The Lost Regiment

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The Lost Regiment
Somewhere down through the corridors of time!

History is not an absolute, but cause and effect: Change the cause and you alter the effect!   What if a single decision or battle had went the other way?  Perhaps an election had turned out differently!  Thus we as individuals are equally as capable of altering the future course of history by our activism, or lack thereof.  Imagine with us for a moment, certain historical events had indeed turned out otherwise!

Is it possible for a complete Confederate Army Regiment to have become lost in time.
trapped somewhere between the past and the future?  Somehow charging forever
into a battle and a war, which was lost long ages ago?

A few among our numbers might place this tale in the category of a ghost story or else strange and unusual happenings, so see what you think.   It was just prior to 1 September 1864, Confederate Losses were heavy and it was obvious Atlanta would fall the evacuation was already underway.   During the early hours before the actual fall of the city, an advance Confederate Regiment departed in order to serve as a forward guard for the evacuation.  The regiment was said to have passed through a thicket of trees and crossed a creek at the bottom of a gorge.   It was the wee hours of the morning, it was still dark and the fog was thick.  The early morning fog, which was not unusual this time of year, would normally burn off in the heat of the day!

Up until this moment everything seemed normal enough, considering a horrible war was in progress.  It was however at this point the mystery began!   Simply because the regiment of advance scouts was never heard from again and it was assumed they had been destroyed in battle.   However legend has it, the regiment was not destroyed but mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear from time to time in passing years.   Could this be the Lost Confederate Regiment of Georgia?  An unnamed source having been an eye witness and have spotted 'The Lost Confederate Regiment' while traveling through the State of Georgia, tells the story here in their own words.

"Our party, had somehow by happen-chance, been following the evacuation route, taken by now 'The Lost Regiment' before the fall of Atlanta."   Not being from the area, our eyewitness did not know the exact location of the events, which transpired and claimed only that they had turned off the freeway and down a two-lane country road, seeking a short cut form the freeway to a town not far away.  Thereby hoping to reach their destination before sunrise!  Traveling at night was not their usual custom, but the urgency of their situation compelled them to hurry along rather then wait until sunrise.

It was between 2:00 and 3:00 A.M., the moon was bright and the sky clear. Here is the story in the words of our eyewitnesses!  "We had driven down this two lane road for maybe an hour, when we came over the crest of a hill and slowed the car down almost to a creep, having seen a low lying area before us. There was a dense fog hugging what was obviously a creek running across the roadway.   The creek was set in a gorge and we had to drive through an almost solid sheet of white, across what turned out to be a narrow bridge.   We were scarcely over the crest of the hill when we spotted something off to the left hand side of the road, which seemed like a glowing light. .

The sight was so strange there was no way we could avoid the temptation to stop and investigate, so we looked for a place where we could pull off to the side of the road.  There was a clearing on the right hand side!   Obviously many motorists had parked here over the years, given the tread marks just off the road.  As we slowly came to a stop, we all exited the car ever so slowly:  My wife, myself as well as my son age eleven and my daughters age nine.   Not knowing what to expect we walked very quietly toward the left side of the road, looking in the same direction where we had spotted the glowing light a few moments before.

For a moment all we could see was darkness and little else, but still something seemed very creepy!  We all stood their gazing in awe!   Our family had visited several of the battlefield parks and had watched the reenactments, but this was obviously no reenactment.  Just about then, out of the fog came what was obviously a cavalry regiment from The War.  They couldn't have been more the 20 yards in front of us and off the road!   They wore tattered, dirty and worn uniforms of various mixes of gray and butternut.   All the accoutrements of war were present, including muskets, pistols, wagons and a few cannon and several hundred of these troops were infantry!

At the head of the column we noted an unidentified Confederate Colonel, but none of the troops spoke, not even a word.  These troops seemed to be totally unaware of our presence!   They appeared more like a lost image misplaced in time more then a reality.   Like ghosts from a by-gone age lost along the corridors of time.   Searching for the way back, searching for some sign of anything, which might be recognizable.   It took quite a while for them to move out of the fog, across the creek and up and up from the gorge.   My family didn't even look at each other, but continued staring at the spectacle before us.

How long the spectacle we saw lasted is not known, but we were so startled at what we had seen, the entire family didn't speak for a lengthy period of time.   My wife was the first to speak: "Did y'all see that?"   Each of us answered in their turn and everyone agreed we did in fact see what we believe we had seen.   We did not dream or imagine it and it was real; we really saw a 'Confederate Calvary Cannon' of regimental size, coming out of the fog, across the creek and up from the gorge.   We slowly walked back to the car, got inside, but did not drive off for a good while.

We first compared notes on what each had witnessed, after we had slowly came to ourselves.   As we drove away we decided we'd stop at the nearest place we could find for breakfast or maybe a cup of coffee and a snack.   As for myself, I had heard of a 'lost regiment' some years back, but always thought it was merely an exaggeration or the figment of someone's imagination, with no real basis in fact.   But now I am certain, what we saw that day was the 'Lost Confederate Cavalry Regiment' advance scouts from the Battle of Atlanta."

. Well there's the story; what do you think?   Is the story true and is there a real 'Lost Confederate Cavalry Regiment' left over from the War for Confederate Independence?  Therefore out there somewhere there is a regiment that is still somehow roaming, searching and wandering through the corridors of time.  A regiment for whom The War is not over!   Or is the whole story perhaps just another big whopper?   You decide!   But a little caution is advisable should you be traveling the back roads of Georgia along the route of the evacuation.   Take special care during a night when the moon is bright and the sky is clear. .

Be sure to drive slowly when passing over the crest of the next lonely country hillside, on those forgotten backcountry roads.   Listen for the sounds cannon, wagons and troops on the march along the way!   You just might come across the 'Lost Confederate Cavalry Regiment' still roaming through the corridors of time looking for the way back to their intended route.  Is there a place which exists somewhere beyond our five senses in a kind of unknown dimension?  Is it possible that for some strange reason we cannot understand a natural door opens, perhaps a rip if the fabric of time and space?

Could it be that in some mysterious way the 'Lost Georgia Regiment' entered a fog bank and became lost along the corridors of time and space?  The normal and expected answer is that such things don't exist except in the imagination!   Still make this same claim when have turned down some forgotten road in the backcountry of Georgia in search of a short cut home.  Then re-state your beliefs after descending from the crest in the road into a fog bank at the bottom of the gorge.  Roll down your window and listen and perhaps you will hear the sound of cannon, wagons and infantry on the move.  You will hear the sounds, which are as out of place and time as the 'Lost Regiment of Georgia.' .

God save the Confederacy



We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honor and independence; we ask no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms." --- President Jefferson Davis - 29 April 1861

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