These Socialist States

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Socialist States of America

The principles of the new order!


By George McCullum

The United States of America was created as a Republic of Sovereign States. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been called States, but rather Providences. The term States is a term used for nations, for example the State of Israel, which is itself an alternate way of saying nation. The U.S. Constitution was not entered into in order to restrict the States, but rather the Federal Government.

The States at that time, under the New Constitution, retained all the sovereign powers of a nation, within their separate borders. These sovereign powers included the power to govern over all domestic affairs, as well as the power to secede. We now arrive at the administration of the sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is today all but worshiped a god. Any one, who disagrees with the sacred image heaped him, is dubbed not only politically incorrect, but somehow lacking sufficient mental faculties.

But in truth he is far from a saint or a god, having arrogantly undertaken an unconstitutional war of aggression, against the Southern States. A war based upon the States having exercised their sovereign right, to determine whom shall govern over them, and seceded. At the midway point in the war, slavery was used to justify his horrendous action.

Even in our time, the South is condemned for having owned slaves. While the historical facts are neglected, that Negroes where transported from Africa under the Union Flag. The home port of these slave ships were primarily New York and Boston. The Negroes were then sold by Yankee merchants and slave traders, to the Southern Plantation owners. Thus the war in the Union’s behalf was merely to satisfy the Yankees lust for ever more political power.

Once undertaken the war became a war of conquest, and from the Yankee viewpoint, for good reason. The South provided approximately 40 percent of the annual federal treasury. Also, more weapons were in the hands of private citizens in the 13 Southern States, then all of the remaining states combined. The Southern People were firm believers in self reliance, and individual rights. According to these traits, the Yankees so hated the Southern People, by and large because they were true Bible Believing Christians and obviously a different people.

The Union out numbered the South, and its new nation, titled the Confederate States of America, 4 and 5 to one in every category. Additionally the typical Yankee lacked the South’s moral turpitude, and was quite willing to engage in what today, we term crimes against humanity and war crimes. Rather then rightfully condemning Abraham Lincoln for these crimes, he is lifted up as the greatest leader since Moses.

If the Confederates had won the war, Lincoln along with his generals would have been put on trial. The trial may well have been similar in principle as was the trails at Nuremberg Germany, after the Second World War. The verdict would no doubt have been guilty on all counts! The precise number of unarmed men, women and children that were rapped, robbed, beaten, murdered, and or burned out of their homes, will probably never be known.

But it is known their numbers were in the 10’s of thousands, plus approximately 660 thousand killed or executed during the war itself. These crimes continued for a decade after the war! Why you might rightfully ask, is all this being reviewed at this time? Since that horrible war, the ruling class, primarily the descents and disciples of those who perpetuated such evil, are following the same course today.

In our time we call those people, liberals, progressives and socialists! The term progressive in its origins, was meant to be an alternate term for socialist, When one examines the mindset of modern liberals, it becomes self evident that all three terms, add up to hard line socialism. The term progressive simply implies taking one step at a time, where necessary, toward a totally socialist nation. We have seen the ‘progress’ made toward their socialist nation, under President Barrack Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders and others.

Let me sum it up with a wee bit of boldness, howbeit the truth! The concept from the beginning of the nation has been one single society, one people, the great melting pot, as it is called. There should be no separate White, Black, Hispanic or Asian Communities, each having their own separate culture and language, with an expectation of special recognition and privilege.

Each of the so called minority groups have in our time, developed an attitude that whitey owes me. As if somehow all of their problems are the fault of the White Race! Thus these minorities have overwhelmingly turned to socialism, as well as a mentality of hatred toward Whitey. The personal advice of this elderly gentleman is to end the hate Whitey; you owe me, and the socialism. Least the day come, and it surely will, when the backlash will be so horrendous, it will be more then any of the minorities could ever bear. What’s been described here concerning the separate minority groups, certainly doesn’t apply to every single individual, but regretfully the percentages of each, which are bigots are extremely high.

I’ll close this article with this; I could care less what race you may be, or your skin color. Neither does it matter in the least, as to your ancestors were, nor of their culture. What matters is your attitude, the content of your character. Additionally, all these horrible things, which I’ve predicted herein, will indeed come, and likely beyond my lifetime. I am closing in on 75 years of age, as of the writing of this article. Call it a backlash, a Race War or a Political Upheaval, whatever suites you’re fancy.

But what I’ve described herein is on the way, unless minorities become one with our society the at large, and stop blaming others for their own shortcoming. There are acceptations for sure, those who have become part one with the great melting pot. But for the remainder, it is time to choose, which you will be, African or American, Hispanic or American, Asian or American! You’ll find there is no European or White Americans. More then two centuries ago, we became simply American!

God save the Confederacy


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