Unsheathing the Sword

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   Unsheathing the Sword

”A story begun on Sunday 9 April 1865

Often it is the individual or the few, who make a difference in the long term, who carryout their duty, while going unnoticed among so many who occupy the center stage.  It is these who while seeming to be insignificant in their contribution, which can often alter the course of history.  After the War, General Robert E. Lee stated, "The march of Providence is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress is so immense and our means of aiding is so feeble; the life of humanity is long; that of the individual so brief, that we often see only the ebb of the advancing wave and are thus discouraged. It is history that teaches us to hope."

Sometimes events happen behind the scenes, hidden from the volumes of history and thereby going unnoticed, scenarios where men demonstrate enormous honor, duty and faith!  It is in this light that this story is presented, of men who struggled for the Confederate Cause, reaching across generations, in a story titled Unsheathing the Sword.  In telling this fictions story it should be understood, the founding fathers created a Republic of Sovereign States, Abraham Lincoln transformed it into what is now the Yankee Empire, the latter must fall, that the former be restored.

"Governor, if I had foreseen the use these people desired to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox, no, sir, not by me. Had I seen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand." --- General Robert E. Lee - as told to Texas ex-Governor F. W. Stockdale

 ”… if ye shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed
and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.” {Matthew 21:21}

By George McCullum
The out of the way Truck Stop

Since I am now well up in years, there are positives as well as negatives, on the negative side most of my life, lies somewhere in the past, and at best I can expect only a comparatively short number of years.  On the positive side I will soon meet face to face with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who paid the price of my salvation.  But I have lived a lifetime in which to look back at all that ‘could have been’, the missed opportunities and the lost chances, that just might have given ‘we the people’ a better life.  And to some among our numbers, this itself would appear to be a negative, but to me, it means I have gained a bit of wisdom having lived these years, not of myself of course, but of our Lord.

But even given so many of life’s experiences, a man could never be completely prepared for a national transition from that of a free market with individual freedom, to that of hard line socialism, even when it is seen coming down the road head on.  It is like unto a freight train streaming through the night, being heard long before it could be seen.  Nonetheless some say I am a throwback, a man whose has lived a life far ‘out of his own time’, and somehow thrown forward into a time period, not his own.  And maybe that is true, after all I have always believed myself to be a Confederate Soldier born out of season, who should have been there to fight long side our fellow countrymen.

Our old family friends Russ and Alyssa Johnson were in town, having arrive well after dark last evening, so rather then join us at our house at such a late hour, we all agreed to meat for breakfast the next day.  It was about 7:15 that morning when we met at a well known and frequented local restaurant, then after ordering our meals, we began with a little small talk. But my thoughts to some degree were elsewhere; to be precise it was the state of the growing tyranny in the country.  And these were my thoughts as I sat at the breakfast table one bright April morning, contemplating how to avoid the strong hand of government, now being placed upon just about every thing we do.

But at the same time it was easy to figure, there would surely come a breaking point, exactly where and when that breaking might be, no one could tell.  Russ seemed to know my thoughts, as he was the first to speak up, “George, might we all share your concerns, unless of course it is of a personal nature?”  I looked up, first at Russ then at the others, ‘No it isn’t personal, and no doubt you’ve had a few of the same concerns as I, that being the growing hard line socialism.  Where will it all end?’  Russ was not hesitant to respond, “George, we can speak openly here, we’ve both known the Ear and Grace Clifford, the owners of this restaurant, since Elementary School.

The Federals may be spying on its own citizens, but they don’t quite have it perfected, a least not yet!  And we have managed to choose a quiet corner several tables away from the others, I believe it is alright to speak freely, what do you say George?”  I thought for a moment, glanced about the room, then feeling comfortable with the situation I decided to, as they say, spilled the beans.  Turning and looking at the others I responded, “Alice, Alyssa, Russ, have y’all ever heard of a Confederate version of an ancient legend known as the Sword in the Stone, sometimes referred to as the ‘Guardian of the Sword?”  I looked about again; obviously I had everyone’s full and undivided attention! .

However, since the waitress was just then bringing our meals, on a wheeling cart, I decided to hold fast!  The waitress carefully placed before each of us, our individual order, then after a smile and a few pleasantries, she departed.  Alyssa was eager to hear the tail, of which in all our years of marriage, I had never told Alice my own wife, “Go ahead she said, what about this Sword in the Stone?”   The waitress now being a sufficient distance away, I began to tell the strangest story anyone, including I myself, had ever heard, regarding the period of the surrender.  Russ joined his wife in urging me to go ahead and tell my story!  Then as we said our grace and began to slowly begin to eat, I commenced to tell what I had heard, many years ago.

“All right, here’s the way it goes, ‘The story was told to me, that after General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Yankee General Ulysses S. Grant, gradually the word spread throughout the Confederacy, and other armies began to surrender or disband.  However there were seven Confederate Soldiers, which decided they could not do as the others, this included a Colonel, Captain and five enlisted men, one of which was a Gunnery Sergeant, none of whom were named.’  I then paused, but my own wife Alice urged me, do continue George!  ‘Well, they split off form the others, met in a wooded area, and rounded up what supplies and ammunition they could carry!

The men were said to have traveled west toward the high country of North Carolina headed for Tennessee, but didn’t quite make it that far.’  Alyssa was the curious type, “What happened to them, why didn’t they make it to Tennessee?”  I looked at each of them, then paused to answer Alyssa’s question, ‘According to the way the story as told to me, the men were locals and knew of a cave just outside of what is today, a National Park, a cave they themselves had discovered when only boys.  Boys out to explore whatever they could, no doubt getting into serious trouble in the process!  They made a torch out of material gathered down the trail, then entered the cave and an extension though a small entrance in the back side of the cave! .

There in the center was a large stone, a stone they had used as a table many years before, but this time that vary stone would be used for something quite different.  The Colonel is said to have proposed an oath between them, which after taken they somehow, and no one knows how, managed to place the Colonel’s sheath down into the stone, straight down from the top, and slightly tilted to one side.’  Everyone at the table was in full concentration as they slowly took bits from their own dish of food in front of them, and sipped form their drink, oh so carefully, while staring at me.  Curious Alyssa spoke up again, what happened then George, what happened then?

I continued with my story, ‘Well as the story goes, the Colonel then picked up his sword, which was laying on the then dry cave floor, and carefully place it back into its sheath, which was now embedded in the stone.  Then he turned and looked at his Captain; afterward at the other five men encircling the stone, finally his eyes rested on his Gunnery Sergeant, as he spoke certain words.  The Sergeant normally was not a talkative man, but the Colonel said to him, “Sergeant, you know what must be said, now is the time to speak.”  The Sergeant looked about at his fellow soldiers and said, “there shall be five generations, ours being the first, then a man will come and remove this sword from the stone.

This shall happen at a time when the moon has turned to blood over the city of Jerusalem, and the Sun is blackened in the noonday sky, then afterward the moon shall once again turn to blood.  This will take place two consecutive years in a row, on the second the sword will be removed from the stone!”  The Sergeant fell silent and the Captain began to speak, “no one shall removed this sword, least he die a painful death and cause widespread death upon others, save for he of whom it is appointed.  When the day comes, this sword shall be removed, and the Yankee Empire will crumble!”  It should be noted that at that time, so the story goes, the entire cave floor was dry, but now, the stone stands in a pool of water!

Just then the waitress arrived and offered us a refill of our drinks, so we all paused with the story, until she had left!  Russ was now the one who was eager to hear the rest of the story, “go ahead George, she is gone; go ahead.”  But Alice had a question of her own, “How does the Guardian of the Sword fit into the story George?”  So, I continued with the telling of the story, as it was told to me, the oath these men took was, as far as anyone knows, to never repeat what had taken place, not to anyone, ever.  But the Colonel began to describe how the cave was to be secured, “That the future might know, that only the appointed man could entered the cave and removed the sword from the stone, here is what shall happen.

The cave shall be sealed, and covered over so it appears exactly like unto the surrounding terrain, the same stones, soil and vegetation shall be place over the entrance.  This should not be difficult inasmuch as the entrance is small, and not likely to be spotted in any case!”  Then the Captain began to speak, “There shall be in each generation a man assigned as Guardian of the Sword, who shall if need be, go to extreme measures to assure that no one discovers or enters this cave, even at the cost of his own life, and this man shall be under a sworn lifetime oath.  The oath he takes shall supercede all other oaths he may take, save those given to Almighty God!”

I myself added, that ‘all we know today is that the job was obviously completed, the cave sealed and the men no doubt had faded into the general post-war population!’  Now Ross took over and added to the story, having majored in Astronomy, and while he remained interested, his life has taken a different course then Astronomy.  We all looked at Ross, he had that ‘I have something to say’ look, written on his face.  Go ahead Ross I said, tell your part of the story, “Well, y’all might be interested to know that during this year of 2014, the blood red moon, followed by an eclipse of the sun, then another blood red moon, took place over Jerusalem. .

And the same events are expected to repeat themselves during this year of 2015, just as predicted, first in the Holy Scriptures; then it was also mentioned as a sign over Jerusalem, by the Gunnery Sergeant after the war.  Also might I add, there is a strong reason to believe a rumor that has been repeated recently, that a man living in that same region, is said to have been described as, The Guardian of the Sword.”  Naturally the mass media had chocked off the story of such a man’s existence, as merely a wild story told by a bunch of good ole boys, even though these press agents did not know the whole of the story of the Sword in the Stone, which we’ve just heard.

After finishing our breakfast and we were about to leave, Russ finished off the story telling by saying, “you do know George, that according to the second part about the moon and the sun, this year being 2015, this is the 150th years since the surrender. And this is the fifth generation, according to the words of the Gunnery Sergeant, as spoken way back then. We left our tip on the table, went by the cashiers counter and paid our tab; then we all headed out the door to the parking lot. We didn’t feel like going to the house, not quite yet, so we discussed something to do that was a kind of light entertainment, so we all decided to go to Zoo World, which is a medium size local version of a Zoo.

The Secret Hidden Cave . Our friends Russ and Alyssa Johnson stayed three days and finally returned to Durham North Carolina, there home! The two ladies spoke a few times over the Cell Phone, but other then that we were all content to wait until the next time we had an opportunity to get together. That chance came at a most unlikely time, at least for us. While none of us are Jewish, we did take note that it was the spring of 2015, and the time of the Jewish Passover, and this was a distinct part of the overall predictions, as concerning the appearance of the blood red moon, and the solar eclipse over Jerusalem. As I sat in my living room chair finishing up the last of a cup of coffee, Russ called me on the Cell Phone!

He began to speak immediately, “George, there’s something fantastic, something you won’t see in Florida, but is visible in Israel, the moon has turned blood red and one can call it happenchance or a miracle, but this is happening right in the middle of the Jewish Passover. And it is taking place just as prophesied in Joel 2:21, Matthew 24:29 and Revelation 6:12 of the Holy Scriptures.” Russ I said, ‘isn’t this the second part of a three part series of events that is to take place?’ Russ came back with even more enthusiasm, “You’re quite right George, but astronomers are saying the third will indeed take place, even though it is being explained from a secular viewpoint, still, it is all unfolding just as prophesied.

You and Alice have got to come up here, it’s all breaking loose, we can speak of it further upon your arrival, if you will come!”  I let Russ finish his chain of though, then replied, sure enough Russ, if you feel like it is that important, we’ll see you tomorrow evening.  Russ finished speaking and we then said our good-byes, packed and went to bed, so as to get an early start the next day.  As we pulled into Russ’s driveway that next evening, he and Alyssa came out to welcome us; we spoke there in the driveway for a few minutes then went inside and were escorted to the living room.  After making ourselves comfortable Alyssa and Alice excused themselves and went to the kitchen to make coffee, and break out a few light snacks.

While the ladies were busy in the kitchen I ask George, what has happened that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?  “George, the prophecy speaks of a number of things, the moon turning to blood, the sun being darkened, but there is also to be earth quakes in conjunction with these prophesies.  And all this is taking place during the Jewish Passover, and you must remember George, we are in the fifth generation, as described by that Quartermaster Sergeant 150 years ago.”  I was soaking in all this information, while looking down at the coffee table, Russ paused for a moment, just as the two ladies waked in with the coffee and a number of small snack cakes.

Alyssa called out to us men as she approached, “coffee time, coffee time!  Have you and Alice had supper, if not then us two girls can cook up something?”  I looked at Alice then responded; ‘we stopped on the way up here from Florida for supper, so we are quite all right.’  The ladies then retreated back to the kitchen, more then likely wanting to talk ladies talk, rather then sit in the middle of a man’s discussion.  Before we got back to our story, George turned to me and asked, “You and Alice will stay the night of course?”  I smiled and replied, ‘most certainly George, if y’all will have us!’  “By all means,” replied Russ, “and getting back to the story, we were speaking of earthquakes, were we not?

Only recently, actually within the past hour or so an old acquaintance of mine, from back in our college days, called me from California, the upper end of the San Andreas has been shaking tremendously, and there are predictions of the so called big one.  This is so recent it has not even been on the news, also there has been a shaking at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, severe enough to crack the Muslim Shrine covering that large rock, over which the shrine sits.  Everyone is being kept out for now for safety sake, and the caretakers of the Shrine, are not sure what to make of it.”  ‘Russ, I have a feeling you have more on your mind, is all this somehow a prelude to why you really called me up here?’

Russ glanced around, almost as if to see if anyone uninvited was listening, but of course they were not, after all we were in the privacy of his own home.  “George, I’ve said all that to say this, there is a Guardian of the Sword after all, and he has made himself known to a few individuals, myself included, but under the conditions that we reveal all this, only to those he has named, you are among them.  He is to go to the cave tomorrow morning, with a particular guest, who he has not as yet named, open and enter the cave.  He has asked that we be present as witnesses to what is to take place there; I can only imagine that the time predicted 150 years ago has finally come.”

We spoke on the matter for a while more, until the ladies returned to the living room, we then changed to subject to something more pleasant to their interests, along with calming down our rhetoric.  We spoke quietly of family affairs; among them was Russ and Alyssa’s daughter Alicia; since she grew up and married, it is her room that had been temporarily turned into a guest room, having an adjoining bath and shower.   The two of them now live close enough that staying over night is only on rare occasions.  Be that as it may, Russ though it best that we all turn in early, so as to make a very important trip somewhat early in the morning.

The next morning we arose early, at least it would be considered early by the standards of many, we had a delightful breakfast with toast and juice, then us men waited in the living room over coffee while the ladies got ready.  Russ and I were both old enough to be retired, though he and Alyssa worked part time!  Finally everyone gathered at the doorway as Russ described what lay ahead for the day; we were to drive west to the foot of the mountains and wait at a designated place, for this Guardian of the Sword, who was to show himself.  We all piled into Russ’s car, his being more suitable then my own, and after a couple of hours we reached the truck stop described to Russ, parked the car and waited inside over a soft drink.

As we waited we spoke of our expectations and what might lay ahead, as we did so several truckers came and went, and we could hear the engines of the 18 wheelers just outside the window.  We reached a point where we stopped paying close attention, other then watching the comings and goings, until a stout looking gentlemen approached and stood near the booth where we were seated.  We looked at him, and as we did so, somehow intuitively we all knew, this is the man spoken of; none of us had any reason to know as a certainty, but still our hunches told us this is the man.  He looked down at all four of us saying, “Are you folks expecting a miracle this day?”

We all looked at him in awe while he continued speaking, “The time of the crumbling of the Empire, and the rebirth of the Confederacy has come, walk with me, the process begins.”  We arose and walked outside with him until we reached Jeep Van where we were introduced to a second gentleman, we were then instructed to follow him in our own car.  We all turned and walked the short distance to Russ’s car, entered and waited for the two men to pull away, were upon we pulled out and followed at a comfortable distance behind.  All of us were seemingly mesmerized by what we were told, howbeit common sense would have said not to trust this whole situation, but there was something about the two of them.

None of us said anything as we trailed behind their Jeep Van for what must have been at least an hour and a half, turning onto dirt roads and backcountry pathways, until we finally reached a small clearing.  We all gathered behind the Jeep Van were we were the two men formally introduced them selves!  The man, who we met at the Truck Stop Restaurant, introduced himself first, “I am Herbert Lawson, I am the man you know as the Guardian of the Sword.”  And I am Walter Brannon, stated the second man, and you will see what my part is in all this, in a short while.  Herbert opened up the back of the van and handed each of us a helmet much like what Coal Minors ware, but perhaps better looking.

The helmets had what appeared to be quite an up to date and strong light mounted on the forward part; nonetheless the entire apparatus didn’t seem to weigh very much.  Then Herbert took a long narrow wooden box out of the van and handed it to Walter, afterward he removed a large hand carried lantern, which appeared strong enough to light up a sizeable space.  Herbert pointed in the direction of the hillside in front of the van and we all set out in that direction, soon we found ourselves walking along with our new friends, up the hillside, passing through weeds, brushes and shrubs.  If this was ever a pathway, it certainly hadn’t been used much, since it was overgrown and seem to led to nowhere!

We finally reached a certain location higher up the hillside, where we paused, “This is the place” remarked Herbert, as he turned toward us and began to speak; “Let me say that I am vary much aware of what you folks have been told.”  We were all surprised at his sudden candor, and Russ express our feelings, “How sir, can you know of such things.”  My job is to learn whatever I can learn as to who is speaking about the story behind the Sword in the Stone, and to what extent they have investigated the whereabouts of this cave.  I was not fearful that you would locate it, but I had to know for sure, but now, it is time!”

Breaking the Seals of the Cave . We follow Herbert and Walter toward the face of where the hill began to raise higher and stepper; the surface was all covered with shrubs, vines, grass and other such vegetation.  Herbert then approached near to the hillside and pulled the vegetation aside and pointed to the stones and sod, “Remove all this, it is just a veneer covering, over the cave entrance.”   Russ and I stepped forward and began to tear at the vegetation until the sod and stones were uncovered.  We then began to push and pull until several stones fell inward, which allowed us to see a void within, “this must indeed be the cave entrance!”  After a while a larger opening was cleared, sufficient for us to look more clearly inside, but there was only darkness!

We continue to clear away the debris until the entire opening was unblocked, an opening which was large enough to walk through, but only while bent over; Herbert then turned on his lantern and instructed the rest of us to turn on our helmet lamps.  Walter then joined Herbert as we were instructed to follow the two men into the cave, where we quickly discovered the combination of our helmet lamps and Herbert’s hand held lantern, was sufficient to light up the entire cave.  The women, Alyssa and Alice, were quite reluctant to enter into the blackness of the cave with or with out lanterns to brighten the way, and they let everyone know with their feminine verbal outbursts.

However once inside the cave entrance, and given the brightness of Herbert’s lantern, we could see that the cave was unusual, most unusual indeed, it appeared like unto looking at rolling ripples of dark and gray clouds, as they roll in and cover the sky before a storm.  The four of us men were silent for the most part, but the ladies were caught between two opposing emotions, curious to see what lay deeper within the cave, and a desire to turn around and run out through the still visible entrance.  Alyssa more then either of them made the most noise!  However if any of the men had any reluctance or even fear about proceeding ahead, they quite naturally kept to themselves.

We slowly headed toward the back section of the cave; the space in which was standing was not unlike the shape of an egg, narrower toward the front and wider at the rear.  As we approach we soon spotted a small opening toward the back of the cave, where we had to stoop over really low, almost at a crawl, in order to make it through, to the area on the other side.  Once we had all made it through, we found ourselves in a much smaller but still quite large room, like a separate room off of the end a larger room, and as we stood to our feet and looked about we found the ground was plenty dry enough, the air was not at all stale as we thought it might be, having some humidity, but not excessive.

Still we were somewhat surprised, this cave had been sealed off for 150 years, and still the air, which should have been completely vile to say the least, seemed quite breathable.  In the middle of this smaller space was a large stone surrounded by water, and none of us knew exactly how deep, but surely it could not have been more then two or three feet at the outside.  Leaning against the cave wall near the entrance was of all things, five muskets, presumably left behind by the Confederate Soldiers who were the last humans in the cave.  This particular room was extremely eerie, similar in some ways to the main part of the cave, with that same appearance of rolling ripples of dark and gray clouds.
While Herbert and Walter were occupied with studying the situation, I turned around so as to get a better look at the walls of this cave, maybe there was an answer here somewhere as to these unusual ripples with a storm appearance, like unto a dark overcast storm.

I Pulled out my handy pocket knife and chipped away at an area in front of me, as I faced the wall.  As it turned out it appeared to be nothing more then common gray clay, but how could it be, the Western North Carolina, East Tennessee region is not known for having gray clay?  Well I thought, maybe it’s just an odd fluke, an unusual section in an area otherwise dominated by the usual black dirt. . However given all this, when added to the water surrounding the rock in the middle of the room, it had all the appearance of being at sea with dark, overcast rippled storm clouds covering the skyline.  The ladies were both a gasp, suddenly finding little to say outside of a few low toned complaints, while the rest of us took around at this, a most unusual spectacle.  We all gazed in amazement at a Sword, which had somehow been driven into the stone directly at the top-center, and sticking not quite straight up, which was slanted slightly to one side.  As for myself, I couldn’t begin to imagine how seven Confederate Soldiers, given the tools available at that time, could have possibly arranged such a thing.

Walter laid down his wooden case next to the wall at the entrance, as he and Herbert prepared to wade through the water toward the stone and the sword resting in the middle, while calling out to the rest of us, come on, join us, we will all encircle the stone.  Alice was the first of the two ladies to make it clear, she had no intentions of tromping through the water, particularly since she didn’t even knowing what might swimming around beneath.  “Not me, she said, you men go out there if you want, I am staying put, right here where I am!”  Alyssa join in, rejecting the whole idea, wanting no part of it, and she made it crystal clear, “You men can go alone, us girls will wait here!”

As Herbert and Walter waded further and further out into the water, they used one of the muskets as a kind of depth finder!  Russ and I began following them until the four of us finally reached the middle, and encircled the stone!  However, as we peered at what was before us in the top middle of the stone, the Confederate Sword as it stood not quite straight up, and slanted to one side.  We could see that it had not been driven down into the stone, in and of itself?  But a further inspection revealed, there was a sheath, which had obviously been embedded into the stone first, then the sword returned to its sheath afterward, as it was positioned in the stone.

Somehow I couldn’t get my mind around this, we are speaking here of the year 1865, how could this be?  But here we are men from the 21st century, looking upon a mystery that lay hidden for a century and a half.  Then it came to me, what if the sword is rusted to the point of being welded into its sheath; there’d be no possible way we could remove it, a future task, which Guardian of the Sword, in each generation was to pass along to the next?  After all there’s no reason whatsoever why it should be!  Then our new friends Herbert Lawson and Walter Brannon alternated back and forth, describing the entire story behind the Sword in the Stone, the lifetime Oath taken by the original seven Confederates.

Walter then gave the final words before we were to unsheathe the sword, “Gentlemen, according to what has been passed down to us, five generations were to pass, those that fought the war being the first, until the time when we were to enter this cave, and unsheathe the sword.  We are the fifth generation, and once we carry out our duty here, the fall of the Yankee Empire will begin in earnest.  We gather here as witnesses to its fulfillment, not of a prophecy as such, but as to the inevitable unfolding of events!  The Yankee Empire from its inception under Abraham Lincoln, set out on a course to force seceded states back into their union, thus setting themselves up for the fall we shall see unfold in our time.

Our beloved President Davis once said, ‘The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert it's self, though it may be at another time and in another form.’  “Gentlemen, we are that other form and this is the time!”  Walter Brannon, whom Russ and I never knew before today, reached over and placed his hand upon the sword, gripping it like a warrior in battle.  He then slowly began to withdraw it from its sheath, then for a moment he paused, causing Russ and I to think that perhaps there was an obstacle inside the sheath, perhaps it was rusted to where it could not be removed.  Then he continued to withdraw the sword very slowly, until it was completely removed; after 150 years the sword had been unsheathed!

We all stood in place, Walter Brannon, Herbert Lawson, Russ Johnson, and myself George McCullum, the deed had been done, and we had fulfilled the promise made by seven men, who refused to surrender.  Finally the four of us came to ourselves, and Russ being more alert then I was at the time, quickly pointed out, “That is not the sword of a Colonel, it’s a General’s Sword, and a very high ranking General at that.”  Herbert turned his head slowly looking at each one of us, then revealed a final truth, “No gentlemen, it is not the Sword of a Colonel, let me explain.”  Unknown to most, even historians, General Lee had more then one sword, a dress sword, a battle sword and a spare sword.

The sword he surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on 9 April 1865 was his ceremonial Sword, the sword you see here is the sword he carried in battle, and it was the intent of the Colonel and his Captain that the Sword Lee carried in battle would never be surrendered.  So Lee’s spare sword was substituted for his battle sword the night before, and Lee never noticed the difference.  If he did, he never mentioned it!  No one ever asked about the missing sword and Lee himself was completely wrapped up in carrying out the surrender.”  Holding out the sword in his hand, Walter gazed at it; Herbert then asked the question that was on everyone’s mind, “Why isn’t the sword covered in rust?”

And why didn’t it become so corroded that it would have weld itself inside the sheath, to a point where it could never be withdrawn?”  Walter smiled, “I suppose that is a mystery which shall remain unanswered!”  We all turn and followed Walter and Herbert out of the water toward the exit; the job was done!  I being the last ashore had barely stepped out of the water when a noise was heard behind me, all of us turned and looked out toward where the stone was in the middle of the water.  The stone for whatever reason simple split in half, each half falling away, and the water began draining away, how and to where we could not say.

The Sword in the Stone!  The water being now gone, we could see the bottom of what was just moments ago a small pool with a large stone in the center, now the bottom revealed itself, and from my estimation the water, just as we had estimated, could not have been more then two feet deep.  Herbert took it upon himself to walk out into the center and make a last minute inspection, before we left the cave.  Upon arrival in the center he looked about and we all watched as he bent over and picked up something, waving it in the air he responded, “The sheath, it is here and in tact, I’ll bring it with me!”  Herbert slowly walked toward us and handed the sheath to Walter, who was holding the sword!

Herbert had little to say, he simply showed us the sheath, then remarked, “We cannot return the sword to its sheath, that would violate the very reasons all this has taken place!”  He then picked up the wooden box provided by those same seven Confederate Soldiers, so long ago, placed the sword in it, and handed the sheath to Walter to carry.  Alice and Alyssa were quite anxious to leave, Alyssa more then either of them, “Come on guys, let’s get out of here, I am ready for some fresh air.”  Herbert was in no mood to disagree, “I’ll vote for that, come on everyone, let’s take Alyssa’s advice, and get some fresh air.”

. We had barely got outside when we heard a horrible rumble coming from inside the cave, and none of us waited around to see what was making the noise, we all ran as far away from the cave as we could.  I turned to look back, but there wasn’t much to see, save for dust and rubble coming from what was once the entrance to the cave.  It appeared that the cave that was, was no more, and it seemed to me that no evidence would remained, that the cave ever existed.  So the six of us followed the trail down to our vehicles and stood together for a moment, since we had much to contemplate; after all we were party to an event begun four generations before any of us were born.

There was a question on my mind, and while I did not want to disturb the mood, but still, I needed an answer, ‘Tell me Herbert, there have been five Guardians of the Sword, one in each generation, and you are the last of them.  Tell me, how can any of what has happen here change anything in the world in which we live?  Can what has happened here cause the Yankee Empire to collapse?’  Walter spoke up for both of them, “Let me answer Herbert, I think I have an answer, which will satisfy everyone.  George, Russ, the flow of time and events is like a river with many tributaries flowing into it, change one event and the flow of history will have been altered.

In a way we who stand here may never completely understand, how the events we experience here have altered the situation; whether one believes the Yankees would have self destructed any case, it matters little, the Confederate Justice League will make sure the Empire self destructs of its own accord.”  While I was curious as to who or what was this Justice League, I figured it was best that I didn’t know.  After all, some secrets aught to remain secrets for the benefit of everyone!  We stood there a few more minutes; then Russ, Alice, Alyssa and I myself shook hands with Herbert and Walter, and said our goodbyes.

We then drove away, headed back in the direction of Durham and to Russ’s house, after a night sleep Alice and I headed home to Florida.  We spoke little about it the night before departing, wanting to let it all soak in for a while, as for us the job was done; we would soon see what unfolds!  On the way home Alice and I must have traveled ten miles or more before either of us said anything, we were simply trying to wrap our mind around all that had happened.  Finally Alice broke the silence by turning on the radio, she fished the dial for a while and landed on station, which was broadcasting a Conservative Talk Radio Program.  Putting what they said in a common language we could understand!

The Federal Government has barrowed so much money they were now closing in on 20 trillion dollars and the major lenders are highly reluctant to loan them any more, until they stop their lavish spending binge.  In fact some are even threatening to call in their loans, which would bring about an immediate bankruptcy, as well as the collapse of the dollar.  It appears the Yankee Empire has reached the end of its arrogance, an arrogance wrought by the‘ Fuhrer of the Yankee Reich’ Abraham Lincoln!  While I had to concentrating on my driving and couldn’t turn my head for any length of time, I did manage to glance at Alice for a moment, we both smiled.  The Empire’s time has come!
God save the Confederacy .

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"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace.  We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."  --Samuel Adam


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