The Terrorist Hunters

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The Terrorist Hunters

Friday 15 July 2016
"Today we fight a new kind of war,
which requires a new type of warrior!"

Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Green Barets, Navy Seals,
or any known Guerrilla Force. These are worldwide, the best of
the best, but is it time to go beyond these exceptional forces?

Terrorist Hunters, should such a command be organized, will be a special breed of warrior, their security classification must be of the vary highest!  An exceptional force, prepared to go well beyond the Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Green Barets, Navy Seals, or any known Guerrilla Force. They will hunt down terrorist, wherever they happen to be, and without mercy. They must move and attack the enemy, unseen and in total silence!

Since the terrorist hate free women, there must be both a mens, as well as a womens command.  I am 75 years old, and have seen such people in my lifetime!  These men and women do exist, each of them is one in a million, able to put total fear into the hearts of world terroristism.  But in doing so, these commands must be made up solely of those precious few, from their top commanders down to the private.  It would be far better if they were Christians, having Christian values!

A force which, in their tactics and performance, will go beyond anything know before!  Todays modern liberated women wanting to join the military, merely to prove women can compete with, and command men, have no place here.  These women must not publically, be unknown as Terrorist Hunters, but rather as gentle, feminine ladies, while behind the scenes, they would be the touphest of warriors.

These ladies would be like unto the vary proper neighbor girl next door, if you will, as well as being silent Terrorist Killers, unseen and unheard.  Women able to put total fear into an evil hearted terrorist. These barbaric people called terrorists, like treating women as slaves, raping, and torturing them at will; how would they feel laying on their backs, looking up at them?
Think about it for a moment, all they would see, is the most deadliest of men and women on earth!  The Terrorist Hunters, men together with the women, necessarily must go far beyond anything known before, thereby creating a new classification of warrior, a class unto themselves.  However it is emphasised, they cannot be known publically, beyond a few trusted officials.  The 'most trustworthy officials' is the key phrase

Poltitians cost us to loose wars we should have, and could have won!  Victory was within grasp in Korea by General Douglas McArthur, save for President Harry Truman, Vietnam was lost due to both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.  The entire Middle East has been lost thus far, due to Barrack Obama, and thanks to Hillary Clinton's gross negligence.  Our military did their job superbly, but the polititians acted with total incompetance!

We must count as terrorists not only radical Muslims, but domestic hate groups as well, we've seen them on the news.  We have in our time, a class of people that are, to place the truth where it lay, possessed of the devil.  These are they, which hate Police, White People, Christians and many more!  Those who don't understand, consult the Holy Bible, it reveals the truth!   

have provided here a suggested plan, which I am confident would succeed in defeating terroris!m worldwide.  Large armies would do well once in action, but we all know the difficilties in employing massive armed forces.  In any case, ultiately it is up to the polititians and the buracracy, who are more interested in the next election then doing their jobs.   

Amen ...

George McCullum

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