The Day Time Ended

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           The Day Time Ended
                           The Gideon Battalion

Our story begins in the closing months of 2008 when a heretofore small unknown group was formed, now known as the Gideon Battalion; the Gideon portion of their title having been derived from the Holy Scriptures, Judges 6:1 through 8:28.  These verses describe the miraculous victory by Gideon’s 300 over the powerful Midianites!  The symbolism is that the deliverance of the Confederate States of America out of occupation, is now in the hands of the Almighty God.  Let no one misunderstand the position upon which we stand, it will be God’s way or the highway!

                         “Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican form of
                       government, and all blessings which flow from them, must fall with them."  {Jedediah Morse}

"And that all this assembly may know that the Lord saves not with sword and spear.
For the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hand."  1 Samuel 17:47

                              Sunday 20 December 2009
                   Gideonites encircle South Carolina Statehouse!

At Montgomery Alabama on 4 February 1861, the Confederate States of America is organized at the first secession of the Provisional Congress.  On 5 February a resolution is offered which calls for the formation of “a Confederacy of the States, which have seceded from the United States.”  It was on 18 February that Jefferson Davis was inaugurated Provisional President, Confederate States of America.  On 22 February 1862, he was inaugurated President under the permanent Confederate States Constitution.

It was early Sunday morning when a small band of loyal Confederates known as the Gideon Battalion began marching single file, encircling the Statehouse for the 7th day in a row.  They had up to this time encircled the facility once each day for the past six days, after which seven Shofars {Rams Horn Trumpeters} would sound off.  However, this day being the seventh day, they began again to encircle the building!  Accept this time they circled seven times on this same day, the Shofars sounded in unison, standing side by side on the sidewalk, facing toward the front entrance side of the building.

Even when all of the Shofars sound off simultaneously, it does not make an exceedingly loud noise, so relatively small unnoticed wireless electronic devises were carried.  These would transmit the sound to an amplifier housed in a nearby van, whereby the sound was digitized and clarified, then broadcast throughout the area.  Regardless of the lack of numbers, the spectacle attracted the mass media, which wanted to know what all this meant, these Confederate Gideonite Warriors and Rams Horn Trumpeters marching and sounding off this way, who ever heard of such a thing?

Several of us where standing nearby as the Founder of the Confederate Legion who adopted the online name of Isaac Gideon, was questioned by the well know WNN {
World News Network} Anchor Woman, Julia Valence.  Mr. Gideon, this protest of yours is an obvious reference to Joshua’s marching around the walls of Jericho; do you really believe the walls of the State Capital will fall as they did for Joshua?  Miss. Valence, answered Isaac, there should be little concern; the walls of this historic Capital Building are not likely to fall anytime soon.

What then is the purpose here, with the trumpeters blowing Rams Horns and 300 modern day Gideonites marching around its walls?  Whose banner flies above the dome, Isaac asked the lady?  That of the United States and the State of South Carolina, answered Miss. Valence!  Why does the Confederate States National Flag, not fly overhead?  Because the Confederates were defeated during ‘Civil War, she replied!  You mean they were overthrown by force of arms, during their struggle for independence as a nation?

That Miss Valence, stated Isaac Gideon, is the issue, and that is why we are here, that we might break the grip of the Empire upon our nation, we have chosen to begin in the very place where the road to Confederate independence began.  Mr. Gideon, do you honestly believe only 300 men can achieve this?  Joshua’s 300 brought down the walls of Jericho did they not?  I am certain, the God of all creation won’t find it to difficult in this situation, to transform an Empire back into a Republic of Sovereign States, and free the Confederate States of America.

Our modern Gideon Battalion will march around at least three State Capital Buildings, South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia; these States will form a triad, once the grip of occupation is loosened in these States, others will follow.  The final march might well take place in Washington DC, Abram Lincolns Imperial Capital, and it is in that city, where the crime was committed.  We ourselves as 300 men, lack any power whatsoever within ourselves, to free our nation from occupation; therefore victory can only come at the hands of the living God.

Throughout the next several days the story of the 300 modern Gideonite Warriors encircling the Statehouse in Columbia South Carolina filled nearly every news broadcast over television and radio.  The news commentators spoke of the two separate Stories, the first was of the ancient Hebrew Gideonite Warriors fighting the mighty Midianites, the second was that of Joshua encircling the Walls of Jericho, and now these modern Gideonite Warriors.  Video Clips were shown, taken from the numerous movies produced over more then half a century!

Tuesday 19 January 2010
The Gideon’s March in Montgomery

Even the famous liberal commentator James Barlow had to admit; there was an ire similarity!  The story might have faded into the background had it not been for the Gideon’s next showing, which began on Wednesday 13 January that same year in Montgomery Alabama.  It was a relatively cold, but cloudless and sunny day, when at the crack of dawn, the Gideon’s began their march and soon the sound of the Shofars were heard echoing throughout the area of the Capital Building in Montgomery.

Maybe it was from a since of guilt or nervous tension, but as one local news broadcaster stated, “those horns pierce the mind, like the sound of final judgment.”  However on this occasion it was different, the crowds gathered across the street, and on every side of the Capital Building in order to observe what was taking place.  Every morning as the sun rose over the eastern skies, these 300 modern Gideonites marched around the Statehouse, and then blew their Rams Horns.

Then, just as it was in Columbia, on the seventh day Tuesday 19 January, they marched seven times around the building, the Shofars then blew seven times.  Once again, like they had done before, the mass media was all over the story, like unto fleas on a dogs back and the untold millions of people, both in the States as well as overseas, was glued to their televisions or radios.  Several Opinion Polls were registering that approximately 91 % of the viewers and listeners, had been tuned in to the news, live from Montgomery.

Suddenly the scenario changed drastically, when an unknown gentleman, a stranger, stepped out from the crowd from the direction of the First Whitehouse of the Confederacy, crossed the street, and up the sidewalk.  He then climbed the steps of the Statehouse and positioned himself directly upon the star on the top landing, where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated President.  The mass media had come to know most of the Confederate Leadership, but who was this stranger and what was he doing here?

The Shofars had not long before, completed their 7th and final blow of their trumpets, as this stranger stood in place looking out at the crowd.  A complete silence came over the crowd, which was now moving forward; there was something about this man that all but mesmerized the people!  At a moment when everything seemed to have come to a complete stop, the Commander of the Gideon Battalion, a Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Landau marched smartly up the steps and placed a cordless microphone on the gentleman’s lapel, then stood at attention to his right side, as a demonstration of support.

The stranger stood in place for a moment in complete silence; as if in a dramatic pause, nonetheless it became obvious he was about to speak.  As he stood there, the throngs, which had been spread out in every direction, attempted to move toward the side of the building, where he was located, which proved quite impossible, given their numbers.  The mass media was dumbfounded at what was taking place, but was obviously more awe struck then the people for their own reasons.

In what was later explained as an unplanned series of gestures the Shofars paraded single file up the steps and took up a position, so as to appear in a single rank facing the crowd, several steps down from the stranger on the to landing.  The 300 Gideonites also followed suit but positioned themselves in well-ordered ranks below and to either side of him, their Commander having already taken up a position by his side.  One journalist was overheard saying, just before going on the air herself, “Dear God, what are we seeing here!"

Then the stranger began to speak, ”Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confederate States of America, the United States and indeed the world, I am General Whalen O’Malley, leader of the Confederate Cause, and now, Supreme Commander of all of its Confederate Legions.  I am here today to urge our people to rally around the Southern Cross and follow me, as I follow Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.  The deliverance of our people and nation is nigh at hand; our time of wandering in the wilderness of occupation will soon be over.

By the strong hand of the Almighty God, I address the Yankee Pharaoh and give this command that by the word of the living God ‘let my people go!’   The throngs of people present gave the loudest out burst ever witnessed before the Alabama Statehouse, and all across the land, traffic nearly came to a halt, as people pulled over to the sides of freeways, streets or boulevards.  At this point, the Secretary of State in Washington entered the Oval Office, on this occasion without invitation and without having knocked.

The Secretary approached the President, who was seated at his desk, the Confederates have unified in massive numbers, they now have a national leader and he sounds very much like some kind of modern day Mosses to me.  Yes I heard part of it on the radio, stated the President, and to think, just prior to my inauguration they were likening me to Mosses, now I a Black man, am being referred to as a Pharaoh.  Turn on the television across the room; let me take a look at this man who would, as they believe, lead the Confederates out of occupation.

The Gideon’s had marched in Columbia and now Montgomery, by this time they had gained the undivided attention of the President as well as the Congress in Washington.  The President, his Secretary of State, Homeland Security as well as the Leadership of both the Senate and the House, had gathered in his office on this the seventh morning of the Montgomery march, for a conference.  Almost in a daze, and more or less mumbling in a low voice, the President expressed his astonishment, speaking more to himself then to anyone else, he asked the question: “Who are these people?

His Homeland Security Secretary volunteered what was surely a self-evident truth; “Mr. President, they are only 300 men, 301 if you count their Founder, men who happened to have taken their example from a Bible Story dating back to the year 1249 B.C.”  The Minority Leader of the House added his comment; you have to admit Mr. President, it is unique and it is working.  Further, these people are totally unarmed, and reports indicate they are the most law abiding of citizens, to be found anywhere."

The President arose from his seat and paced across the office, then replied; yes but consider this, they intend on bring down this Union, even if it is done by the blast of a Rams Horn.  Still, I don’t think any court of law in the land, would consider a Rams Horn to be a deadly weapon, or a Shofar a danger to society!  The Senate Majority Leader added his few cents to the discussion; What we are up against here, is the will of ‘we the people’ and if they now consider us the enemy, the ‘great experiment’ of our Founding Fathers has already come to an end.

The President continued; this time, unlike Abraham Lincoln’s situation, we cannot use force to subdue them, for obviously they have the overwhelming support of ‘we the people’ behind them.  This administration has, in only the course of a year, gone from being lead by the most popularly elected president in decades, to being perceived as having lead the nation down the road to it final doom.  And Madam Secretary, you can be certain, these Confederates are coming to Washington, and it won’t be to redress their grievances, but to dictate terms, very diplomatically I am sure.

Has anyone spoken to the Governors of South Carolina and Alabama, ask the Secretary of State?  The Homeland Security Secretary stepped forward a few paces, and then replied; I spoke to both of them by cell phone this morning, they have indicated only that these people are very peaceful.  The Gideonites have obtained a permit, carried out their march in an orderly fashion without incident, left no trash or debris and departed as peacefully as they arrived.  It doesn’t sound to me like Federal intervention is warranted!

What is their strategy, how can 300 men with nothing more then seven Hebrew type Shofars and Rams Horns, threaten a nation, asked the President?  About this time the President’s Personal Secretary entered the Oval Office, to deliver an anticipated, but coded message from the Israeli Ambassador.  Having overheard the discussion, she spoke up; forgive me for interfering Mr. President, but these people have made it clear, within themselves they have no power whatsoever, according to their own statements, it is the Almighty God Himself working through them.  The Secretary paused so as to wait for the Presidents response!

Please do continue you just may have a reasonable answer to this dilemma, remarked the President!   Mr. President, I am a life long registered Democrat and as you well know, I worked hard to help get you elected.  But if we are to understand what is taking place here, we must first admit to ourselves, we are all liberals, not populists, but liberals, something of which I’ve always been most proud.  I appreciate what you are saying, stated the President, do continue!

Well, while none of us here may agree with these people, they have a grievance, from their point of view, which is that the Southern States lawfully and constitutionally seceded from the Union, then formed the Confederate States of America.  What was the Union’s response?  We brought them to their knees and forced the Southern States to resend their Articles of Secession, and return to the Union.  They do indeed have a grievance, and the constitution does allow them to petition the government for a redress of their grievances!

Further Mr. President, it has been 145 years since the surrender of their beloved General Robert E. Lee, and to date we have treated those who still believe in the Confederate Cause, as a conquered people and have ignored them.  We have not only ignored their grievances, but have done everything within our power to blaspheme them and drive everything Confederate and Southern into extinction.  If the situation were reversed, how would we feel and what would we be doing just about now?

The President finally adjourned the meeting and everyone filed out of the Oval Office, however, the Senate Minority Leader, who like his House counterpart, was indeed present, howbeit he had said very little, but decided to linger a while longer.  Mr. President, if we oppose these people and attempt to put a halt their plans to resurrect their Confederacy, are we carrying out the will of the God or opposing Him?  In any case we will at the vary least, be opposing the will of the people, who are drawn to these people in ever increasing numbers.

The President paused for a moment, then replied; “Like Abraham Lincoln, I do not intend on presiding over the dissolution of this Union, but as to whether in doing so we are for or against the will of God, I can only leave that to Him and to history.”  So be it Mr. President, remarked the Senate Minority Leader, as he departed, closing the door behind himself.  This was at least one area in which everyone seemed to be on the same page; nonetheless the world had not seen the last of these modern Gideonites.

Friday 9 April 2010
The Four Horsemen

General Whalen O’Malley, the 300 Gideonites, the Founder Confederate Legion, its General Staff, as well as Lieutenant Commander Leonard Landau of the Gideon Battalion had arrived at the Appomattox Courthouse National Park for a sunrise service at the McLean House.  There was a modest number of participants, considering the crowds General O’Malley had been attracting, however by 745 A.M. the services was concluded.  The vast majority was still lingering about, when at approximately 8:10 A.M. Lieutenant Commander Landau approached General O’Malley who was even then speaking to the Founder Isaac Gideon and his Chief of Staff.

General O’Malley, my apologies for breaking in sir, but there have been news of disaster coming out of the northeast?  Go ahead, what is it Commander?  Commander Landau continued; an earthquake has truck the northeastern states from somewhere south of Philadelphia northward to New York City.  An old dormant fault line laying below the northeast states began to tremble around dawn, at first there was very small tremblers in the range of 1.9 on the rector scale; not enough to do much more then attract a little attention.

Then the trembling continued climbing to 3.8, where upon glassware began to fall from shelves and shatter, soon after windows started to just seemingly explode?  At 8:00 A.M. the region was struck with another quake, this time measuring 6.7 on the rector scale.  Such a quake would be devastating enough in California but in the northeast, as you know general; the buildings there are not constructed to resist earthquakes.  General O’Malley looked about at those officers present, as well as others who were even then gathering, so as to hear what he had to say.

Is it possible ‘those people’ in turning away from the God of their Forefathers, have somehow unleashed the Four Horsemen against themselves and their Empire?  Could it be that God is even now beginning to pour out bowls of wrath upon them, due to their numerous sins against both God and man?  Regardless, we should pray, even in behalf of those who have denied us of our right to be a separate people and nation, that they will seek His forgiveness, that he might heal their land.

The larger 6.7 earth tremors were quickly followed by numerous aftershocks, the combination of which caused extensive structural damage in the northeastern seaboard states.  The President soon after declared a state of emergency throughout the effected region!  In the meantime General O’Malley, having already removed his cordless microphone, called for everyone to kneel in prayer.  Those surrounding the General began to pray, the congregation of people quickly followed suit, and soon they all were calling upon the name of our Lord and Savior.

It was later noted that the quaking began at the precise moment, whereupon General Robert E. Lee set out on this same date in 1865, to surrender the Army of Northern Virginia, thereby setting the stage for the Surrender of our all remaining Confederate Armies.  When Lieutenant Colonel Landau quietly mentioned this fact to a few officers of the General Staff, the word spread quickly, and many took it as a sign from the Almighty God.  It did appear that after all, the Almighty God is not only the God of love, grace and mercy, but also of justice, judgment and wrath.

Thursday 6 May 2010
The Gideon’s March in Richmond

The mass media up until the present time had fully intended to mock these modern Gideonites and to demean their marches as some type of vast right wing conspiracy.  The Gideonites were even becoming the brunt of late night comedy!  However there was one part of the story they could not spin, that being the growing throngs of people showing up whenever they decided to make an appearance.  The mass media had managed to put their own liberal candidates over the top in large numbers, in the last election through their biased reporting, but this was something else entirely.

It was Friday 29 April 2010 and now it was Richmond Virginia that stood face to face with the modern Confederate Gideonite Warriors, but in this case the Governor had decided to take a different approach.  Rather then speak of them in the confines of his office; he would go outside and meet with these Confederates and their leader.  The Governor had made arrangements that very day to hold a brief conference with them on the Steps of the Capital, once their march was over.

However this time there would be a few notable differences; this small band of Confederate Gideonites had captured the hearts of the throngs of people, and at that very moment, they were beginning to crowd the entire area around the Statehouse.  Since the Gideon’s first march on 20 December, unknown to the Confederate Legion General Staff itself, the Gideon Battalion Commander or their members, these throngs were communicating by cell phone, I-Pod, computer and all sorts of modern gadgetry.  Therefore they were aware as to what was going on at any given moment!

While the Gideon Battalion was marching around the Statehouse, the crowds formed an almost solid wall of people some distance away, allowing the necessary intervening space for the Gideon’s.  Between the Gideon Battalion and the crowds of people, there were thousands more marchers that had joined the spectacle, thereby with every passing minute; people from every walk of life, including nearly every sector of the Confederate Cause began to gather.  The crowds of people were so great; they seemed to spread back into side streets in every direction.

One could easily imagine this to be only a single days phenomenon, but the masses of people seem to grow with every passing day of the march, leading up to the seventh day, Thursday the 6th of May.  There was even more to the story, on the seventh day, the Gideon’s marched around the Statehouse seven times, with the Shofars blowing their Rams Horns, while this time other marchers paralleled them some distance away.  Still, the mass media was making them appear like buffoons; spinning the story, that this was just another bigoted protest march; still, somehow the bureaucrats were up until this time, by and large buying their story.

Friday 24 September 2010
The Battle of Athens Georgia

The Battle of Athens Georgia, which occurred on 23-24 September 1864 between General Nathan B. Forrest, and General George H. Thomas, was being commemorated during this period of time.  The casualties in that battle were: 30 for the Confederate and 950 Union Troops!  This particular battle while not widely noted, is of importance to Confederates in and about Athens!  General Whalen O’Malley and the Gideons were present, made possible by sizeable contributions received since April of this very year, when at that time the tide began turn in favor of the Confederates.

However this date would also take on another important significance, for it was during these celebrations that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported the outbreak of a resistant strain of A.I.D.S.  The disease was already spreading among so-called ‘Gays and Lesbians’ as well as among heterosexuals, practicing sex with more then one pardoner.  This would soon put a little of the fear of God into those believers in casual sex, as well as the entire anti-marriage and loose morals culture.

Somehow biblical terms such as fornication and adultery took on a whole new emphasis; since this new strain of the A.I.D.S. virus had a shorter span of maturity and was killing its victims in short order.  The result was that State after State began to reconsider the issue of teaching moral biblical concepts in their public schools.  The State of Mississippi became the first to reintroduce the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scriptures and Prayer, as part of their curriculum, despite liberal protests to the contrary.

The return of scriptural emphasis meant the States, which followed Mississippi’s example, had little choice but to pass what was termed the Articles of Nullification, based upon the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The President and his advisors concluded, that if they were to send in the U.S. Marshals to enforce the Supreme Courts ban on Bibles and Prayer in the Public Schools, it could lead to an armed conflagration, a conclusion, which was not based solely upon conjecture.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff put it this way; “Mr. President, our Armed Forces Personnel are not blind to what is taking place, this is a divisive issue with them.  If the U.S. Marshals are sent in, the States involved will call for the use of force to resist what they consider tyranny, this will cause an open rift in the Armed Forces of the United States.”  The President, obviously placing much creditability on the Chairman’s advise, thereby directing his U.S. Marshals to desist and stand down.

The President in a private conversation with his Attorney General stated; “I just will not go down in history as the President that had the Holy Bible removed by force of arms or for having arrested citizens at prayer.  They may choose to impeach me for if they wish, but I am beginning to more clearly understand the situation, and here is my position on the issue, ‘the Supreme Court has ordered the Holy Scripture and Prayer removed from the Public Schools, let them enforce their order.

These bible believers have an answer for A.I.D.S., which we have for too long ignored; abstinence!  Before we simply mocked them or else take them to court for their belief, we should consider that we have no other option, short of an ever-increasing death rate.  What will you do then Mr. President; ask his Attorney General, when and where will you make a stand?  The President took a sip from his still warm coffee sitting on his desk, then replied; I will resist the breakup of this Union, just as did Abraham Lincoln, but if it must come to force, the first shots will not be about bible reading and prayer.'

Friday 1 July 2011
Confederate Cause Falls Silent

The days, weeks and months passed and the mass media coverage fell by the way, but before long it was 3 July 2011, the past year had been a quiet one for the Confederate Cause.  Many of those, which had filled the streets with their numbers, seem to have faded back into the woodwork.  It wouldn’t take long for conditions to change, inasmuch as rumors were already circulating, that the Gideon’s were planning another march, after approximately a year of silence, it was said it would be in Arkansas.

The family of Mr. and Mrs. John and Joanna Belinda formerly of Chicago Illinois had moved to South Dakota and took up permanent residence a few miles outside the entrance to the Mount Rushmore National Park.  They had learned to love the entire region of the Black Hills and soon felt almost as if they had always lived in the area.  The Gideon marches, covering all the networks of television and radio, was something that happened back east, they felt no connection to what was taking place that far away.  They were nonetheless a traditional family in many ways; having had 2-children a 13 year old boy and 11 year old girl.

A number of times the Belinda’s discussed the Gideon marches over the evening meal, their son Jason and daughter Michelle never hesitated in giving their own opinion; the family conclusion was that this was a passing event, which would disappear in time.  This seemed to be proven correct after a year had passed and nothing was heard from the Gideons, save a few vague mentions of them from time to time, in the press.  Jason commented “it was all an exaggeration, these protesters are no different then all the other Southern protests, just a few hundred people waving their rebel flags, and now, nothing."

However the 3rd of July finally came, and the entire nation was preparing to celebrate Independence Day, even though there seemed to be a couple of noticeable ground trimmers; however, most people in the area of the Black Hills checked it off as possibly a sonic boom, caused by the military or else it was a figment of their imagination.  On that same day there were news reports, that indicated the Park Service had discovered what they described as exceedingly soft earth in the area of the Lincoln Memorial, but the situation was still under investigation.  These two incidents received only a brief mention in the news; in any case it was only a sideline story of little consequence.

However the next day a Mr. Walton Thomson from Wakulla Springs Florida was visiting the Lincoln Monument and was interviewed by a WNN on the scene reporter.  He was ask whether he was fearful something disastrous might happen, while he was visiting the Monument!  Wakulla Springs is well known for its huge sinkhole, which forms the beautiful springs in that area.  Walton replied; “I am familiar with how a sinkhole reacts when it is forming, my money is on one forming directly under this monument, and soon."  Afterward the interview, the lady journalist displayed a kind of arrogant know it all attitude, and seemed to show signs she would disregarding the entire story.

That same day back in South Dakota, tourists were stopping at the main entrance to the Rushmore Memorial Park asking about rumors of ground shaking, the Park Ranger on duty, like the journalist in Washington cast off the incident as nothing at all to be concerned about.  One tourist present when the question came up was a Mr. Mark Abrams, from San Francisco who remarked; “That is what they said back home, until an earthquake brought down the entire town.”  That won’t happen her son, the Park Ranger replied; this is South Dakota, not California!  “I hope you are right sir, came the response, but as for me, it just don’t pass the smell test."
The head of the Park Service remarked to the press a few day later; “The Lincoln Monument is not in Florida and Mount Rushmore Memorial is not in California, the slight shaking in South Dakota is considered a fluke.  And the soft ground in the area of the Lincoln Monument, can be attributed to the excessive rain we’ve received over the past month.  Mr. Abrams then wrote a Letter to the Editor, wherein he urged a thorough investigation of the incident, stating; “those of us who live California and the Gulf Coast regions, are familiar with earth quakes, sinkholes and land slides, the Park Service should pay more attention."

At a Coffee Shop on the main strip leading to the park, a Coffee Shop frequented mostly by locals, which included an Ole Sioux Indian having the unlikely name of Falling Bear, but commonly known simply as Bear.  The entire clientele, half jokingly looked at Bear as the Spirit of the Black Hills, so naturally they ask him if he was responsible for the shaking, which took place.  Ole Bear, dressed half as a Cowboy and half as an historic Indian, looked around at those round about him.  Then he rattled off a few sentences in his native Sioux Tongue, he being among a dwindling band of Indians, still regularly speaking their native tongue.

There was an old trucker known along the route as the Big Whopper, due to his tendency, not to exactly lie, but to stretch the truth beyond recognition.  The Big Whopper stood up from his stool upon which he was sitting, and addressed Ole Bear sitting at a round wooden table near by.  Falling Bear, pray tell, what does all that Sioux really mean in plain English?  Ole Bear looked about once again, and then arose to his feet looking directly at the Big Whooper.  “It means my white eyed friend, the Black Hills are sacred to the Sioux, and were desecrated by the White Eyes, now the Mountains have decided it is time for you to leave.

Saturday 19 November 2011
Abraham Lincoln Monuments Destroyed

The Geological Survey of the Interior Department, made a public response to the shaking at Mount Rushmore, which amounted to mumble jumble about a crack appearing in the strata, language that meant very little to anyone but themselves.  Nonetheless the Mountain spoke for itself on a Friday morning in November.   It was 7:00 A.M. in Washington, but in South Dakota it was 6:00 and the Belinda family was just sitting down to breakfast, when a shaking again took place, this time much stronger.  Joanna Belinda got up from the table, walked across the kitchen and turned on the television, which was already set to the local station.

This incident wasn’t any happen chance nor was it simply a crack in the strata, the area was experiencing real vibrations; it wasn’t long before a WNN chopper flew over Mount Rushmore, reporting back the astonishing news.  There was no doubt about it, here it was on video for all the world to see, the faces of the 4-Presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, had cracked off, and slide down into the valley below and shattered.

At the local Coffee Shop the Big Whopper confronted Ole Bear; “go ahead Bear, tell us what the Spirit of the Mountain has to say this time.”  It was easy to see Ole Bear had a good hunch from the beginning that something like this would happen, but on this occasion he remained seated, and began to speak.  “The Great Spirit of the Mountain has just erased 235 years of the white eyes transgressions against the Black Hills.  If the white eyes are smart, which I doubt, they will pack up their Park Rangers, tourists and tourists’ traps and leave forever.  If your own people don’t like each other, you can be sure the spirit of the mountain doesn’t either!"

At the Belinda home after seeing the news, John Belinda spoke to his wife Joanna as well as their 2 children, Jason and Michelle; “they probably won’t allow anyone near the park for a good while, but whether they do or not, I want everyone to stay away from that mountain.  Something is going on underground, and until we know what it is, it is best to stay clear.  Meanwhile, it was 9:00 A.M. local time and 10:00 in Washington when those living in the vicinity of the Black Hills got the news, just as the tourist Mr. Walton Thompson had predicted, a sinkhole opened up directly under the Lincoln Monument; the Lincoln Monument is no more.

It was cold with a light snow on the ground in Washington, when members of the National Park Service, along with the WNN Washington Bureau on the scene Reporter Blakely Barton toured the sight of the Lincoln Monument, to report on conditions there.  What they found was unimaginable, inasmuch as sinkholes have not been known in the Washington DC area!  The sinkhole was large enough to have consumed the entire Monument structure up to its roof, and shattering it completely.

The destruction of the Lincoln Monument by a deep sinkhole also caused damage to the Reflecting Pool, which stretches from the Lincoln Monument to the World War II Monument.  The pool is 167 feet wide, 2029 feet long, and 18 deep inches along the edge up to 30 inches in the middle.  The pool holds 6,720,00 gallons of water, all of which was drained off by the sinkhole!  The disaster left an ugly scar in what had become the picturesque imperial capital of Washington DC.

Additionally, even more amazing is that the structure was so completely destroyed, given the modest depth of the fall, which had taken place.  The WNN team was even then rolling video when Reporter Blakely Barton interviewed a senior Park Service Staff member by the name of Bob Johnson.  Mr. Johnson was asked by the reporter, “What do you make of all this destruction?  Can anything be retrieved?  Bob replied back; “Definitely not, what we are seeing here is total destruction, and nothing here is salvageable!

Quite frankly, I am beginning to ask myself, is this beginning of a judgment by the Almighty God, falling upon this nation?  After all it has been precisely 148 years since Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  One cannot help but wonder if Abraham Lincoln and the ‘Union’ of the 1860’s didn’t treat the Southern People unjustly?  Imagine if you will, if Southerners had totally dominated the Federal Government in 1860 and electing Jefferson Davis, rather then Abraham Lincoln as U.S. President, further imagine they completely controlled the Congress.

Then Blakely continued, now imagine if the northern States had decided to secede, and the South having the superior numbers and firepower, would we wish them to treat us, the way we did them?  We all know well, that had the British won the Revolutionary War, our Colonial Leaders would have been taken to London and hanged as traitors to the Crown.  Can we truly justify what we did to the Southern People, any more then the British could have, had they won; in the way they would have treated us?

After all, if the issue was slavery, the slaves where transported from Africa to the northern State on Yankee Ships, flying the U.S. Flag, we then sold these slaves to the South at a handsome profit; are we any less guilty of slavery then they?  I am beginning to believe we may very well be standing in the righteous light of God’s judgment and if we are, our one sided historically revisionist rhetoric will not spare us.  I was born and raised a Yankee and loyal to this Union, but I am very concerned."

Tuesday 6 December 2011
Earth Quakes in California

The day began pleasantly enough, the jet stream had moved north, leaving sunny skies and fair temperatures in the Southland, but the same could not be said of the northern and western states.  The weather was clear and beautiful in all of the 13 States of the South, in addition to Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.  While at the same time in the northeast as well as in California it was overcast, and drizzling in spotted areas from Los Angeles northward to the Canadian Border.  But the weather would prove to be the least of their problems!

Late Tuesday evening around 11:30 P.M. a mixed group of Black Gays and Lesbians numbering about 7, had entered the parking lot of a local convenience store in San Francisco, when unknown to them, it was being held up by 3 men wearing sky masks and black jump suits.  Police were closing in at just about that same time as the 7 Blacks were entering the parking lot, and an exchange of gunfire took place between the police and the 3 men, who had just robbed the store.

The 7 Blacks were caught in a cross fire and killed on the spot, howbeit so was the 3 robbers!  The story was on the local news within an hour and on the national news by daybreak the next day.  By noon on Wednesday the 7th of December, riots broke out across San Francisco, then spread to Los Angeles, as Blacks demanded justice against the police, which in their view had instigated the cross fire, in order to kill the 7 Black homosexuals.

While WNN was all over the story, as was every other news network, the day was nonetheless just beginning; at 1:37 P.M. the ground began to tremble, very slightly at first, then the real quaking began.  The graphs began to rise rapidly, 5.4, 6.1, 7.3, then 9.1 on the Rector Scale, the ripples moved from Los Angeles northward, then very rapidly to San Francisco with a numbers of after shocks, which would continue for three days reaching as high as 7.1 on the Rector Scale at their peak.

The destruction was so severe; the dead were counted in the 100’s of thousands in both major cities, some estimates were even higher, notwithstanding there was damage and loss of life in smaller towns as well, throughout the length of California.  The State National Guard was naturally called up, but given the losses among their own numbers as well as those out of State, due to service in the Middle East; only a limited number of Guardsmen were available for this crisis.  In a single day, California had been brought to its knees!

The full effects would not be fully assessed until much later, but along with the enormous loss of life, injuries and damage, the devastation an unknown consequence would be a political shift away from extreme liberalism toward moderate conservatism.  The back of the liberal homosexual movement in the State was broken!  This very sector of the State, running between these two major cities, was the base and foundation of radical liberalism.  The destruction suffered by the loss of their Capital, more then crippled the State, which included the death of so many Elected Officials.

Already the mass media was once more returning to past reports of those pesky Gideon Battalion marches, and a heretofore little known article titled ‘
The Prophetic Countdown’ which had predicted the fall of the United States.  Did this document somehow foretell as far back as 1976, the present plagues befalling the Yankee Empire, not unlike those plagues, which fell upon ancient Egypt, or was it merely a coincidence?  The coming months and years would definitely clarify that issue, one-way or the other!

The disasters striking the west coast was not over, on Wednesday 21 December a new devastating strain of the A.I.D.S. Virus was uncovered, at the very moment the numerous survivors of the earthquakes were being rescued.  Most of the hospitals and other medical facilities in the effected areas were destroyed, resulting in Field Hospitals being set up by the Military, Red Cross and other entities.  Among these were medical research labs, able to do research DNA as well as disease identification, these would prove most invaluable!

The disease spread rapidly up and down the west coast, then eastward while the evacuation continue, eventually effecting those, which practiced fornication {
sex outside of marriage}; this new strain of A.I.D.S. would prove deadly, killing its victims within six weeks of contracting the disease.  It wouldn’t take long before the necessity of moral behavior in society would at the very least; get a serious second look, by a people and nation bent on abandoning traditional biblical marriage and values.

Monday 16 January 2012

March in Little Rock Arkansas

The disasters in South Dakota, California and Washington DC, drew renewed attention to the Gideon Battalion; even the mass media, which has spent much of the past year lambasting the Gideon’s was beginning to take them more seriously.  The Confederates next went to Little Rock, in order to commemorate Confederate Heroes Day, but wanted to do so in a State were they could broaden their outreach.  This holiday is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in January and honors all Confederate Heroes, in particular Robert E. Lee’s birthday, the 19th and Thomas J. Jackson’s birthday, the 21st, thus combining them into a single holiday.

When the mass media, WNN in particular got word that the Gideon Battalion would march in Little Rock on the 16th, their plans to celebrate their heritage on this particular date caused the liberals to show their strips, they made it an issue during their news programs, that the Confederates were doing so on Martin Luther King Day.  They happen to be wrong; Confederate Heroes Day dates back to a time before there was such a holiday.  In any case they were not so infuriated, so as to prevent them from attending!

Bright and early at sunrise on Monday the 9thth the Gideon’s began their march, in accordance with their usual custom, the Gideon Battalion encircled the State Capital Building once each day, and then the Shofars blew their Rams Horn trumpets one time.  This was repeated each day for six days, then on the 7th day, Monday the 16th, they encircled the Capital seven times and the Shofars blew their trumpet seven times.

Now those who walked the halls of political power, knowing what had taken place over the past year, began to fear, particularly as marches continued each day.  The general feeling among politicians and bureaucrats was that somehow, these Gideonites carried with them a prophecy of doom for the Empire.  Southern politicians, who had either ignored or stood against their own confederate history, heritage, culture and nation, remained out of sight, but observed very closely what was taking place.

The 7th day of the march had finally arrived, and once more the Capital Building had been encircled for the 7th time, then the Shofars assembled in a single file, just as they did during past marches.  After a moment of silence, which seemed like an eternity to those watching from afar, the trumpets began to sound repeatedly, 7 times they blew, and then came complete silence.  Again the liberal mass media covered the event from beginning to end, making every attempt to spin the story.

Sunday 11 March 2012
Reactivating our Constitution

The Confederate States of America functioned under its Provisional Constitution from 8 February until 11 March 1861, when the permanent Constitution went into effect.  The original handwritten Confederate States Constitution is housed at the Achieves of the University of Georgia in Athens Georgia.  In honor of our national Constitution, the new Confederate Leader had a professional calligrapher transcribe it word for word on parchment, in the form of a scroll.

The quality of the paper as well as the calligrapher was chosen with the intent to reestablish this historical document as the centerpiece of the Confederate Cause.  A professional was called upon to transcribe even the signatures of those officials, which had ratified the constitution, precisely as they appeared on the original document.  All this care was taken, not to replace the original document, but rather to return the Confederate States Constitution to its honored position.

It was anticipated that once independence was achieved, a national archives would be established, wherein the original Confederate States Constitution as well as other official documents, would be housed.  General Whalen O’Malley moved quickly to organize the Confederate Movement, including those millions, which had supported the Gideon’s over the past several years.  The next time he made an appearance since Little Rock Arkansas, would prove to be Sunday 11 March in Montgomery Alabama.

Along the way the General used his enormous influence to gain possession of the Jefferson Davis home at Gulfport as well as the Bauvoir Plantation near Biloxi both in Mississippi.  Then he added to the list, the Fist White House of the Confederacy, across from the main entrance to the Alabama State Capital Building as well as the Second Confederate White House in Richmond Virginia, a feet precious few people could have achieved.  These things considered together, emphasized how General Whalen O’Malley had somehow became not only influential within the movement, but had gained the undivided attention of power elite.

The properties along with many more had been place in trust, toward the day when the Confederacy was once more a free and independent nation.  Loyal, trustworthy, responsible and capable Confederate Patriots were made caretakers of these properties!  Using that same skill and charisma General O’Malley managed to ensure that one of three flags flew over the Statehouses, across the South and the mid-west, the Confederate States National, the Navy Jack or the Confederate Battle Flag.

On Sunday 11 March the crowds had began to gather so numerous, by the time the activities began at 10:00 A.M. there was seemingly wall-to-wall people in every direction.  The Gideon Battalion was present, as were the Shofars, but on this occasion, they did not march as they had before, but acted as a primary ceremonial honor guard.  The Rams Horns were sounded loud and clear, a separate Confederate Honor Guard, lined up on both sides of the walkway entrance, with another two ranks standing half way up the steps, all came to attention.

Every eye was focused on the top landing, in the direction of the Star, where Jefferson Davis took the Oath of Office as President of the Confederacy.  General O’Malley was expected to make an appearance on that very spot!  Suddenly the Rams Horns began to sound, and the General walked out of the shadows of the huge pillars and stood directly on the Star of Jefferson Davis.  The crowd’s attention was temporarily drawn to a Confederate Band, positioned on the lawn, which began to play Dixie.

The Gideon’s came to attention, as did the Shofars and much of the crowd itself, while at the same time the Gideons acting as a Ceremonial Guard presented the Confederate Colors, by marching smartly up the length of the sidewalk, then climbing the steps.  General O’Malley, afterward, having a cordless microphone began to speak, his voice could be heard throughout the entire area.  A variety of mass media and printed journalists were present, not only from the various States but from many foreign nations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Confederates, Allies and Friends; on this day and date, Sunday 11 March; we are gathered together here, that we might begin the journey back to our rightful independence, as a people and nation.  It is therefore appropriate that we do so on this 151st anniversary of the Confederate States Constitution.  Today is Constitution Day, had we won that great and terrible war, we nation would have elected its 26th President, Confederate States of America.

You may have observed that notwithstanding, our national flag along with the State Flag of Alabama now waves gloriously over this Capital Building, which is after all the First Capital of the Confederacy.  We therefore pay honors today, not only to our Blood Stained Banner, the flag of our nation, the Confederate States of America, but in particular it’s Constitution.  Our Constitution has never been rescinded, it has only been suppressed; therefore it needs only to be reactivated.

As we stand here today, for the first time since the surrender of our Confederate Armies, we have the numbers as well as the means to achieve our nation’s liberation, and thereby vindicating the Confederate Cause.  Several of the member States of the Confederacy have already restored our own national flag, to their public buildings, just as you see here today; the others will soon follow their example.  Do not fear that State and local politicians will refuse, if they wish to remain in office, they will comply!"

Monday 9 April 2012
Returning to the Scene of the Crime

The surrender of our Confederate Armies has taken place 147 years in the past, but somehow it seems like only yesterday, even to a modern generation born in the last quarter of the twentieth century.  Somehow this General Whalen O’Malley has made everyone feel as if they had personally lived through what we Confederates call the War for Confederate Independence.  He seems to be able to almost connect the end of that great and terrible war with the present, and draw the two ends together.  In so doing it is like unto making the 147 years disappears in a certain sort of way, making us feel like participants in all that went before.

However on Monday April the 9th General O’Malley chose a particular location in which to make an unmistakable statement before the entire world.  The Gideon Battalion as well as the entire Confederate Cause had returned to the very Battlefield where Union General William Tecumseh Sherman began his conquest and burning of Atlanta, as well as his famous march to the sea.  The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, northwest of Atlanta, situated on granite hills covered with conifer, hardwood forests as well as beautiful streams nearby.

The 2,884-acre of the Kennesaw Mountain region was the last major natural obstacle before Atlanta, and quite naturally the Confederate Army had built fortifications in order to; if possible, halt the Union Army's advance.  Fighting broke out on 18 June 1864 and continued until 2 July 1864; Sherman's army consisted of 100,00 men, 254 guns and 35,000 horses, while Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston had an army of 50,000 men and 187 guns.

The Confederates lost 800 soldiers killed during the campaign, compared to 3,000 Union soldiers, while at the same time over 63,000 more soldiers were wounded or captured.  Located nearby is the Cobb County Airport, known as McCollum Field, which serves the Kennesaw Mountain Park, located just south of the battlefield park on Highway 41 in Cobb County.  The General, expecting a large crowd, arranged for two different and separate rallies.

There would be a rally on Monday the 9th at the Battlefield Park and another on Wednesday the 10th on the grounds of the State Capital Building in Atlanta.  Both saw overwhelming crowds, and in both cases the grounds were filled at or near capacity.  His famous remarks on both occasion was similar, “it was here in the Kennesaw and in Atlanta, where the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes began to overwhelm the God fearing Georgians and then permeated across the State."

Monday 2 July 2012

The Confederate Generals

General Whalen O’Malley was drawing huge crowds at every rally and campaign, so much so, he was confident the time had come to make the long march back.  Thus he called his Board of Directors together, which represented all Confederates collectively and consisted of a wide cross section of talented professionals.  Once assembled, he announced to them; our Confederate Legions shall return to Gettysburg to commemorate a battle, which historically had proved to be the turning point of the war.  It will by the grace and divine providence of Almighty God, become the beginning of the end of our long march back from defeat and surrender.

The General further stated, the date of the battle stretched from 1-3 July 1863 and it was General Robert E. Lee verses General George G. Meade; the casualties were 28,063 Confederate, verses 23,049 Union Troops.  It is my wish that as many men as possible, possessing Confederate Uniforms, their families, allies as well as our friends, prepare to march approximately 25 miles into Gettysburg.  We shall reassemble not merely the Army of Northern Virginia, but as many as possible of our Confederate Armies, when measured against their strongest point in the war.

The call went out by every possible means, given the mass medias tracking of all of General Whalen O’Malley’s activities, they could not resist the temptation to lambaste the entire idea.  The date finally arrived and this would not be a reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, but rather the most memorable march in history.  The central point in organizing the march would take place in Chambersburg, then columns would march through Cashtown past the Cashtown Inn on Ole Highway 30, then to Gettysburg.

Buses or automobiles from Chambersburg transported large numbers to an open field near Orranna Road and Old High 30, where marchers were also dropped off by friends and relatives, the vehicles would then turn, head directly toward the turn off for the New Highway 30, then head east toward the Gettysburg Battlefield, where parking had been arranged about 7-miles from the park, there would be shuttle transportation service available for the remainder of the way.

Tuesday 3 July 2012
Confederates Return to Gettysburg

Throngs of people began to gather, as early as Monday evening 2 July, and by daybreak of the 3rd the entire route was crowded along both sides of the highway.  All the way to the Gettysburg, automobiles, busses and vans of all sorts, filled every vacant spot that could be found.  Those participating in the march, found no difficulty in making the journey into the area of Orranna Road and Old Highway 30, and once it was time to fall into ranks, Uniformed Confederates stretch back for miles.

The evening had cooled off from the heat of the day before, the clear skies allowed the moon to lighten up the early morning sky, enough so visibility was fair.  Once the ranks had formed up, the crowd along the south side began to open up a pathway, allowing 4-horsemen to ride through and onto the pave highway.  These four were none other then re-enactor stand-ins for Generals A.P. Hill, George E. Pickett, Richard S. Ewell and Jubal Early, and these were more then re-enactors, but also Confederate Patriots.

These stand-ins were so identical in appearance, along with their uniforms, accoutrements and horses, they managed to awe inspire the crowds, which nearly encircled them as they made their way toward the head of the columns.  The Confederate Generals took their place at the head these enormous columns, and prepared to lead their modern Confederate Legions into Gettysburg.  The march finally got underway at 4:00 A.M. on Tuesday, with crowds as well as mass media crews all along the way.

A few hours later the Confederate were passing the Cashtown Inn, where the Army of Northern Virginia had also passed in 1863, and was now returning with even longer numbers, when to the surprise of everyone, stand-ins for Generals Robert E. Lee and James Longstreet appeared.  They stepped out of the Inn and mounted their horses, which were waiting there, then proceeded to take their place, also at the head of the columns.  The Confederates would enter the Gettysburg Battlefield in full strength!

The people along the way stretch forth their arms, calling “General Lee, General Lee, while still others cried out to the other Generals, by their names.  The re-enactors looked so much like their namesake; the masses could almost believe they were the real generals themselves.  And they played their rolls so well, it was as if 149 years of emotion sprang forth within the span of a day!  General Lee and the other Generals, Hill, Pickett, Ewell and Early all slowed their pace, while reaching out to at very least, touch the peoples outreached hands.

However the biggest event of this exceedingly long march was yet to come, even with delays, the head of the Confederate columns passed through the gates of the Gettysburg Battlefield at around 12:30 P.M. that very day.  But both they as well as the entire world was greeted by a surprise; 150 cannon, 75 on each side, as well as 200 Confederate Cavalrymen, plus artillerymen and infantry long ranks, faced off opposite each other, whereby the arriving Confederate Legions would pass between them, receiving a full cannon salute.

The cannon salute itself was given as they passed through the gates and paused, using a 25 percent power charge; even so, the ground seemed to tremble.  While at the same time the Officer Corps at the head of each of the two ranks of Cavalry gave a saber salute, and it seemed as though this 700 man battalion had a commander, who was none other then General Whalen O’Malley himself.  Then another series of 3-cannon bursts were fired, in honor of our Confederate Armies, which fought at Gettysburg!

General O’Malley had stayed behind, deciding to allow all the honors to fall upon those Officers and men of his Confederate Legions, properly representing our Confederate Armies, which had fought during the three-day battle.  Nonetheless the entire world bore witness to the spectacle of these long columns, as they passed through the gates of Gettysburg, their numbers more then equaling those of all of our original Confederate Armies, which fought, suffered, bled and died during that great and terrible war.

The crowds of people that followed the Confederate Legions into Gettysburg that day, packed the park in a manner such as it had never been filled.  It was as if the spirit of the Old South and the Confederacy had been reborn, not only during the long march but here also, upon these once bloody battlefields.  There was singing, speech making, Ole South Dancing and an encampment, fires blazing half way into the night, as people swapped stories, made new friends and enjoyed themselves.

The encampments had not been planned, but communications by email, cell phone and even snail mail, caused a commonality, that resulted in a sizeable number of the spectators joining in at the end of the march, bringing with them small tailor cut chunks of wood, most carrying only a single piece on their backs, which collectively made for an exciting evening.  The long miles, and the activities at the park, all meant the people could not return to Chambersburg that same day, so the encampment became a natural result of a tired and weary people.

The Park Ranges could be heard discussing among themselves, “No one gave these people permission to camp overnight or to build camp fires, what do we do.”  Another ranger responded, “Given their numbers, how would you suggest we expel them” and still another broke in by saying, “Maybe we could call upon the Grand Army of the Potomac and Abraham Lincoln to help us.”  Their supervisor broke the stalemate and replied, “let them along, they’ll be leaving early in the morning.

I had joined one of the many campfires and found myself occasionally looking about, across the fields at so many others, and of the Confederate Generals, having the mobility, rode on horseback, late into the night, making certain all was well with the people.  The spirit of God and of the Old South was so thick, it was as if one could reach out and touch it, not only with the heart, but also with the hand.  It must have been past 11:30 at night, when General Lee stopped by our encampment, dismounted and approached.

We were all so wrapped up in the events of the day; we quite literally forgot this man was merely playing the part of Robert E. Lee!  One of our people was quoting a bible verse, as a good night gesture, when Lee came close enough to where we could shake hands.  The General simple stated, as was his custom, using his fine Southern grace and charm, go ahead, please do continue.  After the quotation was finish, all eyes turned to General Lee, as he began to himself, quote from the scriptures.

“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.  Amen.”  The encampment was totally silent as General Lee turned away mounted Traveler, and rode off into the night, with only his silhouette seen in the distance.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Commemorating our President’s Passing

The fall of the year saw the continuing spread of the new and deadly strain of the A.I.D.S. virus, which had all but crippled what was left of the economy in the northeast and the far west as well as the Federal power structure.  The President believing things had deteriorated enough, called for his National Security Chief, as well as the very two men, which had been with him since the early days of his campaign for the Presidency.  He wanted advice; strong advice and he intended to use radical measure if necessary!

The time has come, he concluded, to call upon this General Whalen O’Malley and arrange a meeting; I want to meet with him well out of the public limelight and in a relatively secluded place, if possible.  Contact him and make arrangements; see what terms he will offer!  After a brief discussion and a few questions being passed back and forth, his advisors left the Oval Office.  It was Thursday 6 December and the Confederate Cause was commemorating the 123rd anniversary of the passing of President Jefferson Davis, which occurred on this date in 1889 in New Orleans.

President Davis was originally buried in New Orleans, but re-interred in 1893 at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virginia!  General Whalen O’Malley was among a group of Confederates meeting in Richmond at the Davis gravesite.  When a convoy of black limousines pulled up and stopped a short distance from them!  Out stepped the Vice President, surrounded by about a dozen Secret Agents, the crowd fearing for General O’Malley closed ranks around him.

The Vice President approached, then stopped at the perimeter where the Confederates were surrounding General O’Malley; “May I speak with Whalen O’Malley.”  Isaac Gideon stepped out from the crowd; “What do you want with him and it is General O’Malley, thank you?  All right, replied the Vice President, as you wish, General it is, but we will do him no hard; just allow us to walk a short distance away and speak to him briefly."

No sir, these people, save for myself will walk away, whereby you may speak with the General in the presence of myself, the Confederate Legion Chief of Staff as well as our Commander, Gideon Battalion.  “So be it,” stated the Vice President, and with that the crowd was directed to move away; however rather then walking some distance away, they instead walked over and surrounded the convoy of Black Limousines.  The Vice President was left facing the five top Confederates, in the presence of the Davis gravesite!

”Mr. Vice President, allow me to cut this discussion to the bone and say this; you came to me, not I to you, because you wish to know, in behalf of your President, what is it that this rebel General wants.  You will have your President meet me at the Appomattox Courthouse Memorial Park at 9:30 A.M. on Saturday 21 December this year.  He will bring four Federal Dignitaries with him to serve as advisers and witnesses, plus 10 others, either Secret Service or a Military Escort of his choosing.

There shall be no over flights or electronic eavesdropping devices, there will be no Agents surrounding or patrolling inside the Park, if I see more then 15 people, including the President, the price escalates; 15 no more and no less.  Your President will make sure the Park is closed to the Public on that date, he will land at precisely the designated time and date directly in front of the McLean House.  He will walk inside with his 4 Aids and wait, if I am not already present myself.

The Vice President looked at General O’Malley for a moment, then the other 3-Confederate Officers, paused for a moment and replied; “The President warned me in advance that you would be direct, to the point and would leave no room for negotiations.”  Mr. Vice President, all of you people were informed, I have no power whatsoever within myself, I am only a humble servant of the Most High.  Be that as it may, there will be no tricks, stunts or delays, you will inform the mighty Pharaoh of the Yankee Empire, be there on time.

Saturday 21 December 2012
The Last World Super Power

On the morning of Saturday 21 December as directed, Marine One landed not more then 20 yards away from the designated place, 2-Secret Service men, 8-Marines and the President exited the Chopper and walked directly toward the McLean House.  It was obvious the Secret Service Agents as well as the Marines were looking for their adversary, but not a glimpse or a whisper indicating his presence.  The President and his aids entered the building; the others took up positions outside!

They entered the building only to find a single Confederate, in Uniform, a Private!  “Answer me this Private; is this some kind of private joke, that I should come here only to find an empty building, save for yourself?”  Mr. President, you are directed by General O’Malley to have your Marines and Secret Agents to lay down their arms and return to the Chopper; the General wishes to inform you that no harm will come to you, you are under his personal protection for the duration.

”What is this, the President of the United States is expected to disarm his Security Forces?”  I highly recommend you comply, Mr. President, my General is aware of every move you and your Security Forces make, the Private replied.  The President turned to his Secretary of Defense, who was standing nearby and ordered him to have his troops stand down, disarm and return to the Chopper.  That having been accomplished, General Whalen O’Malley entered the front door with his Commanders.

Reaching out a hand, the General gave a respectful handshake; Greetings Mr. President, my apologies for the unexpected reception but I assure you, it was for both your safety as well as my own.  Had my troops found it necessary to defend them selves, there is a strong possibility someone might have been injured.  In any case, now that the preliminaries have been completed, may we get down to business?  You have expected me to come to Washington DC, but instead I have chosen to have Washington DC come to me, outside the spectacle of the mass media and your bureaucracy.

You believe, as did Abraham Lincoln in a Perpetual Union, yet no part of the U.S. Constitution even suggests such a thing.  “… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…."

Mr. President, what part of the afore quoted statement do you not understand?  Our people acting through their own duly elected delegates in their respective States, seceded from your Union of States.  The Union’s response was to invade, conquor, subjugate and occupy, based upon powers never enumerated or delegated in the U.S. Constituton.  Show me the phrase in the Constitution, which assigns to the Federal Government, the power to force a seceded State to return to the Union.

”The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
  You have believed the revisionist history and have forged a political strategy based upon your mentor Abraham Lincoln, now it is time to face the bright lights of justice.  Knowing ‘you people’ have violated the trust place in you by the ‘we the people’ of the United States, therefore I have chosen not to negotiate, but simply to dictate just and honorable terms.

What then are those terms General O’Malley; ask the Present?  Mr. President, 17-States now fly our national flag, 10 more have chosen to raise either our Navy Jack or the Confederate Battle Flag over their Statehouse, as a show of support for our cause.  Of the 23 remaining, 2-States are outside the continental States and will likely secede or else join the Confederacy in one form or the other.  There are 8-States which have been so devastated by natural disasters or the A.I.D.S. virus, they will be of little help!

General O’Malley, let me be as straight forward as yourself; how do you know that I won’t use military force, as did Abraham Lincoln and if so, you must be aware if we were to succeed, as did he, you’d be placed on trial for treason.  Mr. President, you now understand the predicament our Colonial Forefathers faced, victory or a hangman’s noose.  You have decided to follow Lincoln’s example, however the results this time around will be different; I will walk away with 65 percent of your Armed Forces, under my command.

Confederate Cause is vindicated

This is indeed 1865 all over again, but this time the circumstances have been reversed, thanks to the Divine Grace and Providence of Almighty God.  You are neither a liberal nor a populist, but a socialist, believing in the total supremacy of the Federal Government, that makes you a Pharaoh not a President, therefore I will speak to you as one would to a Pharaoh.  Let my people go, or a worse thing shall befall your people, your nation and yourself!

General O’Malley, you have cast a shadow over my Administration, one that shrouds all things with devastation and plague, now as you say, it is suddenly 1865 all over again, with our situations reversed.  What will you have me do General; what and where do I sign?  Mr. President, we will be seated at the very table upon which the surrender of our Confederate Armies were formalized; you in General Grants place and I in General Lee’s.  The instruments for signing have been placed on the table!

Before each of us you will find the Articles of Nullification, which when signed will nullify all claims by the United States upon the Confederate States of America.  You are compelled by these articles to withdraw all Federal Agents, Magistrates and Judges of whatever sort, from the States and territories of the Confederacy, as well as any State, which may choose to secede in the future.  All of your military personnel will be given a choice, without penalty, either the United States or the Confederate States.

Those, which choose the Union, will be departing our nation shortly thereafter!  All military aircraft, ships, weapons and other equipment located with our borders will remain in place; we will grant all military personnel credit for honorable time served in your armed forces.  You may now take time to read the document for a more clearer and detailed understanding!  May I add that if you cooperate, we will do everything within our power to ease your departure from our homeland!

General O’Malley waited while the President read the articles, whispered to his Aids, then turned to the General and replied; “This amounts to a surrender, does it not?”  If you wish to call it that, replied General O’Malley, we prefer to call it the liberation of a rightfully free and independent nation.  It is our intention to in effect roll back the surrender of our Confederate Armies, reactivate our Constitution and reestablish our Government and nation.  A correction if you will, of the injustice done as a result of that long ago war!

One last item, how can I as President surrender an entire nation?  Why should that trouble you Mr. President, your own General Ulysses S. Grant was permitted to compel a nations demise, you should not find such a surrender beyond your kingly powers.  We will each sign the copy before us, then we shall trade documents and sign again; both of us will then possess the signed Articles of Nullification.  Let me give amble warning, any attempt to back out or else fail to fulfill the provision laid down, will bring on serious repercussions!

With that, the two men signed, traded documents and signed again and the last remaining world-class superpower passed into history, as a superpower.  Seventeen States would become part of the Confederacy, the 13 original member States, as well as Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, then West Virginia, which would later take action to rejoin greater Virginia.  Alaska and Hawaii would seceded but seek protection in a Commonwealth status; Hawaii would eventually go on to reestablish the Polynesian Kingdom, in the modern context of the 21st century.

Of the other 31 States, 10 would quickly seceded and joined the Confederacy as territorial States seeking eventual Statehood, 1 New England State seceded and joined Canada, 7 States formed a sovereign Northwest Republic.  As a result the United States was transformed from what was quite literally a powerful world-class Empire into a Republic of Sovereign States, thus it was not actually destroyed, but rather restored to its original foundations.  Nations all over the earth took note, that all this took place, without a single shot being fired in anger, and no force having been used!

The proceedings having been completed, the two men got up to leave; “The President ask General O’Malley, how is it that you could accomplish all that you have done with only 300 men, armed with nothing more then Ramps Horns?  Mr. President, “God who gave us life gave us liberty.  And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God?  That they are not to be violated but with His wrath?

Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.”  A quote from Thomas Jefferson, words you people have failed to teach your children.  Mr. President, I am not the cause of your demise, for I have never been more then a humble instrument and messenger in the hands of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  You people yourselves, caused the fall of your own nation in rendered the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, to being paramount to hate speech.

God save the Confederacy

“God governs in the affairs of man. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?  We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.  I firmly believe this.  I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.” Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  The rulers and subjects of today’s Yankee Empire have forgotten this wise council, handed down from one of the Forefathers!