The Mark of a king

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The Mark of a King
“Visit to a Synagogue”

It was very early morning of Saturday, 21 April 2012, perhaps as early as 1:30 A.M., somewhere near the middle of the night; I was asleep in my bed and I began to dream.  In the dream I found myself on what I understand to be a Jewish University Campus!  There was this huge Synagogue, which was quite similar in its ornate design, as would be a centuries old, large Christian Cathedral.  There were two of us present, Arleigh Papstein, and myself, Thomas Guinn!

As we entered the gigantic entrance doors and walked slowly into the main sanctuary, we were greeted by an elderly Senior Rabbi, who walked with us toward the forward section, where the three of us stood front and center.  There we faced a large Jewish Menorah!  In the dream Arleigh and I took a moment to look about the enormous space that was the Sanctuary of this Synagogue.
The Menorah sat on a table, behind, which was a large podium, raised upon a platform, which was high and lifted up, I could see a Scroll rolled open.  On the table before the Menorah I could also see another Scroll, which was opened to where it says “So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.” {Proverbs 3:4}.  I for one, questioned within myself, as to whether or not I truly understand what is happening here?
The ceiling seemed so high, it was as if it touched the clouds, then there was the Jewish theme of the stained glass windows.  The old Jewish Rabbi was obviously the Chief Rabbi, and an Elder of this large Cathedral size Synagogue, but as he spoke it became clear to us, he is also a Christian, and no doubt worship as might have one of the early Jewish Christians.
This Elder Rabbi, with his snow-white hair almost seemed out of place in the 21st century, appearing more like unto a Prophet of Old!  Obviously he worshipped in the tradition of the Jews of some 2,000 years in the past, inasmuch as he spoke in terms of the Messiah.  But Arleigh and I found that he was very much aware as to why we had came, and whom we sought.  The old Rabbi who had seen more history come and go, then either of us could have imagined, as he told us many things.
Then the old Rabbi paused, looked into our eyes and said, ‘the man you seek, bears the ‘Mark of a King upon him’, with that, Arleigh and I glanced at each other, then back at the Rabbi.  The Elder Rabbi perceived that we were thinking in terms of the nail prints in the hands of Jesus, or the scar in His side.  While this man you seek is of similar ancestry, he stated, as would be a Priest or King, the mark of which I speak is upon his heart, not upon his body.
We conversed with the Rabbi for a few moments, and while we did not use the term Inspired Leader, or Confederate Leader, yet there was absolutely no doubt, we were all, as the saying goes, on the same page.  The Elder Rabbi turned and walked with us back toward the door, then he left us with these words.  ‘It is true this man will be a professional in a number of fields, still, the favor of God is upon his life.’
Arleigh and I reached for the huge doors so as to depart from the Synagogue, when we both turned and looked back, in order to take one last look at the Sanctuary and of the Elder Rabbi.  However, to our amazement he had disappeared, we saw no sign of him, as we paused and looked about the enormous open space of the Sanctuary.  We glanced at each other then pushed open the huge doors, and existed onto the University Grounds.
I suddenly woke up, and it was morning, near the time when I would be arising from my bed to begin the day!  Only on rare occasion do I ever remember my dreams, but on this occasion, the recollection was so clear.  It was as if Arleigh and I had actually been present that very day, in the huge Synagogue!  And I could still hear in my mind, the words of the old white haired Elder Rabbi, ‘the man you seek, bears the ‘Mark of a King upon him’.
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