Women's Rat Exterminators

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Women’s Rat Exterminators
”When hunting down terrorist rats, call on the rat Exterminators!”

”If one has a plague rats, one calls the rat exterminator!”
”There is more effective means of putting down radical terrorists?”

There exists in society a class of people, a very rare breed, and indeed a breed unto itself!  A breed of people that could and should be brought together under a single military command!  If such a unique people were trained, uniformed and equipped, they’d constitute the deadliest, yet compact force ever to engage an enemy, on the field of battle.

However for such a command to operate to its fullest potential, it would of necessity, need to be kept beyond the reach of government.  They would need to be equipped with the best and most advanced, top-secret equipment, weapons and tactics.  Additionally there would need to be a moral foundation for the devastation they inflict upon such an evil enemy, that being faith in the Almighty God, in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and Prayer.

The specific enemy spoken of here is not necessarily restricted to the vile terrorists, which have arisen in past decades, however the terrorists are the topic of the story.   Join with us as together we read of an alternate means of waging an anti-terrorists war!  The below story is of course fiction, but it could come to pass in the real world in which we live, if someone with the means, would have the vision, then act upon that vision.


The below story has been written as a way of saying, large armies have their place, and few have been as brave as those, which fought in the First and Second Iraq Wars, as well as in Afghanistan.  But it would behoove us to reconsider the manner in which we fight terrorism; just maybe we need to forge a fighting force like unto the Women’s Rat Hunters.  But if this be so, the constitution, control and command of such a force, should be kept out of the hands of government, and its members should be Christian, so they will remain terrorist hunters, and never becoming like unto the enemy.


Saturday 20 December 2014

By Martin Garrett
My name is Martin Garrett, and this is my story!  There were about six of us men who grew up in Forestville, a small town of approximately 2750, and populated by the finest people to ever populate the South!  While we are Senior Citizens now, we grew up in Forestville at a time when the population was less then half its present number, and the atmosphere of our town was, shall we say, quaint?  There was at that time a Coffee Shop in town, known to us town folks as, Grandma’s Place!  We regularly gathered for coffee, at least two or tree time a week, usually sitting in our favorite booth, at the rear of the shop.

Once seated, we normally ordered coffee, and oftentimes one of Grandma’s treats, made fresh every day, and onsite, treats about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and they went ever so well with fresh coffee.  Back then, there were only three possible channels available on Grandma’s mono television, with no cable or satellite.  The third channel was available only when conditions were just right!  Grandma’s television was mounted on the wall, however the screen was much to small to see from our booth, way back in the rear of the shop.  So we usually turned our discussion to whatever subjects came to mind!
Back then in what was to us, the good ole days, words like terrorism and terrorists, as we have come to know them in our elder years, was new to the popular lexicon.  The Soviet Union had collapsed only a few years before, and for a number of years we held out hope that violent international threats would wane.  But call it foresight or a good imagination, but the four of us ole codgers who gathered around the booth table, turned our attention to a subject for which we had no logical reason to speak about.  We began to question, “How to effectively mount a successful war, against a future international threat?”

Alex McPherson, Ben McCabe, Guile Sullivan and myself Martin Garrett were usually present and seated in the booth, it was our friend Ben, who opened up what some might call, a can of worms.  We had been discussing the question, “What would happen if these evil men, only a few in number back then, managed to gathered in ever larger numbers, like unto an army.  Imagine if such suicidal, murdering nut-cakes were willing to kill anyone and everyone, not believing as they do.  Even to the extent of committing horrible crimes against humanity.  Mass crimes, which would be waged, even against their own people!”

We all looked at him knowing that such an army did somehow drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan!  Alex had that look in his face, “Such people come from the Middle East, and there are a certainly a number extreme radicals among them, so radical there hatred knows no limits.  Their numbers will continue to grow as surely as I sit here, and one day if possible, they will come here, unless someone or something manages to stop them!”  Guile, the more cautious among us, had a few questions of his own, which showed on his face!  “What can be done that the President and Congress hasn’t already done?”

Ben then broke into the conversation!  “Yes the President has invaded Iraq with the largest military force since the Second World War landing at Normandy.  And what of these terrorists, they simply melted back into the general population, to reemerge stronger then before!  So how can they be stopped?  I looked at Ben, “we are only four men talking over a cup of coffee, in a small back water town, what can we do?”  Ben looked around at each of us, one by one, “we have a few years before the major threat comes, until then the federals will hit and miss, and we’ll manage to hold them off for now.

We can use this time to prepare an answer the terrorists will really love!”   Alex popped off a statement, which brought a few moments of silence, as everyone thought the subject over!  ”Maybe the federals are approaching the terrorist problem from the wrong direction?  Maybe the question should be, ‘what would frightened these radical terrorists, more so then anything else on earth?’  Ben had that devious look on is face, whatever he had in mind, it would no doubt be deadly to the terrorists, but at the same time, I have a feeling there was also a colorful side.

“Come on now Ben, you have something in mind, spill the beans!”  Ben couldn’t help but give off a low toned laugh, with a big grin on his face.  All right, replied Ben, here it goes!  “A nightmare scenario for these terrorists would be if they were defeated by an army, an army made up of the meanest and toughest fighters on earth, fighters which happened to be all women.  Look at it this way, the U.S. Army has its Special Forces, the U.S. Navy its Seals, but no one on earth, has anything like what I am suggesting, ‘Women’s Rat Exterminators’, and they’d need to be the deadliest military force on earth.

These ‘lady terrorist destroyers’ would recognize no national boundaries, and attack anywhere, and at any time!”  I thought to myself, just maybe ole Ben has something there; it would be a story even Hollywood couldn’t dream up.  Still, I looked at our ole friend Ben with a little skepticism, “Come on now Ben, are there ladies out there so ferocious, they could take on an army of mass murdering terrorists?”  Ben glanced across the table at me, while munching on one of Grandma’s treats!  “About a year ago a fine upstanding lady left her home heading toward a local convenience store, about a city block away.
Approximately halfway there, five hooligans, members of a neighborhood gang, surrounded her!  After spewing out numerous vulgarities at this ever so mannerly and properly dress young woman, the five began to move closer to her.  They no doubt had intentions of gang raping her.  This was there neighborhood, the gang thought to themselves, and they usually took whatever they wanted!”  Guile was by now totally concentrated on Ben’s story!  “What happed then Ben?”  Well, replied Ben, “As they began to attack her, she went into action, like a ‘ninja warrior’ and killed three of them outright, and did so within minutes.

She quickly had the other two on their knees begging for their lives, and she did so in short order!  This fine upstanding lady used tricks that don’t even appear in any marshal arts handbook, nor in any military training manual.  Suffice it to say, the two-gang members lived, but they’d never have children of their own!  One of the two is paralyzed for life, the other is deaf and blind, his brain totally scrambled, the other has to be feed through a needle in his arm, since he could no longer chew, and could barely breath on his own.”  Alex had an almost frozen look on his face, gasping at the though, “Such women exist, he ask?”

Yes indeed, replied Ben, and it has been said, this particular lady happened to be very pretty, feminine and mannerly!  The men’s coffee time passed all to quickly, so they had to end the conversation and head to work.  But at least three of the four, excluding Ben, who had formulated the strategy, turned the story over in their minds.  The thought crossed all of our minds many times over, until we met again at the same place, three days later.  On that particular occasion we all noted, the waitress had seen us men at the Coffee Shop often enough, and didn’t really need to ask us what we wanted to order.

However this particular waitress was well known by the patrons of the coffee shop, as well as those in her own personal life, as a woman having a good demeanor and a courteous disposition.  While our orders were being taken, the morning conversation opened with the usual small talk, such as the weather or else recent news stories.  Until Alex asks the critical question, “Ben, whatever we may decide, and whatever the federals may intend, they will never get the job done, so what then?  Ben took a look across the room, and seeing the waitress coming with their order, decided to hold off until she had departed!

Ben gave a slight smile then responded, “When one has a rat problem, it would be wise to call a rat exterminator, so in like manner, the world has or will have a vary serious terrorist problem.  The answer then is to call for the best possible terrorist hunters and exterminators; in other words we need a better terrorist rattrap.  The idea of creating an army known as the  ‘Women Rat Exterminators’ comes into the picture at a perfect time in history.  I spoke to an old friend of mine, a man named Walt Macintyre, a man I have known from back in my Army days.

He says the federals, including the military, will never buy a plan to create a force such as the ‘Women Rat Exterminators’ but he did referred me to a, Mister Jake Anniston.  Walt said his supervisor’s only response was, “I’ll look into it”, which in the very politically correct language of a bureaucrat means, where’re not interested.  Guile, the ever-cautious one raised the question, “are you sure we want to get that involved?”  Ben smiled, “we are already involved Ben, but still, Walt feels like it must be a private matter; he’s been looking into this on the side, and not as a Federal Employee.

He is even now calling in a few favors; one comes from a man named Jake Anniston, a successful businessman, and a man who knows his way in and around the super rich.  Jake is reported to have said, “These ladies must go far beyond anything the Special Forces or the Navy Seals can offer, and they’d be relatively few.”  Jake himself is a man who knows how to tackle the impossible, and no doubt he feels like it can be done, or else he would not have responded as he did.  Walt tells me that we are instructed to keep silent about it from here on, and set the issue aside; he will see that our project is followed through.
The Silent Years

Approximately 22 years flew by and we heard nothing, save that Walt reported back on a somewhat regular basis, normally indicating the project is moving forward, and while it is taking a long while, we will surely like the results.  But by the winter of 2014, we discovered in no uncertain terms, what Jake and his friends had built!  The history of the past 65 years had given him the inspiration to go for the best!  Politicians micromanaged wars, enforced extreme limits on Military strategies, which included the Korean and Vietnam Wars.   A fool hearted limited war strategy, against an enemy who knew no limits!

The loss of these wars was not the fault of the military, who did an outstanding job, but that of the politicians!  The ‘Women Rat Exterminators’ on the other hand, has been cut loose from political manipulation!  These women will have a single mission and purpose, destroy all terrorist, wherever they may be found, including there support system, and make them regret having committed terrorism.  In effect these ladies will be guided by the single principle of unconditional victory!  Grandma’s Coffee Shop was still open after all these years, but Grandma had passed away 12 years earlier; her Granddaughter has since inherited the Shop.

The Shop has since been remodeled and updated, but the atmosphere as well as the Grandma name has remained, so it was still Grandma’s Coffee Shop.  It was Saturday the 20th and the four of us men, all senior citizens now, but alive and doing fine for our age!  We no longer gathered quite as often, but now and again, we would still do so, mostly out of a memory for those earlier years.  A television still hung on the wall, but now it was a much larger screen, there were over sixty channels and it they were digital.  But it didn’t matter all that much, we still couldn’t see the screen from our favorite booth at the rear of the Shop!

Suddenly there was excitement as booths and tables emptied, customers began gathering close to the television, the crowd watching the news from Iraq.  Someone among them called to us, hay you guys, you got to see this, it’s really strange.  Alex looked forward at the crowd gathered around the television, “Come on Ben, Guile, Martin, maybe we should see what’s up.  Given our age, we arose just a wee bit slower then we did way back when, but finally we were all up and headed forward.  The four of us had an idea as to what this unusual news might be, but we were nonetheless anxious to see for ourselves!

We soon stood with the others watching the news coming from across the ocean, each of us wondering within ourselves, did our ‘Women’s Rat Exterminators’ cause this?  None of us commented; we’d let that part wait until we returned to our booth.  It was early morning in our small town, but mid day in Iraq; an Iraqi Journalist by the name of Zulus Summon was reporting in Arabic, which was in turn being translated into English, for an American audience.  The precise location was not disclose for the safety of the news team, but it was thought to be somewhere between Ramadi and Baghdad. 

Bodies were spewed all about, but there was more, much more, a closer examination would reveal an unusual cause for their death, at least unusual for the nation of Iraq.  The Journalist would never venture out this far from Baghdad, not with those murdering terrorists in control of most of the countryside.  But there the news team stood, and the terrorists were all dead, with no signs of any bullet or knife wounds.  So the question stood, how did these men die?”  Just then Zulus and his cameraman focused on a body lying not far away; both men gasp with a bit of shock and surprise at what they were seeing.

These men appeared as if they had been in a fight with a pack of angry gorillas, and while Zulus made it clear he is not a Physician, still it was obvious, a sizeable number of their bones were broken.  Who ever their opponents were, beyond any doubt, these terrorists got themselves in deeper then they could handle.  Just then a young Iraqi boy of about 9 years of age, who the entire world would come to know as Ormond, approached the team!  The boy looked up at the news team gazing, that is until Zulus the News Reporter turned and ask the boy in Arabic!
“Boy, did you see what happened here, what took place, how did these men die?”  Later, aside from the camera the boy admitted, he knew English quite well, and had learned from American Soldiers, but he pretended not to understand for safety sake.  The boy seemed to come alive, as he began to described what he had seen!  “The ‘ISSU’ {terrorists}, were about to attack a caravan of women and children fleeing south, trying to get away from them.  The ‘ISSU’ seemed to have wanted them alive, so they could tortured or enslave both the women and children.”

The boy paused as if swallowing hard, so Zulus ask him, “Are you all right son?”  The boy looked up briefly then continued, “A bunch of vary strangely dressed women approached from behind me; don’t know how they got here or where they came from.”  The women were dressed in a kind of silver, which resembled those female Ninjas super heroes wear in the movies; the boy stated, “what the women wore made them seem to disappear and reappear.  Meanwhile they looked like some kind of silvery ghost figures!"

Terrorist on the Run

Meanwhile ‘President Berwick Odom’ had paused from his gulf game and fundraising, long enough for a conference with at least a portion of his cabinet, among those present were Secretaries Jude Terry, Charles Bagel, as well as Janine O. Marginalia.  The four of them were meeting in the Oval Office at the vary hour, when the News Broadcast came down.  Chief of Staff Donald Donahue entered the Oval Office!  Mr. President, my apologies for interrupting, but I believe you should see the news, even now coming in from Iraq, you’ll find it interesting.

The President had a clicker lying on his desk and reached over, picked it up, and turned on the television across the room, to a news channel; he happened to be watching the same news broadcast as were the patrons at Grandma’s Coffee Shop.  They all watched for about 20 minutes, first the News Team from Iraq, then the commentaries that were propagandizing the story.  The President turned off the television set, and addressed himself to his Chief of Staff!  Don, I want you to sit in on the remainder of this meeting, I’d like to hear what you have to say on this matter.

The five quickly changed the topic of their discussion to the Iraqi News, the Report they had just finished watching on the Newscast!  The President addressed himself to his Secretary of Defense, “Charlie, you must know something about this, all women’s fighting force.  The Secretary nodded his head in the negative; then simply responded, “No Mister President, I’ve never heard of them.”  His Chief of Staff Donahue turned to the President, “If I may Mister President, I took the liberty of checking with Army and Navy Ops, on the way over; both tell me they have no such command.”

Further to the north in Iraq, just south of the city of Kirkuk, a man thought to be Arab, was escorting a group of ladies dressed in black garments much like those of typical of Arab women.  About 50 ISIS terrorists stopped the group so as to question them!  As they approached, one among them noticed that some of the women had blue eyes, and yet another, whose hair protruded out from under her headpiece, made it obvious some of these ladies were blondes.  The terrorists gathered around, intending to further investigate whether or not they were westerners, pretending to be Iraqi.

The gentleman escorting the 12 ladies, a Mister Winston Amman, a man with an Iraqi Father and an English Mother, had been invited by the ladies to travel with them, more for show then anything else.  This being a land where women never ventured outside the home, without a male escort, such as a father, brother or husband.  Suddenly the 12 ladies tossed aside their robes, so fast it started Winston, who then step aside quickly.  The 12 women moved quickly, he could hardly see them kicking and swinging, until all 50 terrorists lay on the ground, in various conditions, most of whom would not be terrorizing anytime soon.

When the action stopped I could see more clearly what the women were wearing under their Arabic Robes; the same silvery uniform described by the boy Ormond earlier, that was reminiscent of a ‘Ninja Master, then anything else.  He had heard that such women existed, but thought it nothing more then legend or else idle gossip.  One of the women placed her foot over the neck of one of the terrorist lying on the ground, “Did I hear him say he’s a Christian!”  Winston had heard of how the terrorists were torturing anyone who was a Christian, so he figured this was these warrior women’s way of getting back at them.

These women knew all to well, the worst thing such evil men could endure, that of being conquered by women who could, terrorize the terrorist!  Women who were in effect, killing machines, and could and would force these men to say as they wished, thereby causing them to deny the vary religion they were forcing upon everyone else.  The man, looked up at these strange women, and found himself forced to mumble the forbidden words, as he did so he asked.  “Who are you, he, in Arabic?  The lady looked down, “You speak English, or you are a dead man already!”  The man looked up at her, “Who are you?”

The counter-terrorists woman smiled, “I am your worst nightmare come true!”  As Winston looked upon the scene before him, he finally had to turn away, as one by one these terrorists were refusing to say the words the ladies demanded.  They were all being put to death, in the most terrible manner, a manner far to terrible to describe here, but at least their demise was swift.  Winston thought to himself, as horrible as this is, these terrorists are only receiving back, like as they had dished out, except now they were on the receiving end, overtaken by of a group of warrior women, far more deadly then they themselves.

Terrorists Meet Their Match

The news being spread about these anti-terrorists warrior women, where either exaggeration or else they read like an act of fiction.  However, there was one part that terrified even the most radical terrorists, particularly those who came into contact with these Women Rat Exterminators.  As was exemplified by a group of terrorists near the town of Najaf, south of Baghdad, who discovered the stories of these women, were true, but they themselves managed to meet a different end then did the others.  They were found stumbling about, each one of them having had every bone in both hands crushed!

And no one could figure out how a bunch of lovely ladies, who seemed ever so mild and mannerly, could arrange to appear and disappear at will, let alone to have pulled off such devastation.  Those terrorists, who somehow survived, were shown precious little mercy when captured by the Iraq Army!  But then one Iraqi soldier, himself speaking in Arabic, was reported to have said, “I personally know of no one who has met these ‘most unusual’ ladies, face to face, and lived to describe them.”  The soldier smiled and said, “I don’t know how many of these women there are, but I am glad they are on our side!”

It was about a month later before any more ISSU deaths were reported, as a result of having a visitation by these ‘warrior women’ and when it did occur, it was a most unusual situation.  The Iraqi ISSU Leader had traveled to eastern Syria, a sector under the control of the terrorists; there was to be a meeting of their top officials.  The particular place for the meeting was said to be an out of the way location, consisting a non descript desert worn house, a house that would not draw anyone’s attention.  It was late evening, just before dusk, when of all things, the whinnying of a horse was heard, just outside!

The entire group, thought to be eight in number, had been seated on the dirt floor in somewhat of a circle!  They all arose to their feet and headed out the doorway’ there was no actual door, just a passage way secured only be a very old camels hair curtain.  When they all had exited, they looked, not quite believing their eyes at first, there they saw mounted on a bay colored horse a woman, a woman meeting the description of what had come to be known as the Women Rat Exterminators.  They all had with them a very recent model of the AK Rifle series, the AK-416, similar in some ways, but more advanced then the AK-47. 

No doubt their weapons were among those abandoned by the Iraqi Army, a couple of years earlier!  One of them called out to the female rider on what they could all see was a Pale Horse, “dismount and surrender or die!”  The woman mounted upon the horse replied back, “I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, … “ Only one among those present that day spoke English, the other seven turned to him, asking in Arabic, “What did she say?”  The man glanced at his evil brethren and repeated; she said, “I looked and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death … “

They all lifted their AK-416’s and aimed them directed at her, then opened fire with a spay of bullets that should have turned the horse and rider into Swiss cheese.  Instead the horse and rider simple vanished, leaving the eight men puzzled as to what had just taken place.  They all looked at the one man who could speak English, and ask of him in Arabic, “What does this mean, how could a horse and rider vanish?”  The man looked back at them, he having been born and raised in England!  “The words she spoke is from the Christian Bible, Revelations 5:8, and I believe we saw what the Americans call a holographic image.

One of the others, an exceedingly short man by stature, looked up at the Englishman, “what is a holographic image” and why would she quote that particular phrase from their bible?”   The Englishman looked back with a saddened look on his face, “The image is like a full photographic image of a person, projected as if the actual person were here before us.  And what she is saying is we are all dead men, and I regret saying, she has such power!”  Just then the eight of them came under attack by what was thought to be a dozen members of the Women’s Rat Exterminators; within moments they where all dead.

The bodies of the men weren’t found until a week later!  And given the hot sun, there was no doubt, the bodies were already showing the signs, and soon enough they’d return to the desert sand, form which they came.   Including of course for the lone Englishman, it might be said, their fellow countrymen will never mourn their passing, nor will they miss him.  Meanwhile the five men had returned to the table at the rear of Grandma’s Coffee Shop!  The four of them, Alex McPherson, Ben McCabe, Guile Sullivan and myself Martin Garrett were gleeful, thinking our man Walt Macintyre had come through.

When to our surprise, Walt Macintyre himself entered the Coffee Shop, and we all watched as he approached, with a certain look on his face, which left no guessing, he had something vary important to say.  As he approached our booth, Ben McCabe stood to his feet to great his old friend, Mister Walt Macintyre.  “Hello Walt, what brings you to our little town?”  Alex, who was seated on the outside opposite to Ben, moved over then invited Walt to be seated!  Walt began to surprise us with his story, “The Women’s Rat Exterminators, as you men have described them, was never organized.”

Guile glanced at me, almost as if seeking an explanation, then over to Walt, “Who then are these Ninja Women that have wrecked so much destruction on the ISSU in Iraq and Syria?”  Walt looked about the table and replied, “Gentlemen, I just don’t know, they seemed to have come out of no where, but they sure are sure enough deadly to the terrorists.”  Just then a young waitress approached, a different waitress then they had seen at Grandma’s Coffee Shop before.  She took Walt’s order as well as a reorder by the four of us, and then departed!

Walt smiled, “Let me fill you ole codgers in on a little family story, the three generations of waitresses that have served you here at the Coffee Shop are all related, there is the Grandmother, Mother and this new one the Granddaughter.  The Mother suddenly disappeared, so given our interest any such women, we investigated the story of these vary exceptional Ninja Ladies.  The first waitress and the second were both Ninja Masters, and had no financial need whatsoever to work as waitresses.  They did so as a way of melting into the general population!

We have reason to believe the first waitress, the one y’all knew some 22 years ago, helped found a group called the “Women’s Ninja Masters {WNM}.  The second waitress in line helped transform the organization into, the most deadliest military force ever, which we have seen on the news, but as the news article quoted, ‘they are the ISSU’s worst nightmare come true.  Guile swallowed hard, “You’re saying that two of the meanest women on earth, have been serving us coffee all these years, and we didn’t know they were Ninja Masters?

Walt smiled at the thought, “Yes indeed Guile, and aren’t you glad you treated both of these ladies so nice?”  The other three of us joined in with a big half laugh mixed with a big ‘WOW’ look on our face!  The last word on the matter fell to Alex, “Forgive me gentlemen, but I’ve got to leave the terrorist fighting to those ladies, and head home.”  The five men having finished their conversation, as well as Coffee along with Grandma’s Treats, arose and headed forward.  Our newest friend Walt insisted in paying the tab, so the remaining four of us paused to watch yet another update, this one coming from eastern Syria.
God save the Confederacy

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he Dawn Riders
The Ghost Raiders
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The Time Soldiers

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace.  We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."  --Samuel Adam