parade route next to the General Stonewall Jackson Monument was the fathers and mothers of those who had begun the Patriot Guard less then six months before; among them were the parents of David Thompson, Michael McClure, June Watson and Sally Jenkins.  The Commands present that day, which was of Brigade size, were properly organized into a Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, Company, Company and Squad.

Their commanders were Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Captain, Lieutenant and Staff Sergeant accordingly.  There were 350 ladies dressed as Southern Belles, which lead the parade, with their parasols and Anti-Bellum persona.  These ladies rode upon 10 large floats, decorated in an old South décor, each portraying a difference scene.  The Patriot Guard, which originally consisted of University of Alabama Students now counted among their numbers a cross section of society.

The Confederate Patriot Guard had a National General Staff consisting of a General, two Lieutenant Generals and two Major Generals.  Each State having at least 30,000 troops but less then 100,000 was commanded by a Lieutenant General, a Major General and a Brigadier General!  Each State General Staff had a Sergeant Major attached and the National General Staff had a Senior Enlisted Advisor on its staff.

Forging of a Colossus
Monday 1 September 2014

There was a vast difference in the Confederate Patriot Guard and other attempt to form a Confederate Military Organization; the Patriot Guard was heavily sponsored having a Board of Directors, which governed their affairs.  The Board of Directors consisted of four men and three women, all of whom were top professionals in their chosen field.  There are two attorneys, an experience Corporate Executive, a former Senator and three retired officers of Star Rank, one of which was previously involved in intelligence.

Under the Board of Directors there were offices, which dealt with Contracting, Finance, Legal Affairs, Operations, Personnel, Public Relations, and Recruitment, each commanded by a Colonel with a Sergeant Major on his staff.  One would think that of all those who sponsored, supported and staffed the Confederate Patriot Guard’s Senior Command, both military and civilian; there would be no liberals and socialists.  But this is not the case; why, because of the national betrayal suffered by so many, as a result of the 2008 General Elections!

The mass media had in effect rigged the election results through their bias, having given an abundance of positive coverage to the liberal, socialist candidates and mostly negative and minimal coverage to conservatives.  Thus some, which, sponsored, supported and advocated the Confederate Patriot Guard are indeed liberals, nonetheless, they stand as equals among those who feel betrayed.  Therefore a Confederate Military Organization was born, nearly as well funded as the armies of many nations!

As the Confederate Patriots approached from the north northwest toward the statehouse, they passed those parents, which had helped a small band of students launch the organization, the Guard giving them an eyes left and a salute from their respective commanders.  The Jefferson Davis Monument as well as the General Robert E. Lee Monument was also rendered a salute!  The mass media, covered the news on every channel with the story, would never admit, even to themselves, they made it necessary.

Among the benefits afforded the Patriot Guard is having six training camps spread evenly positioned across the Continental States, each having approximately 5,000 acres, including laboratories.  Every possible kind of training was available, including mock towns where tactical combat war games were conducted, so as to teach urban as well as open field warfare.  Each man would wear a badge that lighted up when the beam from a rifle or pistol struck indicating he would have been shot, had it been actual war.

By this time the Federal Courts were silent; the various Armed Forces had been made impotent, due to the use of specially created Electro-Magnetic pulse weapons, which had been calibrated at just the right frequency, as well as divisions within their own ranks.  Our occupation forces had experimented with Electro-Magnetism, but had never developed a working production model weapon.  Additionally, Confederates working as sleeper agents, managed to confiscate their working experimental model, which has since been improved and perfected.

The pulsation gun and its sister weapons the pulsation grenade as well as a very effective bomb, had all but crippled their high tech weaponry, leaving them with nothing but antiquated conventional weapons.  They had been from the beginning of the crisis outnumbered 10 to 1 by the Confederates, which now held the numbers and firepower to pretty much have their way.  It was only a matter of time.

Additionally there were wilderness classrooms, requiring the men to dissemble and reconstruct their weapons, while blind folded, naming each piece as they picked it up.  These camps also included a number of simulators, which were so realistic the individual Guardsman felt as if they had actually been in a combat situation.  The legal staff found a way to place each recruit under a binding contract, meaning, should he fail to serve four years, plus two on standby, the burden of cost would fall upon him.

The vigorous training, plus the contract meant, these men were sworn to the service of the Confederate Patriot Guard for the duration and nearly all of its members liked it that way, since this tended to stabilize the organization.  As a result any national army on earth would have envied having these troops under their command, and their numbers having already approaching a million, would pass the 3,000,000-member mark within a year.

The Mass Media, Bureaucrats, and the Washington Politicians could not help but see the implications of this force, which was rapidly growing amongst them.  They knew all to well, for every member listed on their rosters, there were likely ten more back home, and as their numbers grew, the total number of supporters would also grow proportionately.  And they knew these were military professionals in every respect, short of bearing arms, and even then their intense training meant, they were prepared.

Celebrating an Anniversary

Saturday 24 January 2010

General Robert E. Lee and President Davis of whom they were paying special tribute, passed away on 12 October and on 6 December 1870 and 1893 respectively.  The crowds gathered around both monuments were nearly standing room only, when two brigades consisting of approximately 9,000 troops were on parade.  However after the parade, and as the years end approached, the small group of Founding Guardsmen, looked forward to an anniversary reunion.

It was on a Saturday evening one year ago on 24 January 2009, when Michael McClure, John Spearman, Bill Snider, Sally Jenkins and June Watson meet and created the Patriot Guard at the Family Nightclub, not far from the University of Alabama.  It was here, where these five students forged a Confederate Military Organization that would send a sense of awe through the entire population.  Nothing about their uniforms or accoutrements, was retread from those of our occupation forces, they were all uniquely Confederate.

It was about the same time in the evening as it was a year earlier, when the five again sat down at what they were sure was the same round table, and rehashed the results of their discussion one year before.  While this was a relatively peaceful period of time, all was not well throughout the land, people felt pushed against the wall like a rat backed into a corner; sooner or later they’d come out fighting.  The situation hadn’t been so desperate since the 1860 Election of Abraham Lincoln and his earlier band of liberals!

While the Patriot Guard’s Founding Team continued their discussion, Bill Snider, seated facing the door, noticed of all people, General William Garrett their Chief of Staff, walking their way.  Bill called the group seated at the table to attention, as the General Garrett approached, “at ease, please, be at ease.  You mind if I join you ladies and gentlemen for a moment?”  By all means general you’re most welcome, said Sally Jenkins.  “We thought you were still in Richmond General, stated John Spearman, what brings you to Alabama?”

“Well, its bad news I am afraid, stated General William Garrett, violence has broken out in a number of cities, for the moment it isn’t a race riot nor is it gang violence, these are people that under normal conditions would be considered good honest citizens.  Nearly all of the I.R.S. District Offices are under attack, it’s a tax revolt and its getting ugly out there.  The Atlanta Office has been broken into and burned, others will likely follow; there is no doubt in my mind, this is only the beginning!

What can we do General, asked Michael McClure?  “Well, each of you are Founders of this organization, you hold Masters Degree and have went though the same rugged training as our raw recruits, now you men are all Division Commanders.  You ladies having Medical Degrees have been responsible for building an effective Medical Corps.  Now I am afraid we may have to put all that training to use; I want each of you to personally meet with our Regional Commanders, and give them the word, it is time arm our troops.”

Have things gotten that serious General, asked June Watson?  “Regretfully it has June, replied General Garrett, we can not afford to send out orders over some high tech devise, inasmuch as there is no telling who may be tapped into the line.  This must be done in person, and my orders is to put the Confederate Patriot Guard on a ‘Phase Three’ War Footing.”  They all looked at the General in astonishment, having never imagined it would come to this!

The General continued; “Leave today, but be discreet and inform our District Commanders, they are not to draw attention to themselves in the process, they are all aware as to the location of our weapons, where they have been stored in each of their areas.  Even while the General was completing the explanation of his orders, the Governor of Georgia, a known formerly closet Confederate, entered the Family Night Club.  He approached the table, escorted by four bodyguards, officially listed as his aids!

The entire group assembled around the table, recognizing Governor Gile McCade, stood to their feet to welcome their newest visitor.  General William Garrett reached out to shake the Governors hand!  General Garrett, ladies, gentlemen, I have just arrived from having attended the {S.G.A} Southern Governors Association Conference in Montgomery.  They have appointed me as their President and spokesman; they are asking that your Confederate Patriot Guard, be called into the service of our mutual security.

You are aware that each of the Governors has a Security Guard, which is not subject to Federalization; one might call them the Palace Guard.  Yes replied Michael McClure, Mr. Governor, you must have read the same biblical story as I did?  Indeed, continued the Governor, the story refers to Little David the Sheppard, being called before King Saul, whereupon the discussion centered on, the restriction imposed upon Israel by the Philistines, which had occupied their nation at the time.

The terms forbid Israel from bearing arms, other then their Palace Guard; then Little David addressed the King and his ministers, explaining that the treaty did not restrict the number of Palace Guard; the King could have under arms.  Now I can see where you are going with this Governor, stated General Garrett, but please do continue.  Indeed General, the Southern Governors are asking that you and the entire Confederate Patriot Guard, accept a commission as the Security Guard, within each of your respective States.

If you agree, the {S.G.A.} myself as President, will in effect become your Commander in Chief, howbeit we are not claiming to actually be a Government, but merely an instrument created to guarantee State Sovereignty.  Also there have been thoughts of changing our name to the Conference of Sovereign States {C.S.S.}.  Should this take place, the conference would have as an agenda, the actual liberation of the Confederacy, as well as arranging for the individual States to hold Confederate States National Elections.   

Bill Snider broke in, Governor, I take it you’ve been reading our literature and are aware of our policies and principles?  Indeed Colonel Snider, more importantly, in order to make my intention clear, I will reveal to all of you here and now, we have agents among your numbers.  Well, gasped the General we do have our weakness - we’ve been infiltrated!  Don’t concern yourself General, replied the Governor, they’re all Confederate loyalists, and they’re presence has been simply a preparation for such a contingency as we now face.

It is urgent General that you report to the {S.G.A.} today, they have extended their conference, 17 Governors are awaiting your arrival in Montgomery and we expect ten more Governors to join the association within a week.  In the meantime we cannot ask you to swear to an Oath of Allegiance, this would place your organization in jeopardy.  Instead you will technically retain your present status, but simply report to the {S.G.A.} President as our military arm, thereby lending us credence.

The discussion went around the table, with everyone present adding their comments until the Governor gave his final statement; “Ladies and Gentlemen, I must be on my way and the General has given you your orders.”  The Governor turning to General Garrett then stated; “General, a private jet is waiting for both of us, if you have any stops to make, we can do so on the way to the Airport.  In the meantime let me leave all of you with this; you wished to liberate the Confederacy, now is your opportunity.”

Birthday Gift for President Davis
Wednesday 3 June 2010

Four months had passed since the second annual meeting at the Family Night Club in Alabama, and the world seemingly had changed forever; the Confederate Patriot Guard, was now known to the public simply as the Confederate Guard, and was being seen in cities and towns throughout 37 of the 48 continental States.  The undercurrent of lawlessness running like wildfire throughout society soon subsided.  Credited primarily to the presence of the overwhelming force of the Confederate Guard!

The increasing bankruptcy rate had been slowed and even reversed; the cost of products was dropping and the value of the dollar stabilizing, within the 37 States involved.  Violence in our cities and towns have eased considerably to a few scattered situations, again due in part to the presence of Confederates, not as re-enactors or ceremonial troops, but as a real and viable military force.  The small band of former college students, which had thought to form what amounted to a Fraternity and Sorority, were now hailed as Confederate Heroes.

The S.G.A. President finally ordered all Federal Authorities within the 37 effected States to cease and desist, since they were no longer needed.  General William Garrett according to directives from the President of the S.G.A. in conjunction with his won pre-planned strategy carefully began moving his troops so as to surround every single Military Base and Post in the Continental States.  These troops had with them the Pulsation Weapons, which would prove so vital in winning a showdown.

Other factions of his growing army moved to secure the cities and towns, cleansing them of violence and lawlessness.  The General believed firmly that possession is 95 percent of winning a war.  As such, he moved carefully and deliberately brings the smaller cities, towns, and communities under the jurisdiction of the Confederacy.  Thereby he would establish a solid foothold and a base, then move to quite literally transform them, politically, economically and socially, to where they are loyal Confederates.

A side benefit has been the slowdown of gang violence within the 37 States, since the instigators of so much of the violence have been casualties in the efforts to restore order.  The distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs, have dropped to their lowest rate in 40 years.  Our occupation forces having been engaged in so many foreign wars, as well as stationing troops all over the world, have found themselves outnumbered 10 to 1 in both numbers and firepower by the Confederate Guard.

Interestingly history began to repeat itself in many respects; on Thursday 4 March the Confederate Nation Flag was raised over the 13 member States of the Confederacy, plus West Virginia as well as Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico.  On Thursday 9 April Confederate Troops reoccupied their National Capital City of Richmond Virginia.  On Monday 10 May the President of the Southern Governors Association {S.G.A.}, now renamed the Conference of Sovereign States {C.S.S.} landed in Richmond.

The Navy of our occupation forces was another matter; General McCade decided it would be dangerous to extend the satellite positioning feed worldwide or to cripple them by using their newly acquired Magnetic Pulsation weapons.  He determined to focus his strategy solely upon continental affairs, while at the same time issuing directive to them to lay off shore.  Instructions would be issued to them, progressively as conditions warranted.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as the Pentagon was well aware of their limitations, and while General McCade was equally knowledgeable as to their capabilities, given his wide range of intelligence, not withstanding his technological advantages.  He would deal with their Naval Power as the need arose!  He knew well, nearly 2/3rds of their Armed Forces, throughout each of their Military Branches, if given a choice, secure from retribution, would change their loyalties to that of the Confederacy.

Those members of our occupational forces, which were already ashore he could manage, and indeed was already seeming multitudes of them shifting over and putting on Confederate Uniforms, and joining his growing forces.  He was certain, Captains of these Naval Ships, had no desire to spawn divisions within his crew, at least not while they were away from homeports in the States.  They would no doubt bide their time, as he himself would, were he in their situation!

However the work was not finish, their was the business of keeping a promise made to General William Garrett of holding national Elections in order to fill the vacant seats in the Confederate States Government, in accordance with the 1861 Constitution.  Then there was the formidable task of establishing a Confederate Mint for coining and printing Confederate Currency.  Washington had not attempted to stop the Confederates, their Marshals and other Agents somehow were nowhere to be seen.

However Governor Gile McCade of Georgia, President of the Conference of Sovereign States and unofficially the Commander in Chief of the world’s most formidable military force, would keep his promise to General William Garrett and the Confederate Guard.  On 3 June delegates from the 13 member States of the Confederacy meet in Montgomery Alabama, the Birth Place of the Confederacy, and made plans for Confederate States National Elections.  Quite a Birthday President for Jefferson Davis!

Governor McCade did issue him a directive and General Garrett couldn’t agree more; Abraham Lincoln refused to acknowledge President Jefferson Davis and even refused to receive his ambassadors or to communicate with him.  In this modern day conflict a Lincolnite was in the Whitehouse and the Governor was correct, we would return the favor and ignore him.  He would cut off every possible avenue wherein the Yankee President could exercise Command and Control of his forces.

Second Confederate Congress
Sunday 19 July 2015

The Nationwide General Elections for Confederate States President, Senators and Congressmen took place on Saturday 3 July, and ‘We the People’ would properly decide what manner of society they would have for ourselves and who shall represent them.  A declaration of warning was issued to the mass media; every single candidate shall receive equal coverage, positives as well as negatives, and there would be no liberal or socialists commentary.

In order to ensure the media would be truly unbiased, each of the 37 States involved, had all of their unalienable and sovereign rights over domestic affairs restored to them.  This included the authority to remove the license from any broadcasters, cable, satellite companies and corporation within their respective borders, if they failed to comply.  Additionally, they would adhere to a code of journalistic ethics, which included morality, integrity and loyalty to their on communities, States as well as the reemerging Confederacy.

The Final Battle, which raged on throughout these events was with the insurgents along the border with Mexico; General Garrett, in conference with Governor Gile McCade agreed that certain unpleasant actions were necessary for security sake.  Thus the General mustered a total of 500,000 troops spread across various locations along the border, and began to forcibly drive the hostile Mexicans back across their own border, 2/3rds of which resisted and became casualties.

Those who had arrived within the borders of the now 37 States through illegal means were given a choice; migrate to those States remaining under the control of the United States or return to your own homeland.  Do so voluntarily and every courtesy will be afforded, resist and force will be used!  Actual border warfare raged for several weeks in the San Antonio area as well as along the border with New Mexico.  The Hispanic Governor of New Mexico was directed to make a choice, them or us and he chose us!

On Monday 19 July the Confederate States Senators and Congressmen Elect, Gathered in Richmond, were sworn into office and began working on urgent legislation.  A series of bills would be awaiting President Elect Gile McCade’s signature immediately after his inauguration, scheduled for Monday 2 August.  He was presently dealing with the Border Wars!  The Press from around the world had converged on Richmond, while by the Grace of Almighty God, a cause thought lost to history, remerged. 

There were 24 other States which were not included in the General Elections, that already had delegates on the scene in Richmond, and who were petitioning for Statehood; these were assured their petitions would be brought to the floor of both Houses, of what was being referred to as the Second Confederate Congress.  In the meanwhile by acclimation they were officially listed as ‘territories’ of the Confederate States of America.  

Confederate President Inaugurated
Friday 2 August 2016.

The day finally arrived and the world would now witness the inauguration of the Second President, Confederate States of America, an event, which generations of true believers and advocates in the Confederate Cause could only imagine in their dreams.  The City of Richmond quadrupled in population; every hotel, motel and sleeping place of whatever sort was filled.  Tent Cities had sprung up in large lots inside the city limits as well as outside of town.

Dignitaries from around the globe were arriving in Richmond, as were citizens from a multitude of countries, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Russia.  All of these people, seeking to be present when the Confederate States of America, re-emerged upon the world stage after 145 years under occupation.  There was no threat of terrorism or of attacking the States during the conflict that had just passed; the world knew, the Confederates were quite different, and they would retaliate with deadly force.

The inaugural parade wound down Monument Row toward the Capital Building, President Elect and Mrs. Gile McCade rode in a reproduction horse drawn carriage like unto that of Jefferson Davis.  The Confederacy would not only have its Second President, but also a successor to Varina Davis our original First Lady, the lovely Janine McCade.  The inauguration took place while a full regiment of Confederate Guardsmen stood at attention nearby, and the Leadership of the Senate and House of Representatives were witnesses.

The world watched as Gile McCade took the
Presidential Oath "I Gile McCade do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the Confederate States of America, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution thereof."  Those words having been said, 145 years under occupation officially passed into history, the Confederate States of America was now a free and independent nation and a powerhouse among nations.

Once the inauguration was completed the Chiefs of Staff of what had been the Confederate Patriot Guard, walked up the steps, dressed in the newly created Class A Dress Uniforms of the Confederate States Army.  They saluted their new Commander in Chief, now standing along side his wife, the Vice President and his wife, and in their presence took the Oath of Allegiance.  This having been done, President Mcade read the re-commissioning of the Confederate States Armed Forces.

President Gile McCade, then called his Cabinet only recently confirmed by the Confederate States Senate, to stand beside himself as well as the Vice President, and review the most powerful pass and review parade of armed might in history.  It was obvious not all of the millions of troops could participate in the pass and review.  However arrangements were made, that at least a full regiment from each participating State, would be present to represent those that had risk everything in order for this to happen.

God save the Confederacy
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"Victory is for those with the persistence and fortitude to resist the temptation to withdraw or whose resolve has been tempered, when conditions worsen and the cost rises; it is not for the weak hearted, nor those who are softened by the ease and comfort of a gilded cage, provided by the enemy at the cost of liberty. It is for those who continue to fight the good fight, even after others who have gone before, having faced overwhelming numbers and firepower found themselves unable to complete the mission." --- Jay Buckner.  In any case Confederate Fiction allows us to dream and envision victory; otherwise "where there is no vision, the people parish." {Proverbs 29:18}

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