The Protocol of Flags

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The Protocol of Flags

The flags and symbols of the Confederate States of America should be afforded the same respect and protocols as does any other nation. The below is admittedly a simplistic guide to displaying our flags. Our Confederate Brethren, be patient, our time will come if we maintain belief and faith in the Confederate Cause. Israel could never have stood against the might of the Roman Empire, yet were the Romans, which tormented the good people of Israel. The Roman Empire has passed into ancient history and the nation of Israel stand proud and strong amongst the nations of the earth. 


"Secession belongs to a different class of remedies. It is to be justified upon the basis that the States are Sovereign. There was a time when none denied it. I hope the time may come again, when a better comprehension of the theory of our Government, and the inalienable rights of the people of the States, will prevent any one from denying that each State is a Sovereign, and thus may reclaim the grants which it has made to any agent whomsoever."


Confederate States National Flag

The Blood Stained Banner

It is not our purpose to address every situation, regarding the display of our Confederate Flags,
but rather to present a general statement, as it applies in the modern context of our t times.

The Confederate States National Flag, also known as the Third National or Blood Stained Banner, and it should be treated as such. Those who doubt the legitimacy of the Confederacy, as a nation should, refer to the Proclamation of Independence. Below are guides to the treatment of our national flag!

I. The Blood Stained Banner should never be positioned, below those of other nation. The only flag to fly above the Blood Stained Banner is a legitimate flag representing the Almighty God, such as a bible based Christian organizations flag.

II. The Blood Stained Banner should never be flown or positioned along side, in the presence of enemy flags, or those of hate religions or groups; the others should be removed. The Blood Stained Banner should always be given a position of respect, honor and dignity.

III. The Confederate States National Flag is indeed a national flag, not a rebel flag, and it should be treated with respect. And it should always be held at a higher esteem then the flag of any other nation or organization.

IV. While the Confederate State of America remains under occupation, the responsibility for the proper display and treatment of our flag, falls heavily upon our loyal citizens.

V. It would behoove all loyal Confederates to vote, and to support those candidates, which will stand for and respect the Confederate Cause, or at the vary least not do harm.

VI. It should be remembered, politicians are not the primary problem, it is we the people. If an overwhelming majority of the people, living within the borders of the Confederacy, supported our cause, politicians would at the more then likely go along.

VII. Learn the meaning of our Confederate States National Flag! A good place to begin is the WebPages article titled Our Flag’s Meaning. Log onboard today, read and pass the word, respectfully display our national Flag. The Stainless Banner stands for our just and honorable cause!

Confederate Navy Jack 

The Confederate States Navy Jack is not a rebel flag; it is the honored symbol of our Confederate States Navy. While our Confederates States Navy or CSN is presently disbanded, it will be restored along with our nation. All in due process of time!

I. While the Navy Jack is often flown ashore, its purpose should be remembered, and honored. It should never be flown above the national fag, or along side enemy or hate flags.

II. When a display is made of all of our Confederate Flags, it is proper to display them side by side, but for official purposes, it would be position immediately below the Blood Stained Banner.

III. Onboard ship, it should be positioned forward at the highest position, and above the Navy Jack. It also would be proper to place the Blood Stained Banner forward, and the Navy Jack to the aft.

IV. Onboard private modern ships and boats, which display a Confederate Flag, it is common to see the Navy Jack stand alone. This is alright for a private ship, but for a modern commissioned CSN Ship, both Blood Stained Banner and Navy Jack should be displayed.

V. Small CSN Craft would normally be to small to display both flags, and would normally display only the Navy Jack.

VI. Those who display our Confederate Navy Jack should use common sense, and display them in an honorable and respectful manor.

Confederate Battle Flag

The Confederate States Battle Flag is according to its title, a battle flag, nothing more, and nothing less. It represents Confederate land forces on the field of battle. In modern times it would be common to see either the Blood Stained Banner or the battle flag, in the form of a patch on the left shoulder of a Confederate Army Uniform. We have seen it displayed on battle tanks, during the Iraq War, and this is quite proper.

I. The Confederate Battle Flag is not a rebel flag, is battle flag, and should Confederates find themselves involve in a war; our opponents will come to realized precisely what it stand for.

II. The rules for display of the battle flag are simple! If the Blood Stained Banner, the Navy Jack and the Battle Flag are all displayed on the same pole, they would be place in that order.

II. If the three flags are presented on separate poles in a display, it would be proper to display them at the same level. Left to right from the viewers standpoint, Stainless Banner, Navy Jack, and Battle Flag.

III. It is no longer common in modern times to carry flags at the head of an army in battle! However, should the occasion arise, the Battle Flag would be positioned at the most forward position of the columns.

IV. On a land base, the Battle Flag would be positioned either below the Blood Stained Banner, or else it would stand alone on as a separate display.

V. The Battle Flag was created by and for the Confederate States Army, and like the Blood Stained Banner, and the Navy Jack; it should be treated with the respect for which it is due.



"Obstacles may retard, but they cannot long prevent the progress of a
movement sanctified by its justice, and sustained by a virtuous people ."



"Obstacles may retard, but they cannot long prevent the progress of a movement
sanctified by its justice, and sustained by a virtuous people ." --- Jefferson Davis


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