The Silent Avengers

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The Silent Avengers 
Confederate Invisible Army

The honorable Jefferson Davis, the last legitimate President of the member States and territories of the Confederacy once said; ''The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.''  But how shall the contest be renewed, and how shall we prove victorious in this continuation of an ongoing strife?  All the great empires throughout history have passed through pretty much the same stages!  These stages could be divided into four categories: Moral Corruption, Worthless Money, Trade Imbalance and destruction of the family.
However in the modern context of our times, for whatever reason, the Yankee Empire has either failed to learn or else has ignored the lessons of history.  The category in which the below story is best placed is for the reader to decide, is it truly fiction, a common ordinary dream, or could it actually come to pass.  What do you think?  Read the below story about “The Silent Avengers”, I think you will like what you read!


"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace.  We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."  --Samuel Adam


George McCullum
Like so many freedom loving couples, my wife Alice and I couldn’t help but notice, that the weight of government had grown ever heavier, since we were married a lifetime ago. While both of us have always believed in peaceful means, such as the ballot box, we still held out fears that just perhaps these peaceful means will not and cannot, roll back a bureaucracy that is smothering our liberties. I was awestruck at the complete relevancy of Thomas Jefferson’s words no doubt directed at a then future, such as our own time, wherein he said, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” Thomas Jefferson is also quoted as saying, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

While pacing the floor one day trying to put together a scenario whereby the entangling web of socialism can be unraveled and limited government restored, I thought on Mr. Jefferson’s words, then it came to me, how could ‘we the people’ fulfill the meaning of his words, as regarding our right to keep and bear arms, and protect ourselves against the tyranny in government, which seems to have broken all the limits placed upon them. At the time these words were first uttered, there is no doubt Jefferson was considering the possibility of a coming tyranny, arising beyond his own lifetime. Still we in our time find ourselves face to face with the reality of these words, ”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect them selves against tyranny in government." I ask myself, has that last resort truly come to pass?

At that moment my brother Benjamin, who had just drove up the driveway, entered the living room! “George, I can smell wood burning, what is troubling you my brother? I explained what was on my mind, and after repeated a couple of quotes from Thomas Jefferson! “Ben, how could we ever carryout Jefferson’s words when all the militias in the country combined, could not overcome modern day Yankee numbers and firepower. Besides, they have the latest and best technology on their side! Even if we had the numbers, the firepower and the technology, we couldn’t get our militias to unite into a single army, they’d quickly fracture and scatter after the first skirmish. These militiamen for the most part are good ole boys, out for a reason to socialize, save for a few among their numbers, they’re simply not soldiers.

The two ladies, my Alice as well as Benjamin’s wife Denise were in the kitchen, busily engaged in women’s talk! Ben looked at me like a man giving it serious thought, “George, lets speak of it later, Denise and I came over to invite the two of you out to Granny Allison’s Deli Restaurant, are you in? I glanced toward the kitchen then at my brother Benjamin, “Sure enough Ben, if the ladies are OK with it, we’re off. Hearing the discussion from where they stood in the kitchen, the ladies turned and entered the living room, so as to make their feeling known. Alice had the first say, “Come on Y’all lets get started before the day wears on to an end.” Seeing both ladies were happy with the decision, George and I simply glanced at each other, nodded in the positive, and we all filed out the door.

Each couple was to take their own car, so that afterward we’d each go our separate way! The trip to the restaurant, which was only a short few miles down the road, was uneventful, and Alice and I said very little! Whatever Alice was thinking, my mind was back on the issue covered by the Jefferson quote, ”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect them selves against tyranny in government." I dare not think that the imposition of socialism by the present Yankee Administration, could possibly lead to where ‘we the people’ had to defend our liberties by force. I’d rather think that such force would only be used against a foreign enemy! Before reaching our destination, I glancing at Alice, and suddenly it came to me; I had to shake the thought before reaching the restaurant.

As we entered the restaurant I could see that Ben and Denise had already arrived, so I pulled into the space next to him, Alice and I joined my brother and Denise as we entered the restaurant. Granny Allison’s was one of those Deli’s where patrons paid as they entered, so after Ben had paid for all four of us, as he had planned, and finding that our usual place at the rear was vacant, we walked to the rear and took a seat in the booth. The usual custom was for the waitress to take our order for drinks, after which we all headed for the food counters, where a wide selection of food was spread out before us. We all went our way and made our own choices, then returned to our booth!

Once seated before our meals, my brother Ben having called this … assembly, it was given to him to lead us in thanks before the Lord for the meal, after which we engaged in a little family small talk. Then Ben looking at me, added a surprising twist to our conversation, “George, you are as informed about the ‘War for Confederate Independence’ as I, tell me, why was our Confederate Soldiers forced to surrender? Why did we loose my brother? I looked at Ben as he was finishing his comments, and then responded, “Ben, you know as well as I, the Union Troops were out soldiered and we had by far the better Generals, but we were simply outnumbered and out gunned.”

Ben gave a kind of mischievous grin, which led me to believe he had something more in mind then how we lost the war! All right Ben, what do you have on your mind? “OK George, I’ll tell you, the Generals on both sides, save for a precious few were West Point Graduates, and were taught European Napoleonic Tactics, wherein both sides line up in nice close in formations, and fire on each other. The slaughter was enormous and the end results assured, the Army with the most men remaining at war’s end, would win. Our side simply ran out of everything, men, uniforms, food, weapons and ammunition!” Well then Ben, How would you have fought the war? I’ll put it this way, President Davis learned to late, that Guerilla Warfare would have given us the victory, we could have worn them down, the Union side would have been doing all the dying.

George, if I’ve learned anything about battle tactics it is that when facing a superior force, you don’t play by his rules! Catch the enemy at his weakest point and strike hard and fast, and then disappear without a trace. Ben, your not describing a guerilla army but an invisible one, and as far as I know no such army exists, certainly not in our time, and it surely did not in our forefathers day. The two ladies, growing weary of our militant talk, looked at each other, then Denise broke in, “all right you two, lets change the subject to something we all like, we’re seated at this table too.” Ben looked first a the ladies, then and me, “Denise is right George, let us speak of this some other time!"

Our Favorite Camping Place

The entire topic was put on hold for about two weeks, but knowing a three day weekend was coming up, Ben called me on the phone, “George, how about the four of us drive up to the lake this weekend, the cabin is ship shape and the fishing is good?” I thought to myself for a moment, then responded, “Ben, what about our women? Have you checked with them?” Ben already had the answer, “George, I’ve already had Denise speak to Alice, she was fixing to ask you about it, once the two ladies get home from shopping?” “Well Ben, its 35 miles up there, and by the time we wade through the traffic, and drive down those backwoods roads; I think we can make it within an hour, maybe and hour and a half at the outside. Alright Ben, if the ladies are OK with it, I am in!”

The lake had its own official name, but was known to the locals as ‘Moon Lake’ because when the lake was calm and there was a full moon, it would reflect off the lake like looking into a mirror. We didn’t get the chance often but when we did, the ladies always enjoyed their time at Moon Lake! The rustic cabin had three rooms; two of them were on opposite ends of a kind of great room, which allowed for privacy, and as rustic as the cabin was, each of the two smaller rooms had a half bath. Since we’d been there a number of times over the years, it didn’t take us long to get settled in, and to meat in the great room! It was late in the day when we arrived, so it was mutually decided to take our ease that evening and begin our activities the next morning.

Alice and Denise went their own way engrossed in their own discussion, going about the chore of touching up the cabin and making things suitable, as any two women would. Ben and I sat at the one end of the great room speaking of tomorrow’s plans! Ben looked as though he had something real interesting on his mind, “George, you were asking earlier as to how we could carry out Thomas Jefferson’s mandate regarding his statement ”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect them selves against tyranny in government." Ben smiled, “well my brother, as we sit here in this cabin, the question will receive an answer tomorrow, and yes there are those of us who have went beyond the militias and forged a most amazing, well, let us call it an astonishing situation for now.

While a couple of dozen Confederate Organizations have been involved in self aggrandizement, more so then building an effective movement, a group of us former ‘Special Forces’ have been rounding up others of like mind and experience. Those Ben, who are devoted to making sure, that while we detest even the possibility of a renewal of violence between the Union and Confederacy, should it come, we aim to win this time around.” I knew my brother better then anyone one alive, with the possible exception of his wife Denise, and I knew all to well, he had spent a tour in the Army, the Special Forces to be more precise. I figured Ben had rounded up a few of his x-military buddies, and concocted a little display for me, in order to play on my sentiments. So I decided to let him have his fun, even if it appeared to be at my expense!

The evening wore on until finally it was getting late, so we all decided to turn in for the night, and see what tomorrow would bring, naturally the next day came all to soon. The ladies had fixed a wonderful breakfast of ham, eggs, friend potatoes and orange juice, from the meager groceries we brought with us; as we went about our meal, we avoided the real topic of discussion completely. Still I wondered how the weekend would go, since after looking out the window a few times, the fog seemed to be setting in thick and heavy. Nevertheless we had just finished our meal when Ben invited me to go outside, inasmuch as he seemed to have something on his mind, beside the meal we had just eaten. The cabin was what could be described as a traditional log cabin, despite its modern conveniences, but it was a wee bit larger then the norm. The front faced the lake, which was about 35 yards away, while on the other three sides, there is a thick wooded area of about 65 yards.

As Ben and I stepped out the back door toward the wooded area, he began to remind me of my questions regarding Thomas Jefferson’s quote, and my own as to why we had lost the War for Confederate Independence. “George, I’d like to show you that we Confederates are not completely defenseless, in these modern times, we do have a few advantages on our side. Our own Jefferson Davis once stated, ‘The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.’ Well, he did not exactly describe or limit what that enlarged arena might be, so we designed our own enlarged arena, as you see here before you.” I looked about across the space between the cabin, which we had just exited, and the woods round about us, and I even peered as best I could, into the stand of trees, but there was nothing to be seen.

Ben, come on there nothing here, you aren’t telling me these trees are our answer, or maybe the lake on the other side! “You must admit then George that there is nothing out here but the lake on one side, the trees on three sides, and maybe a few critters roaming about?” I looked about again just to be sure I hadn’t missed something, then back to Ben! No Ben, there is nothing out here, so come on my brother, what’s all this about, what is the big mystery? Ben got that mischievous grin on his face, an expression that I’d seen so many times over the years! “Try looking again George! As I turned again toward the woods directly behind the cabin, looking from side to side, suddenly, after turning to one side and back again, as if out of nowhere the space between Ben and the tree line was filled with a full regiment of troops.

But these were troops like I’d never seen before, they wore battlefield fatigues alright but different, they were obviously Confederate, anyone having the least bit of knowledge of The War and the Confederacy, would have figured as much. But these uniforms were modern in every respect, and these troops were prepared with weapons and equipped for whatever might come. I could only describe them as like unto Special Forces, advanced a generation or more! How did they simply appear like that, as if out of thin air? I looked about again, just to be sure I hadn’t imagined it all, then back at Ben, then I realized, I obviously hadn’t known my brother as well as I thought. Ben seemed to be more serious now, “George, he said, in answer to your questions, I cannot reveal their identities, nor how they did what they did.

And you wouldn’t want me to George, if you should ever fall into a certain situation, you might be pressured to tell what you know, and I don’t want to put you in such a position. But suffice it to say, they are real, as you will see, they can and do appear in any number of places, at will, and these troops have learned to fool security cameras, radar, posted guards, and just about every imaginable electronic device. And let me add, these are attack forces, so they can and will defend themselves!” Why then Ben, have you brought me here, if you can’t tell me anything? Well, not for now in any case, let us begin George by you inspecting these troops, but do remember, they wear shaded visors, and they cannot lift those visors for you. We walked over together, Ben and I, toward the far end of the formation!

I knew the procedures all to well, so as we reached our starting point I paused, and then I begin to slowly move from man to man, and as I did so, each man would snap to attention. Looking at them one by one, or at least at their visors, I had the feeling they could see me quite clearly, it was more then likely, their visors were one way, and had to do with computerized optics of one sort or the other. As I moved and faced each man, my attention was drawn to his gear, modern and advanced high tech, like nothing I had ever seen. And I wasn’t about to ask where or from whom, the funding for such an army was derived! But I couldn’t help noticing the patch on their right upper chest, it was a kind of altered Confederate Seal, which read “Tacitus Ultor” which I was later told was Latin for ‘Silent Avengers’, though I didn’t understand Latin.

A Mystery from the Past

The weekend all to quickly past and by Sunday evening my brother and his wife had already departed for home, and Monday being a workday, I tucked the entire matter away in the back of min mind. Whatever my brother Ben was up to, the Confederacy or otherwise, I had no doubt he is an honest and a law abiding man, beyond that it was his own affair. The issue never surfaced until three weeks later, it was a Saturday, and Ben was working on his 1956 Ford Crown Victoria, which he was restoring, as time permitted, now being in his third year. Alice and I had went over to his and Denise’s house for the day, since the ladies didn’t care to go shopping, and they certainly didn’t wish to just browse about town. So as the ladies headed toward the kitchen to talk ladies talk, Ben and I walked out to the garage!

Ben was the mechanic of the family, so in that regard the most help I could offer was as a kind of gopher, which translated means ‘go for this and go for that’ and that was fine with me, it gave me the opportunity to speak to my brother alone and off the cuff. And for whatever reason the conversation drifted back to the surrender of our Confederate Armies, but it was the way Ben reacted, which was a little surprising to me, even if he is my brother. I mentioned the surrender of General Robert E. Lee’s Army at Appomattox Courthouse, which took place on 9 April 1865, followed by the gradual surrender of all the others. He turned to me with an expression that reminded me of a fox, which had just eaten a fat plump hen; true I was about to mention that not all of our armies surrendered, but Ben beat me to the draw!

While a few of our Confederate Armies did disband, and at least one of them made their way through Mexico to Brazil, I could tell that Ben had something more to add to the story. Go ahead Ben, what are you grinning about, what’s on your devious mind? Ben paused for a moment, as he continued to look down at the engine of his Crown Victoria, which was mounted on a steal rack, upon which he had been working from time to time. “That’s not all of the story George, there’s still one critical part, which has never been published in any history book, it involves that same Regiment you saw up at the lake. My job is to be informed, so I keep my eyes peeled all the time! George, you somehow knew what the patch on their uniforms stood for, Silent Avengers, so how about asking the question you’ve been so hesitant to ask.”

’All right Ben, I’ll ask and we’ll see what kind of answer comes back!’ Did I inspect a real army out there, an army having the size, training and grit necessary, to push back at any potential enemy, and do so with deadly force, or are they merely a bunch of good ole boys wanting to socialize, despite their advance technology? “First of all George, they are a real army and they can deliver a death blow to an enemy, should it come to that, but what you saw and inspected up at the lake were beyond Special Forces.” I looked at my brother George; realizing these troops must indeed be something special, and have likely went far beyond anything heretofore known. ‘Ben, come on now, I was only a few feet from them, and they appeared and disappeared within what must have been mere seconds.’

Just then Denise came storming into the garage, followed close behind by Alice! “You guys better come inside and watch what is on the television, it sounds like war has broken out; if it isn’t war I don’t know what else to call it.” We all swapped small talk as we rushed out of the garage and into the house, in the living room the television was blaring out the news. We all stood frozen in place, in the middle of the room gazing, at what was being reported on the news. Apparently approximately a Brigade of troops, troops Ben had already dubbed the ‘Yankee Storm Troopers’, had surrounded their compound, located about ten miles north of town. The compound was never walled in like a fortress; it had only an old wooden fence, left behind by a former owner!

The property was a kind of combination gun range and open space for war games; sometimes-local re-enactors of the War for Confederate Independence used the compound for practice or demonstrations. Ben suddenly appeared a wee bit startled, but he was suddenly distracted by a call on his cell phone, so he quickly retreated to the kitchen so as to answer without disturbing our viewing of the news program. Returning a short while later he began to blurt out, “George and I have got to go, Denise you and Alice might aught to pack a few things and go up to the cabin and wait this out, we’ll contact you there. I’d never seen my brother Benjamin as up tight, so Alice and I didn’t debate the issue, but simply followed Ben’s advice; Ben began moving toward the bedroom, as he passed on a few last minute comments.

We decided Ben and I should go in his SUV, Denise and Alice would take my car! Ben went into the bedroom to change into his military uniform, while I went out to move my car out of the way! The ladies returned to the kitchen to talk among the two of them, as to their plans for returning to the cabin. Ben and I were soon on our way, the trip to the compound took only about 40 minutes, and soon we were approaching the area of the compound, only to be met by what appeared to be devastation in the making. Ben knew the area exceedingly well, and while we both grew up in the region, Ben had come to know this particular part of the county much better then I, and for reasons I would soon discover.

As we turned off the paved highway and drove down the narrow dirt road leading to the compound, we saw the commotion just ahead, so Ben decided to take his big SUV off the road and drive through the woods. As we drove along making our way through the trees and shrubbery, I turned to my brother, alright Ben, what is this all about, what do those Yankee Storm Troopers want with you and the compound. “Alright George, I’ll tell you! These Storm Troopers out there came down here to investigate, using the excuse that we have illegal weapons, but they didn’t arrive like any police force I’ve every seen, but rather came on the scene like an aggressive army, ready to kill and destroy.” I looked at my brother, Ben, what have you to do with all this; you didn’t rush us out of the house just to come out here to be a spectator.
What is it Ben, what is your part in all this? “All right George, I am the local Commander, a Colonel, and my Second in Command, a Major, will defend themselves, and if necessary they will use deadly force. Those Yankees out there, no doubt, have the idea they are facing a small militia, possibly a bunch of radicals, radicals who will fire a few rounds then scatter in every direction. That is no doubt what their experience has taught them!” Ben paused as he looked out the front windshield, as if pondering a worst scenario! Go ahead Ben; give me the rest! Ben continued, “Those are not militiamen inside and outside that compound, they a force to be reckoned with, and this is not Waco Texas. I have arranged for a Company of 170 men to remain inside the compound!

These men will draw the Storm Troopers in, while the remainder of the regiment outflanks and encircles them from the outside. At the very last moment, these men will slip away using our special exit tactics; all the advantages will then be ours. What the conclusions of the matter will be at that time, depends upon whether or not they choose to surrender, otherwise they will face the consequences.” What are the odds Ben, tell me what is your biggest concern, in this regard? George calmed down enough to tell us the rest of the story! “The odds are about five to one in favor of the Yankees, as far as numbers are concerned, since they already have a full brigade on hand, with reinforcements on the way. But if they continue to pursue this, and refuse to lay down their arms, they will face total annihilation!

Colonel Benjamin McCullum in Command

Ben proceeded about 100 yards further into the woods, and then came to a stop seemingly in the middle of nowhere, then pulled to one side between a patchwork of bushes and trees, so as to hide his SUV. We found ourselves in what seemed like a cave of vegetation, surrounding us on all sides, including the top, even the entry and exit space was blocked by what was obviously a camouflage tactic. He got out of the van and walked about 20 feet further, stopped in place, and was joined by a Major who seemingly came out of nowhere. Ben then briefly returned to the SUV and motioned to me, “I’d like you to come with me as my observer!” I followed my brother Ben, and while do so, I was thinking within myself, this is a side of my brother I had never seen.

But after considering the matter I decided, after all his job was as their Commander, and that meant keeping secrets, and in that regard he did exceedingly well. I could see a Captain and a Lieutenant join the Major Robert Watkins, the Major pointed first in one direction then the other, making no sounds, but giving only signals, finally Colonel McCullum joined the Major, Captain and Lieutenant and they all disappeared into a clump of nearby vegetation. After a short while Ben came out from amidst the clump of vegetation and approached me, at first glancing about, then looking directly at me. “As the Commander in this region George, it is my job to be on scene and actually commanding, a scenario like unto what we face here, has been rehearsed many times, so our men are well prepared.

George, the situation has changed for the worst, I think it best that you should take my SUV and join our ladies at the cabin, up near the lake, I will join you there, once this is over.” ‘Are you sure Ben that I can’t be of some kind of help here!’ Ben looked at me with a concerning glance, “George, you do what you think best, but that is my recommendation. If you choose to take my advise and leave, don’t go out the way we came in, that dirt road over yonder is likely filled with military hardware by now. I recommend you head south, you’ll find a pathway about 30 yards to the west, and it will take you out onto the paved highway, and away from all this. Take it slow, there are plenty enough gopher holes along the way!”

Ben reached into his pocket, pulled out his car keys and handed them to me, we shook hands, both of us extending a slight good-by smile; I wasn’t at all sure I’d see my brother again. I turned and headed in the direction of the camouflaged SUV, but decided to turn about one last time to glance at my brother, but he had somehow disappeared, the thickets had swallowed him up. I moved the shrubbery away from the entrance of our vegetative cave where the SUV was parked, started the engine and drove away; I could hear noises coming from the direction of the compound. Ben wanted the Yankee Storm Troopers to fire the first shots, so our troops would in effect be merely defending themselves! Suddenly my attention was drawn to what was obviously either smoke or tear gas rockets going off, followed by automatic weapons fire.

It appeared to me as if Ben’s plan was thus far working out, the Storm Troopers had fired the first shots alright, even an amateur like me could tell as much, the next round of gunfire came from inside the compound. By that time I was nearing the paved highway; I felt like I should have stayed and helped in whatever way possible, so I turned about and headed back through the woods. I found a thicket of trees and shrubs about half the distance back to where the SUV was formerly parked. Thinking to myself that I was dressed in camouflage hunting gear, which I often wore, I looked about Ben truck for a weapon, just incase. Stuck behind the seat was an old vintage repeating rifle from the War for Confederate Independence, one my brother often used for re-enactments, along with four boxes of shells. It would have to do for now!

The old rifle took seven shells, eight if one was placed in the chamber, I looked careful to make sure they weren’t all blanks; one box was, so I took the other three. I loaded the rifle and put the remainder of the shells in each of the leg packets of my trousers, and then I began walking through the woods, moving slowly in the direction of the troops, those Ben referred to as the Storm Troopers. I had to know who these troopers were, that had invaded our county like a conquering army! As I crept along from thicket to thicket, the closer I got the more I hid my presence, until vary slowly I found myself close enough that I had to pause amongst the shrubs, these Storm Troopers were just ahead about 20 yards. They were close enough that I could hear their chatter!

Still, I had to get even closer, so I continued my advance forward, until I spotted about a half dozen of them no more then 10 feet ahead; I knew they hadn’t heard of seen me. There had been a break in the gunfire, and I figured that it was only a lull in an even larger exchange to come, but the next exchange would come from their rear, and it would be the main battery of Ben’s ‘Silent Avengers’. If I new my brother Benjamin, he never done anything half way, he always said, “if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.” I remained as quiet as possible, fearing that even the crack of a small twig, might alert these troopers as to my presence. Finally their chatter turned to criticizing the Old South and the Confederacy, and doing so in the most demeaning manner!

It appeared from their conversation these men’s forefathers rode with General William Tecumseh Sherman during his march across Georgia, they even boasted of how many fields and homes they had burned. When it came to the stories of how Sherman’s men raped, looted and murdered unarmed women and children, they even laughed, wishing aloud that they had been there. From their brief conversation I gathered this little excursion into the heart of Dixie was for this entire barbarian army, the continuation of an unfinished task by their forefathers, in a holocaust against the good people of the South and of the Confederacy. History had indeed been told from the victor’s perspective, and in that history our people were demonized, and by those who were themselves the true demons.

I didn’t know how many of them there were, but my guess was that there was something more then a full brigade of troops. While they were dressed similarly as would a S.W.A.T. Team, anyone knowledgeable of police verses armed military forces, would know the difference. And since I was at their backs, the only noticeable markings was the letters N.S.F. in large letters; which I interpreted to stand for ‘National Security Force”. Suddenly my chain of thoughts was interrupted by fire being exchanged from both sides, this time our Confederate Silent Avengers were no longer silent, and Ben’s 2,000 were now returning seemingly a 100 fold for every shot fired at them. It was obvious, the company that had been on inside the compound were no longer there, but had rejoined the others encircling what I now knew as the N.S.F.

I was extremely close and with only a seven round rifle, its no wonder I wasn’t, as they say, neutralized, in the first series of exchanges, so I felt it necessary to drop back a few yards. In doing so I found a very ideal tree stump from which to fire, and it wasn’t but a few minutes, that even from my position I could see the vary N.S.F. men, which I had observed chattering blasphemies, had fallen. It was certain; they would no longer be slinging their evil hatred toward our people! Given the N.S.F.’s superior numbers, they should have run over and through us like a hot knife through butter. But the Confederates were mowing them down like an overpowering lawn mower through tall grass. Finally even I could see from my position, while I didn’t have a uniform and headgear like Ben’s Troops, I could see our troops advancing openly out of the woods.

As I followed suit and walked out of the woods and into the open, it appeared the opposition was all but over! So I followed the others into the open, and what my eyes beheld seemed like a scene out of a horror movie, the open space between the woods and the compound fence was covered with the bodies of untold N.S.F. Troops. There didn’t seem to be any survivors, or so I thought, for just as I approached one of their armored vehicles along with others of the Silent Avengers, an N.S.F. soldier lying just to the rear, jumped up and shot me. I felt the sting of the bullet as I weakened and fell to the ground! I tried to move, thinking within myself, not me, not now, but just then I passed out! By all logic I had died on that battlefield north of town, at our own shooting range compound, but alas it was not to be, for I suddenly awoke.

I discovered I was still at the cabin by the lake, it had all been a dream, and my brother Benjamin, Denise and Alice were all here with me! It was the middle of the day, a Saturday, and I had somehow fallen asleep on the couch, while the other three were outside. The timing of events couldn’t have been better, for just as I was awaking Ben came inside, and hearing me mumble something about the troops, he ask me, “What troops George?” I looked up at him through still foggy eyes and ask, “the regiment of troops and the battle at the Firing Range Compound north of town.” Ben looked down at me with a puzzled look on his face, “there is no Firing Range north of town, and there was no battle there. Have you been dreaming George?” Everything was becoming clearer now, and I answered, “I guess so Ben, I recon I’ve been dreaming!”

God save the Confederacy




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"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson

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