Those People

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Those People

Why we don’t forget!

Welcome to the Confederate Legion!  “Why don’t you just forget all that Confederate stuff ‘those people’ say?  The Civil War is over and the South lost, the Confederacy was dissolved long ago, it is all in the past!”  Forget, forget I am told; forget that three generations before I was born, my forefathers suffered through an invasion, wrought by an army that went far beyond the bounds of war.

The Yankee barbarians, raped, pillaging, and committed mass murder, on a scale unequaled until the time of Adolph Hitler!  Innocent Southern women and children were put to the sword, or else burned alive in their homes!  My sense of justice will be satisfied when I see a reversal, where the then victor becomes the vanquished and the vanquished the victor.

When the restored Republic of Sovereign States and the Confederate States stand side-by-side north and south, and school children are no longer taught political correctness, and historical revisionism.  The demise of the Yankee Empire will inevitably be by there own hand, as a result of arrogance and willful ignorance.

God save the Confederacy

Confederate Legion