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                                 Confederate Legion RTF Documents! 
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The articles, stories and documents posted on this website under HTML were written over a couple of decades, and many of them are backed up by WordPad documentation, only a small portion of which has previously been listed on any menu.  The intention here is to list them below as they originally appeared, due to the volume they are being updated and corrected as time permits.  There is a portion of those listed, which appears nowhere else, while others are duplicated under an html WebPages.


The below listed titles are hyper linked, after locating
one of your choosing, click with your computer mouse!



RTF Documents
Confederate Legion

Most if not all of the below will have been edited and
on HTML by the time you read those listed.

An Empire on the Edge
Battle of Shiloh Church
Belles of Atlanta
Children of the Wind

Clash of the Titians
Code of Conduct

Commander in Chief

Confederate Army of Georgia

Confederate by Nationality
Confederate Code of Military Order
Confederate Holiness Churches
Confederate Independence Day
Confederate Legion Hand Book
Confederate Resurrection
Confederate Soldier at Prayer
Confederate Soldiers in the Woods
Confederate Soldiers Prayer

Confederate States Congress
Confederate States Constitutional Commentary
Confederate States Holidays
Crossing the Line

Dates of Secession
Educational System
Facing the Giant
Feminine Gray-backs
Flags and Symbols
From Disgrace to Grace
George McClellan’s Dream

George Washington’s Vision

God’s Signature
Granting of Citizenship

Hands of an Angry God

It Ain’t Goin to Happen

Journey to Appomattox

Kansas Senate Prayer
King James Version
Military Ranks and Unit Size

Miracle at Appomattox
National Responsibility
New York New York
Obedience to Almighty God
Occupation State Flags
On Bended Knees

Ordinances of Secession
Pilgrimage to Masada
Port Semmes Navy Base

Proclamation of Independence
Reactivating our Constitution

Rebirth of a Nation
Restoring Confederate Society
Restoring Political Sanity

Securing our Sovereignty
Siege of Fire Base Alpha
Sound of Thunder

Statement of Fundamental Principles
Streets Flowing with Blood
The Admirals Rejects
The Big Black River
The Black Knights
The Christian Soldier
The Coming Man
The Confederate Creed
The Confederate Knight

The Cotton Fields
The Countersign

The Golden Sword Society

The Golden Sword

The Hall of Heroes

The Harlot of Revelations

The King James Version
The Last Sunset
The Last Trench
The Living Fountain
The Lost Regiment
The March on Atlanta

The Parallel Confederacy
The Principles of Citizenship

The Prophetic Countdown
The Rapture Document
The Shiny Black Stallion
The Sodomite Invasion
The War Ravens
The Way of Salvation

The Will to Win
They Came from Beyond Time
Varina Banks Howell Davis
Where Angels Tread
Winds of Atlanta