The Cause of Liberty

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The Cause of Liberty
Monday 4 July 2011

Greetings!  I am the Founder, Confederate Legion and this message is addressed to each of you, the Military Veteran, because it is you who have the knowledge, experience and the expertise, that is vital to the Cause of Liberty.  We are a lawful, peaceful, honorable, family and Christian oriented organization.

Contrary to all the revisionist history and the false propaganda spewed out against us, we are not bigots and raving radicals, out to enslave every possible passerby.  Nonetheless our purpose and mission is very serious and vital to the future of every one of our  individual liberties.
I myself am also a Military Veteran, having served 20 years active service, four U.S. Air Force and sixteen U.S. Coast Guard.  I retired in the year 1980 as a Chief Yeoman, afterwards serving as a driver of the disadvantaged and disabled, until my complete retirement a few years back.

We believe the Federal Government has usurped power far beyond those enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, and is now leading the nation down the socialist road.  It should be obvious to everyone concerned, that the bureaucracy will never return itself to the limits of the Constitution.

Therefore action on the part of the citizenry is necessary if we are to restore the society, government and nation of our choice to power.  Further we are convinced, the only answer lay in liberating the Confederate States of America from occupation, subjugation and cultural genocide.

Our objective is to achieve these ends in a lawful and peaceful manner, while at the same time returning what remains of the United States to that of the Grand Ole Republic, for which it was created.  This cannot be achieve without restoring a rightfully sovereign nation to power, our beloved Confederacy.

An attempt to rebuild upon the foundations of what has become quite literally the Yankee Empire, would be futile; it will be necessary to remove the empire in order to restore the Grand Ole Republic.  These things can be achieve by the ballot box, rather then the bullet box, but only with your assistance.  The Military Veteran alone has the self discipline, military bearing and professionalism necessary to make it happen!
Some of you older Veterans will rightfully ask, but what about my Military Retirement, won't I loose it, if the Confederacy arises again?  Let me simply say, many Veterans have the same or similar concerns, as well as does our civilian counterparts, and you can be assured, such things can and will be dealt with at the right time.

You are invited to log onboard and read the below webpages, thereby gaining an understanding as to our principles and policies, as well as our mission.  Put in a few words, we are looking for a few good men, the best of the best, in effect the chosen few.  We need those who have the right stuff, who can measure up!
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