The San Andreas

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The San Andreas

We've all imaged a number of scenarios whereby the Confederate States of America might rise again, but what if should happen as a result of nature's fury?  The Holy Scriptures tell of City States and Empires, which committed such vile and even blasphemous sins, they incurred the wrath of the Almighty God, who often used nature as a sword.  We could name the City States of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as Egypt under the Pharaoh Rameses!  It should not be considered out of the realms of possibility, that the Yankee Empire, abandoned the faith of their forefathers, could face an angry God.  The below might be considered a documentary in the form of a story, designed to illustrate one example among many possibilities, as to how the the Empire might face the fury of God's wrath.



Monday 9 April 2012

Natural disasters have often changed the course of history; the Battle of Yorktown during the closing days of the Revolutionary War comes to mind.  The British Fleet’s attempts to enter the harbor and rescue General Cornwallis, failed, due to a storm at sea.  This further allowed time for the French Feet, which sided with the Colonists, to arrive in time to block their entrance.  Thus allowing General George Washington to corner the superior British force against the sea, and he simply bombard them into a weakened position, which lead to their surrender.  Our story is not unlike such an example, where God uses nature itself to weaken the Yankee Empire, thereby allowing the Confederate Cause to overcome the superior and overwhelmingly heavy hand of Yankee Occupation Forces.

Hurricanes often strike the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, just as Earthquakes are common in California, but what if powerful hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis were to strike in a close proximity in time.  The year 2010 had proven disastrous for the Yankee Empire, with a growing Oil Slick in the Gulf, colossal environmental damage, tornadoes in unusual places, mid-term elections, and a hostile electorate.  Still, as the saying goes, the worst was yet to come!  The past couple of years saw a growing number of earthquakes, as the Scriptures say, in diverse places!


Places such as the Baja Peninsula, Canada, California, Iran and even a rare and most almost unusual quake in of all places, the northeast, howbeit no real destruction occurred and no particular notice was taken.  Those in authority, the politicians, bureaucrats and scientists have been so busy denying anything beyond their notion of how nature and the universe functions; they fail to see what is visible even to the average citizen.  They should have anticipated that all these natural events, such as tornadoes occurred in Chicago, were only a prelude of what was to come.

It had been a few years since any major natural disaster has struck the continental states, so people have tended to ignore the many warnings, predictions indicating that it was only a matter of time before the 'Big One.'  In any case everyone’s attention was focused on the political hotbed issues now being debated by the Federal Congress.  The Elections of 2010 had devastated the Liberal Democrats!  The Republicans had taken back the Senate by 51 to 49; the count in the House of Representative was 227 Republicans and 208 Democrats.


Which was not enough to override a Presidential Veto, but sufficient to stop the Presidents socialist programs, the results were a stalemate between the President and Congress.  The Electorate had become disgruntled at the enormous usurpation of power in Washington, the growing socialism as well as the Federals ignoring the will of the people.  The squabbling between the Democrats and Republicans had been brought to an abrupt halt but at the price of stalemate.  The new class of Freshman Representatives included Congressman Paul Jamison, who in his first speech on the floor of the House stood up to speak.

"It is the patriotic duty of the citizen of the several States to take action where necessary, through their duly elected delegates in State Government, where the Federal Government cannot or will not tend to the people's business.  The individual states have been from the beginning, sovereign within a voluntary Union of States; that precept should now be made clear to this overpowering bureaucracy here in Washington.”  The war in Iraq had pretty much been settled, however the Afghanistan war drug on with no end in sight election, even as the draw down of troops from Iraq continued on schedule.

In a certain sense, Iraq had indeed been a success, never the less peace had not come to Afghanistan, therefore Conservatives and Liberals alike were disgruntled.  However the Democrats and their socialist programs managed to paint themselves into a corner, and now stood to loose big time.  Howbeit unknown to the bureaucrats in Washington, the long lull in terrorist attacks upon the States was about to come to an end.  The coming end of January 2011 saw the last remaining troops return from Iraq, more importantly the National Guardsmen were not only returning home, but had brought with them their training and war experiences.

The States were now emboldened to take concrete action, which resulted in the call for a Governors Conference on Friday and Saturday 30 and 31 January 2011, in Charleston South Carolina.  The Honorable Congressman Paul Jamison was asked to preside, whereupon each state was given an equal voice.  The electorate was screaming loud and clear, each for their own State to stand up to the Federal Bureaucrats, and their cries were growing ever louder with each passing day.  Given the gravity of the situation, there was no difficulty in getting all of the Governors to attend, even those which were hesitant or who disagreed.

Those who attended the conference knew if they returned home empty handed, they have to face a hostile Electorate, which wouldn’t be content to wait until the 2012 Elections to wipe the slate clean at their Statehouses, but would immediately drum them out of office.  The result was the passing of five resolutions, which was to be taken back to the people of their respective States.  These resolutions had the effect of nullifying nearly all-Presidential authority to Federalize State Troops, outside of a Declaration of War or an imminent attack upon the nation.

Also facing nullification was the power of the Federal Courts to over rule domestic affairs or to interfere with State Governance, including issues such as illegal aliens, abortion as well as Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and Prayer in the public schools.  Two items among the resolutions were even now taking shape among State Governments!  The individual States assumed upon themselves the entire issue of illegal immigration and border security, which had been neglected or poorly handled by the Federals.  Illegal immigrants would be directed to return to their home nation of origin or be given an escort, compliments of the States.

The final resolution effectively removed Federal jurisdiction over the right to grant citizenship, by declaring that an individual can become a citizen, only when so granted by one of the several States.  All of these five resolutions were effective only within the individual State involved, which passed them into law, but one by one this included all of the member States and territories of the Confederacy.  Amazingly the Southern and mid-western States all passed these resolutions, not out of any personal conviction on the part of their politicians, but rather out of a fear of loosing the next election.

Many of these State Senators and Representatives expressed doubt, that these newly passed laws of nullification, would stand the test of time.  Only Vermont was counted among the northeastern States, which supported the Nullification Resolutions.  These laws were passed and made effective immediately, which caused a firestorm within all three of the Federal Branches, particular the Federal Districts and the Supreme Court as well as the Supreme Court, which stood to loose the greater portion of their Federal power, power they had long since gained through usurpation.

These series of Nullification Laws enacted by the States was originally intended, to cause that the Federal Government would return to where they exercised only those powers specifically enumerated in the constitution.  There was no reason for the Governor’s Conference to believe the Federals would back down, given the precarious position in which they now found themselves.  As March turned into April 2011 these hastily passed laws went into effect and the delegates from the Governors Conference were already traveling to Washington for a conference with the President, Congressional Leaders as well as the Chief Justice.

Those non-negotiable items, which were on everyone's mind, included the removal of any Constitutional Amendment, which had been added as a result of force, specifically the Fourteenth Amendment.  A series of changes were proposed in hopes of avoiding an all out showdown with the Federals.  These changes would begin with a Conference attended by the Leadership of all three branches of the Federal Government, in conjunction with the States.  The demands could be met without constitutional changes if everyone was in agreement, that the Federal Government must abide by those limited powers, enumerated in the Constitution.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

It has been a year now since that spring day when the ground shook, thus shattered the calm, a quake which was centered off the coast of California, where an old and dormant fault quaked with a foreshock measuring 7.1, followed by still another at 7.9, until the main quake struck at 9.5 on the Rector Scale.  The aftershocks rocked California for weeks afterward!  As if all the events of the past year were not crisis enough, geologists in California were reporting still more vibrations, vibrations coming from deep within several Fault Lines along the Pacific Coast.

Dawn came on 9 April 2012 with severe thunder storms moving from Texas, across Louisiana northward through parts Missouri, Iowa and eastward into Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  The storms had increased in intensity as they moved north and east until a sizeable number of tornadoes were touching down, by the time the main part of the storm reached Illinois.  However along the eastern and western seaboards the weather was mild, with bright sunny skies.  All the Federal offices in Washington were open for business by 8:00; the Senate and House of Representatives opened their secession at 9:00 that same morning.

Both houses of the congress saw the nearly all of their numbers in attendance, and somehow things were moving along better then they had in years, only a small few of them had left town early for the weekend.  However the following day was vary abruptly interrupted when the President was briefed at 6:30 AM EST, while still sitting at breakfast with numerous foreign diplomats.  It was still hours before day break in California and the Fault Line off the Pacific Coast had suddenly quaked at 9.5 on the Rector Scale.  The water was drawing back heavily all along the Pacific shores of California, Oregon as well as Washington State.

Those areas with Tsunami Sirens were blaring warnings of an immanent disaster; the entire Pacific Coast was about to be struck with the largest tidal wave in the areas history.  The President immediately put the emergency functions of Homeland Security and the Military on full alert, in preparation for what would surely come.  However unknown to the President or his aides this was only the beginning of a very tragic day, for within a short period of time the tidal waves began to come ashore, moving inland from 20 to 50 miles depending on the local terrain.

The devastation was counted in horrific numbers of over a million dead, and billions of dollars worth of damage, but the end of the destruction still had not reached its zenith.  At about 10:07 AM EST the San Andreas Fault quaked at 10.2 on the Rector Scales laying waste to what remained of Los Angeles and San Francisco, with heavy damage to numbers of other towns and communities in the process.  It seemed that everything west of the Rocky Mountains was reduced to death, rubble and destruction, with only a precious few undamaged areas.

The heavy quaking off the coast of California had set off the San Andreas Fault, already under strain, bringing on the gigantic 10.2 earthquake, which then triggered the long dormant Mount Rainier Volcano located north of Tacoma Washington.  The highway funning east crosses Snoqualmie Pass was bumper-to-bumper traffic, including every side route in all directions along the way.  Geologists reporting to the President had reported that Mount Rainier would likely erupt within hours, if not minutes.  At 12.21 PM EST that same day the once beautiful Mount Rainer exploded with ash and lava!

The ensuing eruption turned all of Washington State west of the Rocky Mountains into death and darkness at mid-day.  Reports on the enormous death, destruction and suffered along the Pacific Coast were horrifying; estimates ranged from 16 to 22 million.  Surely this would be the end of the devastation, but as things turn out this was not so, there was still more to come!   Early in morning of 11 March 2012 a series of five medium size meteors were spotted heading in the earth’s direction.  The best astronomical minds had stated, they were not made of solid material, and would explode upon entering the atmosphere.

The likelihood that any of them would survive entry into the atmosphere was remote, so the entire affair was put on the back burner, with updates scheduled for the President and his advisors.  At 2:29 PM EST that same day the five asteroids, now meteors, were spotted entering the atmosphere, not in a single pack but slightly separated in time and space.  However rather then disintegrating upon entry, they exploded like a medium size atomic bomb over five different cities.  The five cities destroyed were; Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC and these cities simply ceased to exist.

However the meteor, which struck Washington DC managed to splitter off a smaller chunk just before entry, the smaller piece exploded above northern Virginia, which included Arlington and the Pentagon.  Nature seemed to have exerted its wrath upon the Yankee Empire; the Whittier and New Madrid Faults shaken by the previous activity shook violently, thereby finishing off what was remained from previous disasters.  Already survivors were disasters pouring across the mountains into states such as Arizona, Nevada and Idaho.

Where roads were blocked or inaccessible, people we continuing their journey on foot, using any means necessary that would take them away from the devastation.  When the totality of the destruction reached Congressman Paul Jamison in Charleston, who was among the few Congressmen not then in Washington when the meteor exploded, he immediately called the Governors Conference into an emergency secession.  He requested that each Governor bring with them two other delegates, those representing their individual State Senate and House of Representatives.

The Conference was called into secession the following morning whereupon it was decided that the United States Government would not be reconstituted at the present time, instead the people’s wishes would be honored, the Confederate States Constitution would be re-activated.  The States were to provide two Senators and the appropriate number of Congressman based upon their population, in accordance with a chart previously provided each delegate.  The total number of seats in the Confederate States House of Representatives would be fixed at 109 members, as it was in 1865 when they were dispersed.

Had the Confederacy won the War, Congressman Jamison stated; the last election would have been 2011 for the House of Representatives, One Third of the Senate Seats as well a Presidential Election by the Electoral College.  Accordingly Confederate States Senators were to be chosen by their own State Governments, and not by popular election.  The ‘Third Confederate States Congress’ would be sworn into office within a week’s time, however their first duty would be to sit in joint secession as an Electoral College, and take up the process of electing a President and Vice President.

The majority of the District Federal Judges, U.S. Marshals, a number of Congressmen, a couple of Senators as well as a few other individuals, these were all that remained of the bureaucratic U.S. Government.  And these were requested to meet in Charleston within three days!  The surviving members of the U.S. Armed Forces General Staff were also on the list to attend that same meeting.  Meanwhile rescue operations, which had been instituted before the meteor destroyed Washington and Arlington, were already underway and would be augmented or altered as necessary.

The Confederate States Capital City was historically Richmond Virginia prior to the evacuation of the government on 2 April 1865; therefore on 17 April the swearing into office was scheduled to take place in the City of Richmond.  Congressman Paul Jamison now a Confederate States Congressman as well as Chairman of the Governors Conference, made a final statement before adjourning; “All surviving liberal and socialist politicians are advised, stay home, you are not welcomed as members of the newly reseated Confederate States Government, soon to assemble in Richmond.

Additionally, those States not now members of the Confederacy and wishing to join should be made welcome, however the first order of business before the swearing in of any delegates from these new states will be legislation making their States members.  Those States, who choose to join our numbers, must believe in and advocate our history, heritage, culture and nationhood.  Quite frankly gentlemen, the United States has fallen, the Confederate States as reemerge upon the stage of world history, and will very shortly take its place among the fee nations of this earth.  Let us work vigorously to restore the Confederacy to its rightful place!

Saturday 20 April 2013

Three Days later all of the remaining U.S. Government survivors attended a meeting with Congressman as well as the Governors Conference Chairman Paul Jamison in the City of Charleston.  Others men were selected to replaced those Generals and Admirals in the chain of command that were killed by the meteors; therefore the meeting somehow managed to represent all branches of the military.  Those Senior Officers present  all agreed that since there would no longer be a United States of America, their 'Oath of Allegiance' had been fulfilled and had now passed into history, along with the nation they once served.


They were now prepared to take the 'Oath of Allegiance' to the Confederate States of America, and accept Paul Jamison as their 'Commander in Chief' pending the election of a Confederate States President, which was schedule for a few more days hence.  While the several States had managed to nullify certain laws of the Yankee Empire, the Almighty God himself had nullified the Empire itself, and voided its superpower status.  While looking back over these events years later, and reading of it in what was then an historical account, so many of us were amazed, that the political power elite were stripped of their power in one single day.

Paul Jamison’s first series of orders was to have every member of the Armed Forces take the same 'Oath of Allegiance’ as had the Generals and Admirals, but those who object were to be excused.  The Confederacy would not rise again and do so by threat or by force!  The result was that only a very small percentage refused, and many of these returned after a few weeks to take the ’Oath of allegiance’ as had their brothers in arms.  Another order given was for the new Confederate States Armed Forces take command of all military facilities within their respective States, including all equipment, weapons and munitions.

They were also to post a guard at the surviving U.S. Mint and give orders that they be prepared to dissemble and move south and make preparation for printing and coining Confederate States Currency.  All manufactures were to begin removing U.S. Flags and Symbols from newly produced equipment, uniforms and other such objects.  Military Commanders were to begin a like process within their commands.  The Confederate States Third National and Confederate States Navy Jack were soon seen flying high and proud over what had been the United States Navy.

The prefix USS was easily altered to read CSS, and it was not necessary to give special orders to the Postal Service, since they were quite aware of what had taken place, and complied out of their own initiative.  The land forces did likewise and raised the Third National as well as the Confederate States Battle Flag, having also commenced the change over process on their own.  One Black Soldiers before taking the Oath of Allegiance to the Confederacy remarked; "I never thought I'd ever see this day, when all my Black Brothers would voluntarily swear allegiance to the Confederacy.

But this is our home for better or worse, and I definitely don't like Canada, it’s to cold!"  A certain Black Man, which had been standing in the middle of a group of soldiers, then in his early 30's, not only took the Confederate Oath, but also repeated the Pledge to the Confederate Flag, then he gave his own personal word of honor as a veteran, to support the Confederate States of America.  The other States one by one, seeing they lacked the ability to defend themselves, should they remain outside the Confederacy, applied for membership.


These new States were welcomed with a few provisos, that they must foreswear themselves to believe in and advocate all things Confederate and Southern, including our history, heritage, culture and nation, as well as to abandon liberalism and socialism.  It appeared as though the devastation had put the fear of the Almighty God into them, whereby the entire scope of ‘Liberalism, Socialism and Yankeeism’ had suddenly lost their luster.  The states of the northeast and far west, which had previously been totally liberal, were brought onboard in the temporary status of a Commonwealth.

The provision of their tenor was a need to prove they had abandoned their liberal and socialistic ideals, that they had truly accepted all things Confederate and Southern.  The Delegates to the Third Confederate States Congress met in Richmond on Wednesday 17 April, took their Oath of Office, while at the same time, the Electoral College elected Paul Jamison as the Second President, pending the staging of General Elections scheduled for November that same year.  History would record the United States Government had simply lost touch with the very people they claimed to represent, so by their own deeds, they went the way of the Roman Empire.

In due course of time all of the 50 States would become member States of the Confederacy; Virginia and West Virginia would rejoin into a single State and California would divide into two separate States, but the total devastation wrought upon the major cities of California, Oregon and Washington changed the dynamics to where the region would be completely conservative.  There was several highlighted events which took place during this same period, among which was the welcoming of Maryland as the fourteenth State of the Confederacy, while the historic song 'Maryland My Maryland' was being played.

It is generally believed that Maryland would have seceded in 1861 and joined the Confederacy; accept that President Lincoln had arrested the secessionist State Legislators.  That fact combined with the Federal Capital being located on Maryland soil, proved too much to overcome.  But now 152 years later, Maryland would take her rightful and obviously pre-ordained place, as the fourteenth State of the Confederate States of America. The Federal Judges, U.S. Marshals and other bureaucrats left over from the Yankee Empire were told their services would no longer be needed, and were summarily dismissed.

Approximately 20 million illegal immigrants and seven million Blacks eventually departed in route to Canada, Mexico or South America; among their numbers were the leadership of the A.C.L.U., N.A.A.C.P., S.P.L.C. and other civil terrorist organizations.  Those remaining, having so often claimed to want equality, were granted precisely what they sought; all references to race was eliminated from all laws and government documents, accept for identification purposes.  Equality would mean we all take equal chance in society, as equals, without preferences or affirmative action.

Monday 22 April 2013

Over the years many of the emergency services such as disaster relief, would be assumed by an inter-state cooperatives, whose governing boards were chosen directly by the various participating states.  Thereby these cooperatives were made answerable directly to their individual State Governments!  This brought about a dramatic increase in efficiency and quality of service, and at a much lower cost then had been the case under the previously Federal Bureaucracy.  Each state contributed not only financial assistance, but also officered tax relief to farmers and businesses of all sorts in order to encourage their participation.

This in turn provided material support to the citizens of whatever state might be suffering, and in need of disaster relief!  This particular cooperative became known as the Confederate Disaster Relief or C.D.R.  This cooperative was also made responsible for creating an inter-state volunteer drive, providing the immediate on site manpower and material needed during the aftermath of a catastrophe.  The clean up of the previously devastated areas would prove the most challenging, a chore which took a number of years to complete.  However, the total devastation in the major cities along the Pacific Coast left little to reclaim!

As a result little or no desire existed to rebuild these mega metropolises!  The material from these areas would be removed and recycled wherever possible, and these cities were in effect plowed under and returned to nature.  A small village would eventually arise in a few of these areas such as at San Francisco Bay, later settled by a group of Tennessee Families.  These families had decided to abandon the old names in favor of "Forrest Bay" and "Forrest Haven" after General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the hero of their former State.  The open land and the return of good fishing to the area attracted sizeable numbers to the area!


These open spaces suitable for homesteading proved to be one of the few benefits of the disaster!  The speculation was that with so few people remaining along the coast, sea life quickly rebounded.  There were geographic alternation in California as well; the San Andreas Fault line for example had sunk to such a degree that two inland lakes were created; a larger lake in the southern region and a smaller one in north central California.  A large section of the former Los Angeles became an inlet bay, creating an excellent harbor outlet to the sea.  Meanwhile, in the east, little remained of what had been Washington DC or of Arlington Virginia!

The Arlington National Cemetery was a total loss, leaving little more then scattered and damaged remnants of the General Robert E. Lee's mansion.  The property would eventually be restored as closely as possible to its original condition prior to the Yankee occupation; it would become a memorial to General Lee and his family.  The only reminder that Arlington Cemetery had ever existed on the property was a monument constructed sometime after the cleanup, listing as many names as could be found of those who were once buried on the site.

In like manner the numerous monuments, as well as nearly all other reminders of the old Yankee Empire, soon faded into history, to be all but forgotten by future generations.  While the vibrations and aftershocks went on for years, it was the major series of earthquakes, the eruption of Mount Rainer and what was considered small meteors, which ended the Empire.  The old pagan culture that sprang up was washed away!  The earthquakes, eruptions and meteors did more then destroy people and buildings, for the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, were once more common throughout society, particularly in our Schools.

God save the Confederacy



"Victory is for those with the persistence and fortitude to resist the temptation to withdraw or whose resolve has been tempered, when conditions worsen and the cost rises; it is not for the weak hearted, nor those who are softened by the ease and comfort of a gilded cage, provided by the enemy at the cost of liberty. It is for those who continue to fight the good fight, even after others who have gone before, having faced overwhelming numbers and firepower found themselves unable to complete the mission." --- Jay Buckner