The Golden Sword

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The Golden Sword

The Making of a Legend

There are occasions where stories lay somewhere between fact, fiction and reality! Such tales get passed on when an event takes place, wherein the facts and circumstances are lost to history. The missing details are then replaced by the talebearer's imagination! Thereby only a vague memory is handed down through the generations, each subtracting and adding, from the truths of the event itself. The teller of the tale insights the legend by burnishing the more interesting points, for the sake of the telling. Until in due course of time a legend is born! Still we often find that buried deep within the legend itself however; there remain a fragment of an original and true story.


The sword depicted in the below story was said to be like unto General
Robert E. Lee's Sword, pictured above, save the it was made of pure gold.

Is there a Golden Sword buried somewhere beneath the soil of the Southern States, very possibly Georgia, or is this tale merely another fictional story made up by the author? The final days before the wars end, the Confederate States was being transformed from a free and independent nation to occupation, there was destruction, death, poverty and disaster everywhere. In midst of the mass confusion, history did not always record either the truth or the complete story. Is it possible the story is true, we do know that large amounts of gold, seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth during this period, was some it forged into ‘The Golden Sword.’ Consider this for a moment, what if it is true?


Thus was born the story of a shipment of processed gold on its way from California through Missouri heading eastward. It was the closing days of the war, just prior to General Robert E. Lee's surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. A company of Confederate escort troops supposedly took the gold as war booty, while the train was passing through the backcountry of Missouri. These men considered that perhaps the Confederacy still might avoid defeat, through the purchase of smuggled repeating rifles.

According to the story, the gold was transferred from the train and packed onboard wagons. Afterwards the band of Confederate patriots crossed the Mississippi River heading eastward through Tennessee. Then southward into south central Georgia! About this time word came of the surrender, and plans for the delivery of the gold were halted. The full company, which had begun the journey from Missouri, had by this time been reduced to about a couple dozen men. Each of their ranks varied from colonel to a private! What would they do with the gold, they wondered? The idea of giving it back to the Yankees was quickly dismissed, leaving only an assortment of other options. These Confederate veterans would have to seriously consider their next move!

After setting up camp for the night, the now bewildered men held a discussion around the campfire concerning this very issue. The talents of these men were as varied as their ranks: they had among their meager numbers a couple of merchants, a cabinet maker, cobbler, medal smith, dye maker and a farmer. Just to name a few of the occupations represented by this small band of men, the remains of what had been a full company. Thus was born the most fantastic story ever conceived in the Southland, and the birth of ‘Quo Aureus Gladius Societas’ - The Golden Sword Society.

It was decided the gold would be hidden away until things died down, thus time passed and soon an entire decade had come and gone. The period of the reconstruction was passing into history! The Confederate Soldiers who had stashed the gold kept in touch without ever mentioning the gold. They had agreed to come together when the call went out from their Colonel. The day finally came, and they returned to the sight of their encampment, which had taken place so many years before. The meeting was held and it was decided, they would forge the gold into the likeness of a Confederate General’s sword, such as might have been worn by General Robert E. Lee. The sword would be the most magnificent sword ever made, of the finest design, and worthy of the masters!

A suitable isolated location was found for the work, the equipment rounded up, transported and readied. The slow careful design, redesign and a study of each phase of the process were undertaken. A few days turned into weeks, then months, but finally they were ready for the actual casting. The gold was melted down and smelted into the finest sword ever seen upon this earth. Out of the process, came the pure golden sword of a Confederate States General. The sword was presented to the membership about a week after its completion. It was at that time they decided to form The Golden Sword Society, named after the marks engraved on the sword itself "Quo Aureus Gladius Societas." The original thinking was, the manufacturers could not be actually named on the sword as was the custom, nor could the owner. Thus the Latin words were chosen as an appropriate substitute. There would never again be another sword like unto this sword, and it would do great honors to their proud heritage.

It was evening, the sun had set over the western horizon, the weather had turned, and there was a dry electrical storm brewing. The occasional flashes of lightening streaked across the heavens, which would briefly light up the night. The colonel while holding and looking closely at the sword, carried it with him as he walked outside the small cabin and waved it about in various battle gestures. He pretended for a moment that he was still in combat against the Yankees. Then suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck the sword, knocking the colonel off his feet. The men rushed to him, believing possibly he might have been killed by the strike. After a brief examination they found him to be in good shape, with no serious damage done. The ‘Sergeant Major’, who had assisted, reached down and picked up the sword from where it had fallen onto the ground. At that moment it began to glow like all the power of heavens glory, attracting the entire company, which rushed over and gathered around, gazing in awe!


The pulsating power, which had been radiating from the sword finally died down after a while, but did not go away. It was soon discovered the sword would glow with power whenever it was removed from its sheath, then pointed forward and slightly skyward, in the battle ready position. It was also found the man, who held the sword while this was happening, would himself begin to glow and radiate with power. In the process of testing the sword several times there was a large low-slung tree branch, which had somehow been quickly and suddenly chopped off. It happened with such ease it was like cutting soft butter with a razor sharp knife!

After a few more tests were made it was found the pulsation and power of the sword was constant and without deviation. By some unusual happen chance or miracle, what was originally designed to be a ceremonial golden sword, had been transformed into a sword of gallantry and power. This made the man who held it, seemingly an invincible super warrior. Amazing as it seemed, it was found to deflect rifle fire away from the man holding the sword. As if it formed an invisible shield against any incoming shells, which were simply deflected in another direction, thereby protecting him!

It was during these series of tests that a Private among their group, was returning from a scouting mission so as to ensure they would not be surprised by an unwelcome guests. The Private reported that a company of Yankee was in the area pillaging, robbing and even committing rape against the ladies. These vile Yankees would even take what little food the locals had in their possession, causing them to face possible starvation alone. The Colonel decided this was one band of renegade criminals that would face the Golden Sword.

He formed up a dozen of his troops and headed toward the Yankee Column not more then half a mile away! Soon they were spotted riding leisurely down the dirt road toward a once prosperous plantation, now laying in ruin, but still occupied by the family, mostly ladies, who had been left in poverty by the war. The Colonel ordered his men to form a semi-circle around the Yankees just outside rifle range, he himself being the center man. Once they were all in position, the Colonel withdrew the Golden Sword from its sheath.

Then carefully and almost hesitating, he aimed the sword toward the Yankees and slightly skyward as if he were charging into battle. The bright blue light from the sword enshrouded the Colonel and his horse, and then seemed to move along the ground engulfing his men now positioned in a semi-circle. The Yankees Patrol caught sight of the Confederates, formed up and began to charge; making it only about 20 yards into the wooded area, when suddenly what appeared to be like unto bolts of lightening coming from the end of the Golden Sword struck each of them.

The Yankees were not only struck dead, but also in effect cremated in the process, leaving no evidence of their presence. Suddenly the sword had become far more then that of the gold from which it was forged, it was also far more valuable then the fine craftsmanship, which had given the sword its added splendor. It was decided this was a gift from the Almighty God Himself, and only He could determine when and how it was to be used. Pending that time it must remain a total secret, even from their relatives and friends.


An oath was taken then and there, whereby each man was prepared to face death, rather then reveille the existence, whereabouts or the power of this contained in the sword. Anyone attempting to reveille the secret of the sword would thereby forfeit his life! The original members of The Golden Sword Society eventually grew old and one by one, they pass away. Generations went by, and the existence of the society as well as the sword was lost to history. The whereabouts of the sword became only a forgotten memory!

However it is believed that somewhere in the south central region of Georgia, hidden in an uninhabited section of the backcountry. There exists a Golden Confederate General's Sword, holding the power to make its bearer an invincible super warrior. A sword and a society unlike any other, is even now laying in wait toward that day, wherein someone will once more remove it from its solid gold sheath. Then being unaware of its potential, will hold it in the battle ready position and experience its power, thereby altering history forever. Perhaps that someone could by chance, be you!

However as the legend indicates, it is certain death for anyone to remove the sword from its sheath, save those who are worthy believers, in the just and honorable cause of the Confederacy, and patriots of the Confederate States of America. Therefore a warning is issue, if you should find this sword and become blinded by the gold. Look for the Latin words: ‘Quo Aureus Gladius Societas’ then look into your own heart. See if you are worthy to withdraw The Golden Sword from its sheath!

God save the Confederacy




“Where there is no vision, the people perish:” {Proverbs 29:18}. There is no example given where a people doubted the possibility of victory or else lacked the imagination and the faith that would encourage them to plot and plan strategy toward victory. Those who lack the vision of victory will never experience its fruits. It is not a matter of the enemy’s colossal size, but our own lack of courage, determination and vision. The Holy Scriptures teaches us to envision victory in the story of Little David verses the Giant named Goliath; Confederate Fiction is a little story telling designed to inspire our people to believe victory is possible.