Tyrant in the Whitehouse

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Tyrant in the Whitehouse

Monday, 23 September 2013


When I was a boy, I lived on a farm and attended a small very plain Cinder Block Church, with a pop-belly stove in the center of the isle! Once and a while the Preacher would give a Serman on the Beast of Revelation and the Seven Years of Tribulation. Those who wish to know more or who prefer video images might gain some understand by logging onboard and ordering a copy of Left Behind {The Movie Series}.

Perhaps you might find it on sale at a local store! It is during this period called the Seven Years of Tribulation, that a worldwide dictator will arise, a man who will demand everyone be sealed with the mark 666 on his forehead or hand, and be worshipped as if he were God. The vast majority of the people at that time will indeed believe he is God, or at the vary least the Messiah of God!
I am reminded of this Scriptural Prophesy when I see how an overwhelming percentage of people have looked upon Barrack Obama as if he were some kind of Massiah, and have therefore voted for him in 2008. Blinded to the reality of who and what he really is, a Despot and a Socialist, who will lead the Yankee Empire to financial ruin and worse.

The story told here gives in a general scense, ideas as to what has taken place and will take place again, in his second term, and described here is a general ideas as to what a second term might look like. Scroll down the page and read Tyrant in the Whitehouse, then contemplate why I believe quite literally the words of Jefferson Davis, when he stated in a speech before the Mississippi Legislature in 1881. ''The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.''

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary
safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin."


“Free men will never consent to giving up the means
of defending their liberties” {Dr. Joseph Warren} – 1775


The Election of a Pharaoh


The below should be read from the perspective of 23 September 2013; it remains to be seen
how accurate has been the assessment of The Pharaoh President', after the passing of time.


General Justin Trajan had a good career filed with variety as well as opportunity, and he felt like he had done his duty; now it was time to enjoy his retirement years. Just perhaps there was time enough to persue a civilian career equally as satisfying! It had been a little over a month since his official retirement date, but today his mind was on the Elections; it was Tuesday 6 November 2012. Justin’s wife Lucy spoke with him in a mild voice as he settled down over coffee and a light snack, as he watched to see which way each state would come down. While on active duty Justin had refrained from discussing his political views, but now in retirement, he found it easier to do, within reason of course.

Justin took the time to relax, in a way he could never do while on active duty, having to seemingly move from one crisis to another, one command to another, the two of them always on the move. The early election projections were coming in, just as Lucy entered the living room, so as to refreshed his coffee sitting on the small side table, next to his chair, while offering a comment of her own. “Justin, maybe your soldiers never knew of your political views, but I know you a wee bit better then they; you’re a stauch conservative, and all those confederate artifacts in the den, certainly doesn’t represent any hobby."

The General look up at his wife, “honey, you’re the generals general, and you’d make a terrible enemy, knowing me as you do.” Just then the early projections came in for the northeastern States, such as Delaware and Rode Island, but there was no surprise here, still Justin couldn’t help giving a negative response; “It appears as if ‘Der Führer’ {The Leader} has already taken two States. Well, never mind he thought, the night is young, there’s still a chance he will loose!” As the night wore on, the ole general took an occasional walk out on the porch, he'd look up at the clear night sky, to him the the stars somehow seemed so close.

Later in the evening as more and more Election results began coming in, it was close, very close, and he felt that certain stirring inside, the kind of feeling he had just before a battle. He remembered back when he was involved in the Invasion of Panama in 1989 to overthrow the Dictator Manuel Noriega, and how he would go into what he thought of a war mode. When it was over, all that was left was the haunting memory of battle, the bitter tast in his mouth and mixed feelings in his head. The Election was thus far a draw, and there was only a few states remaining, the results of which would not come in until late in the night or early in the morning.
Justin returned to his recliner in the living room, and soon he almost unconsiously had reclined and fallen asleep! Lucy finishing up in the kitchen walked through the living room, and seeing her husband asleep, turned the television volume down, covered him with a lap blanket, and headed for the bedroom. It was mid morning when the ole general awoken and looking about he soon came to himself, and realized Lucy had went to bed. Seeing what was obviously a news flash on the television screen, he reached for the clicker, turned the volume up ever so slightly, enough so he could here better, but not so loud as to awaken Lucy from her sleep.

The Election results had come down to Florida and Ohio, the man he referred to as ‘Der Führer’ had won Ohio, which meant who ever takes Florida would win the Presidency. As the count continued to come in for Florida, the numbers went back and forth, but finally things turned in favor of ‘Der Führer’ it was as if everything suddenly froze, he arose from his chair and paced for a moment. On one hand he was shocked, but on the other he wasn’t at all surprised, this shyster had pulled ahead, and only the final count remained to make it official.

Justin though to himself, “God help us all, this man is a radical socialist, and his reelection means a horrible division among the people, and he knew well a clash would take place. The Election was a mixed bag, the Radical Socialist Leader, a Democrat, winning reelection, and his opposition Party, the Republicans, taking control of both Houses of the Congress. However, a week passed before the results of the ’Electoral College’ was formally handed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the time lapse being due to the closeness of the vote. However the newly reelected President did not wait for the inauguration on 20 January 2013, but went to work altering the very concept of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

History Repeats Itself
However, it is noteworthy that Adrian Trajan, General Justin Trajan’s 84 year old grandfather was still alive, who by his own words, had lived years beyond his own time. It was cool but sunny this time of year, the first snow of the season had fallen two day ago, which had been light and already dissipated somewhat, leaving only a small white haze over the ground. Justin and his grandfather put on a jacket and walked out upon the porch, so as to speak privately, as they did so the thought ran through both of their minds, ’this was the general home area where the family had lived for generations.’ The two men looked about, up and down the street at the homes, trees and shrubs, everything in the neighborhood as well as the natural world seemed at peace.
It was as if nature had lain down to rest for the season, waiting the coming springtime! Grandpa turned to his grandson, Justin he said, “I’ve seen all this before, and I tell you history is repeating itself, this is like unto Germany in the 1930’s. This man is a different person but the process is the same, and we both know where it is leading! I’ve never told you but I was in Germany during those years, there were the rallies, speeches and parades. Then there was the Ghastapo, the S.S. and the rosy promises, it all sounds so familiar!
Electing a Despot
This man ‘Barrack Obama’ will rule by decree, using such tactics as Executive Orders and Regulations. He will ignore congress, accept where it suits his agenda, and he will spend whatever amount of money he wishes. The Federal Reserve will oblige him whenever it is possible, and they will do so in such ways as creating bogus money, via the printing press, thereby inflating the dollar. He will inforce his socialist enjunction through ‘Obamacare Insurance’ that Churches, provide such things as Abortion and Contraceptives. He will threaten the Churches in many other ways, and he will also attempt to close down conservative radio and television. And he will also make every attempt to use the internet as a tool, to spy on his opposition. 
Obama will also use his ‘Executive Power’ to regulate every facet of society, attacking ‘Conservative Groups’, along with his opposition party, the Republicans, as well as Broadcasters, which refuse to fall in line, and unconditionally support him. Any Federal Judge, which rules against him, will feel the wrath of Obama; in effect Obama will have an enemies list, which he will pursue vigorously. One must remember Obama’s convictions, as best as they can be understood in the world of sanity, which involves changing he United States into a Socialist Nation, where everyone serves the Federal Government in Washington. Obama’s stratagy for government is also known as Fashism!
The acceptance of Homosexual Marriages will become a federal mandate, along with other politically correct objectives, thereby all of the States will be given no other option but to comply. Obama will come down heavy on businesses, large and small, then he will impose heavy tax increases and supress Christianity, including imposing taxes on the Church, under his ‘fare share’ concept. He will impose an open border policy, which will bring on riotous conditions in many areas of the nation. He will permanently federalize the States National Guards, in all but name, so as to supress the growing discontent throughout the land, particularly in the South. When all these things lead to an uprising, he will violate by Administrative Injunction, the Possee Comitatus Law, which forbids the United States Armed Forces from being used as Policemen.

Barrack Obama would turn the United States into a Police State, even to the extent of restricting freedom of speech, while justifying it by classifying it as civil rights, equality and hate speech violations. Even if he faces a House and Senate of his opposite party, the Republicans, he will somehow, perhaps by shear shrewdness, stymie them; as a result he would not face impeachment and conviction. He himself, together with his surrogates will strip the people of the unalienable rights, resulting in a confrontation with the States. The States will not likely meet openly such as at a Governors Conference, not until later, not until they have strength in numbers, for fear of federal action.
Behind the scenes the States will begin to awaken to the reality of what is taking place, and will confer in secret as to how to deal with the enormous mistake the electorate has made, in putting this despot back in office. Texas may well become the center, around which the other States will rally! The reelected President will bring the United States to the vary brink of Civil War, as one State after another joins the Coalition of States, standing along side the State of Texas. However as the crisis deepens, the Prophesied Confederate Leader will have by this time gained in his own strength among the people, then he will begin to take action himself

This leader will come to the fore, and he will likely do so during Barrack Obama’s first year of his second term. He will be in the right place at the right time, and become strong enough to stop what will other wise develope into a disaster of unimaginable proportions. So it will vary possibly be during the last half of 2014 or the first half of 2015, at a time when this Prophesied Confederate Leader has gains sufficient strength, that he will step in an end a scenario, which would otherwise lead to Civil War. It is during Obama’s first two years, the Prophesied Confederate Leader will increase his following among the people to colossal numbers. Covert attempts will be made upon his life, by the President’s own people or else by his cohorts.
Also many attempts will be made to entrap him legally, which will also fail, just as well as those attempts made upon his life! The cooperation between the masses of the people, the ‘Coalition of States’ and the Prophesied Leader, will finally cause the political and military power to shift. The Prophesied Confederate Leader will then be able to, in effect, dictate terms to a renegade Socialist President, as well as his cohorts. 'The two men, while speaking to each other, only glance at one another on occasion!' But no sooner had Grandpa Trajan finished, when Justin turned to him with a look in his face that spoke volumes, Justin hoped against hope, grandpa would not say what he knew in his heart, he would surely say.

“What do you think I can or should do about it grandpa?” His grandfather glance over at his grandson, “You’re a full general and you don’t know?” With that, the look of the ole Commanding General reappeared once more in Justin Trajan eyes, and he knew, vary soon he must go the work. Grandpa turned to walk back into the house, Justin following close behind, neither of them mentioning their discussion to the ladies. Justin thought to himself, as he entered the house, God have mercy upon all of us! Abraham Lincoln transformed what was the 'Grand Ole Republic' into the 'Socialist States of America, Barrack Obama will now bring that empire to its fullness.

God save the Confederacy





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"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a
last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."   - Thomas Jefferson