Rural verses Urban

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Rural verses Urban
Political Power

Balancing or distributing political power!  Those of us, who are old enough, remember there had once been a day when political power on the State level, was reasonably distributed between the rural and the urban.  We are all certainly aware of the big city liberal domination of State Government, and this is not due to the election process alone.

Since the very beginning, when the States formed what was intended as a Union of Sovereign States, both State and Federal Government was fashioned in a similar way, as regarding the two Houses of Congress.  The members of the House of Representatives were and continue to be elected within districts based upon population.  Howbeit the zoning of these districts is manipulated in far to many cases!

On the other hand Federal Senators were to represent fixed geographic districts, which are the States themselves!  The State Senates in like manner, divided its own Senate Seats into what was not unlike Counties or Parishes; each roughly the same size and each based upon fixed geographic districts.

The effect this had was that rural voters possessed an equal effect on State government, as did the heavily populated cities.  While coupled with the House of Representatives, where Federal and State Congressmen alike represented the citizens based upon population.  The duel effect was a strong sense of State identity and sovereignty, which is largely absent in our time.

One must understand also, the Founding Fathers of the United States, never intended Federal Senators to be elected directly by popular voter, but nominated and confirmed by the individual State Governments.  This was because Senators were to represent the Sovereignty of the individual States, not the people directly.

Now Senators owe absolutely no allegiance whatsoever to their individual States, because they are popularly elected.  In past times, when they were instruments of the State, Federal Senators would either be loyal to their respective States as sovereign States, or else find themselves in the unemployment line.  State Sovereignty was better preserved in this manner!

The change for Federal Senators came through a Constitutional Amendment, falsely sold to the States as more `democratic' since `we the people' would be able to directly elect their Federal Senators.  However, the loss of State Sovereignty was in large part the result, since it caused the bulk of political power to be concentrated in the larger more liberal cities.

Some of our historically informed readers might be aware of the exact date, but this change came about on the State level, not by Constitutional Amendment, but due to a dictatorial mandate by the Supreme Court.  The concept they employed was `One Man One Vote' and they used this as a justification to override every-single State Constitution.

If the Confederacy is to balance and limit its government over the long hull, after liberation, or even before if possible, it is urgent that each and every State, restore the original process of seating State Senators from that of fixed geographic district of roughly the same size.  This is urgently need in order to balance political power between the rural and the urban!

There is even now a means available to the States for restoring the original concept of seating State Senators in fixed geographic district, and doing so in the very near future.  Oklahoma has lead the way in re-confirming its State Sovereignty based primarily upon the Tenth Amendment.  When enough States have followed suit, the States can then move collectively to restore their governments. 

The Confederate States Constitution has never been amended; therefore Confederate States Senators would continue to be an instrument of State Government.  Under today's State Government structure, the Secession of the Southern States and the formation of the Confederacy may never have taken place.

God save the Confederacy 

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