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                                       A Nation on its Knees       The Prayer of Ezra
                                     Miracle at Appomattox 
      Return to Richmond     
                                                    Journey to Appomattox

On 2 April 1865 General Robert E. Lee was forced by circumstances to abandon his Petersburg Richmond battlefront and begin a retreat, which would ultimately end at Appomattox courthouse.  In the meantime this left these cities open to Yankee conquest and occupation, as large numbers of Confederate Citizens began evacuating.  The Confederate States Government found itself among the evacuees heading southbound toward North Carolina.  I have always believed the wrong side won that horrible war; it was as if the Devil himself had achieved a strategic victory.  My opportunity came in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as the Confederate Cause was reborn and began to slowly grow, howbeit not nearly rapid enough for by taste buds.

In the mid-1990’s by the grace and divine providence of Almighty God, I experienced a series of dreams and visions, which lead me to believe our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would soon intervene into the affairs of men, and alter history in favor of the Confederate States of America.  In my dream, which was supported by visions as well, I am convinced I saw the return of our Confederate Armies to the Capital City of the Confederacy, Richmond Virginia, in the form of what we now call, the Confederate Legion.  The following story is not fiction, but rather portrays as much as my mind recalls of those series of dreams and visions.

Many of us are often called dreamers and I admit to being caught day dreaming in High School Study Hall in the late 1950’s, so I won’t be insulted if you choose to believe the following story is nothing more then a normal dream.  While we who dream dreams cannot bring back paradise, we have throughout the ages, conjured up glorious victories, and then turned them into real events.  It is out of these dreams and yes visions, that attempts have been made to inspire others, thereby making our collective dreams a living reality.

Mine is a simply dream, that in my lifetime a scenario will unfold, that will lead to the liberation and restoring of the Confederate States of America.  The Confederate Legion is in my heart of hearts, the instrument of that liberation, and we must work diligently in order to help make it happen.  Personally I believe the dreams and visions spoken of here are of the Almighty God, but each of you is certainly free to believe as you wish in this regard.

In telling this story, allow me to say that which I have long believed over so many long years, that God has caused me have been born as it were, out of my natural time and circumstances, inasmuch as I feel like a Confederate Soldier born out of season.  The Almighty God in his infinite wisdom, has seemingly positioned me like unto a man standing in three worlds; past, present and future; for this cause, that I might do everything possible to restore that, which was taken from us by force of arms.

Further, if it were possible to roll back the pages of time and join our Men in Gray, as they face off against Yankee invaders, I would haply do so, however given our present circumstances, it is for us standing together, to redeem our forefathers and win the victory, a victory that was rightfully theirs.  There is nothing greater we might do in our lifetime toward the preservation freedom, which can be accomplished through the Confederate Legion.  Let us pray always, that we might be found worthy of the good graces of Almighty God! 

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out of my spirit.” {Joel 2:28-29}.

In my own humble view, God was not showing me a future fixed in concrete, but one that would come to pass, if we would but follow His will, knowing that this side of his coming in glory, we live in an age of grace, therefore the sovereign choice remains in the individual's own hands.  In founding the Confederate Legion, I had to be persistent, while facing failure several times.  None-the-less, I believe God guides our decisions, so that we normally become quite aware of his will for our lives.

I am convinced by these spiritual dreams that certain other organizations were originally offered the mantle of leadership in the Confederate Cause, but turn away from the 'Will of God' and as a result they will all fail completely.  These organizations could be named, as well as the reason for their ultimate failure, but this would only take from the story.  Suffice it to say, these organizations have in my humble opinion, stood in opposition to the ‘Divine Will of the Almighty God.'

Members of these groups are even now seeing many among their numbers giving the Confederate Legion a second look and the harsh criticism, while still taking place to some extent, is gradually becoming the rhetoric of a few disgruntled individuals, who refuse to accept the truth, that they have follow the wrong course.  The word I am getting is that these other organizations are not growing very much, in most cases they are already shrinking in numbers, not by large percentages yet, but that will inevitably change.

I believe that in showing me these things through a number of dreams, as concerning the pass and review parade of so many Men in Gray, the Almighty God was in the process relating a message to me, an example of which dates back to the time when Moses found himself on His face before the burning bush.  God described to Moses, that the Staff of Shepherd, not the sword of a warrior, would cause Pharaoh to free his people.  Our Confederate forefathers failed to defeat our enemy on the battle field during that horrible war, having been overwhelmed by superior numbers and firepower by four and five to one, they were therefore forced to surrender or else to disband and lay down their arms.

But now, I am equally convinced God desires us to rise up and continue the conflict, but do so on a political cultural battlefield, where we will ultimately prove victorious.  I can only wish God would have showed each of you, what He showed me, that the first time I saw those long columns, I felt as though I had passed through a doorway in time and had actually been there on the scene.  In these series of dreams, the entire world was stunned by what was taking place, while the mass media from around the world covered this spectacle, which was so large and massive; few today could even imagine the power it portrayed.

In this series of dreams Confederate Troops had crossed the city line of Richmond Virginia and entered the city at the crack of dawn, their ranks and columns so straight, it was awe-inspiring.  People obviously had taken off work or else it was a weekend, I am not sure, but the ranks appeared to be six or eight wide and stretched so far back, there seemed to be no end to their numbers.  So many over the years having all but lost hope, now wept openly as throngs of people lined the street, while our Men in Gray made their way down Monument Row!

It seemed that I had been alternated between several locations along the route, as God showed me different angles on the spectacle; I was at one point across from the statue of General Lee, then at another time it was the General Stonewall Jackson Monument, as the long columns turned their heads in a salute to these Generals, while tears began to flow from the cheeks of the crowd, as well as our Confederate Troops.  When these troops passed a particular location where the actual pass and review was taking place, the top Generals of the Confederate Legion were there, they stood on both sides and behind me, as the columns of troops sharply turned their eyes in our direction, their commanders, giving a formal salute.

The mass media was so mesmerized they couldn't believe their eyes; it was as if they were witnessing a gigantic miracle that could never happen, like unto the splitting of the Red Sea.  There were quite literally so many troops, and they marched with such exact precision, the sound of their boots on the pavement, sounded like rolling claps of thunder.  In still another latter dream, we were passing the Statehouse in Richmond, whereupon God showed me troops mustered in such large numbers, they seemed to completely surround the Statehouse.

Several Officers dressed in Confederate Legion Uniforms, being of different ages and ranks, began to march up the steps of the Capital, one carried the Sword and sheath of General Robert E. Lee, another the Holy Bible used in the inauguration of Jefferson Davis.  The third officer was a young boy, he could not have been older then 9 to 11 at the oldest, and he carried a wrapped package; I've always been ask, what was in that third package, carried by the boy officer? 

There is an angle on this story that should be considered; these troops had obviously march a very long distant by the time they even reached the outer limits of Richmond, the distance of the entire march is anyone’s guess, but it had to have been 20 miles.  These troops should by all reasoning, have been worn to the bone, but they were spry and eager to continue; I have a thought on why this was the case.  These troops were precisely in the will of God, they were proud to take a part in what they knew would be an historical event, and while extremely worn, they simply would not drop out, before the march had ended. 

None-the-less, it was as if I actually been there on the scene as they turn to march down Monument Row, for their grand entry onto the world stage, the Spirit of the Living God shrouded all of them, and gave them strength.  The moans, gowns and gasps of the crowd could be clearly heard, as were the cheers; one elderly lady could be heard saying, “Dear God, it happened in my lifetime.”  The rumors had spread over the previous week, as Men in Gray mustered outside the city limits, preparing for what would be referred to as the “Return of our Confederate Armies to their Capital City."

While the encampments would have obviously been numerous and no doubt spread for miles along the highway northward out of Richmond, coverage by the mass media tended to down play the magnitude of what was about to take place.  But now the ranks and columns of so many troops, which seemed innumerable, kept coming, more and more all through the day.  On such a long march, their ranks and columns would normally have begun to waver and appear ragged, but these troops were at their sharpest point as they passed down Monument Row and stunned the world.  In these series of dreams I am convinced, God was showing me the way, that a massive display of power was indeed necessary, if we wished to achieve victory.

There is still another aspect of this situation; these troops were so numerous, so disciplined, their ranks and columns so professional in appearance and it must have been known behind the scenes, that the Confederate Legion had at least 2,000,000 more troops back home.  We can only imagine what the top brass in the Pentagon must have been thinking, as well as the President, Governors and Mayors, let alone the Federal and State Congressmen and Senators.

Additionally the crowds were so heavy, there was hardly any standing room remaining on the sidewalks, which lined either side of the street; even then people continued to arrived and add to the growing throngs.  They must have all known from viewing television and listening on radio, they were witnesses to history altering its course before their very eyes.  What I got out it all is that the Almighty God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, is asking us to make a colossal demonstration of political cultural power, so enormous, the world will stand in awe.  I am convinced that what He is saying is, “Do this and I will alter for you, what would otherwise be the normal course of history.”

But I also believe that a national time of prayer such as portrayed in the story
A Nation on its Knees' is also something to be diligently sought after!  For if this event is to actually take place in the real world, it will be because we as a people have humbled ourselves before Him, then arose and carried out his Divine Will for our People and Nation.  Additionally, for such a thing to take place, it will require faith, love and devotion beyond anything thought possible. “For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”  {Matthew 7:8} 

God save the Confederacy

Confederate Legion

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“But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savour shall come up, because, he hath done great things.”  {Joel 2:20}.  We can say definately say as a certainty, the empire of our occupation forces is self destructing, these things are becoming headline news and the pendulum will soon shift in favor of the Confederate Cause.  Let us strive always to be found worthy of his divine grace, mercy and providence!