When the Moon is Full

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When the Moon is Full

We are all accustomed to the use of massive armies, marine’s, air and naval forces, multi-billion dollar aircraft carriers, high tech battle tanks, as well as assorted other machines of war.  And into the foreseeable future these will continue to have their place, when free men find they are left with no other option, but to wage war against an aggressor.  However, there will come a day when these things will not be enough, and those who ‘have the right stuff’ will of necessity, need to devise extra-ordinary methods, in order to secure their liberties.

As our story opens, the good citizens of the member states and territories of the Confederacy, now under occupation, discover under the most excruciating conditions, the true price of their liberties.  Our story takes place during an unknown time in the not to distant future when free men will fight or bow to the tyrant!  Join with us as we travel to that yet future time, as we look in on a military command, unlike any upon this earth!  Who are these shadowy figures in the moonlight, rarely seen, accept When the Moon is Full, and then only at their own choosing!

"Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction." --- Sir William Wallace 1281 A
.D.  All of the great empires throughout history have fallen for the same basic reasons; the Yankee Empire is willfully bound to follow the same course.

The Invisible Army

There is no such thing as a high tech gadget that cannot be overridden, closed down or fooled in some way; the following is a fictional story of such a thing taking place!

By George McCullum
It is Monday 17 June; the world we once knew has since been turned upside down!  The Southern People have not, thus far, united in sufficient numbers so as to forge a strategy, whereby our liberties might be made secure, nor have they reestablished our beloved history, heritage and culture.  At a time when the struggle could have been waged in the political and cultural arena alone, the moment was allowed to slip away.  It seemed understandable at that time; good men wouldn’t want to stick their necks out, even though the economy was in shambles.

. A new President would soon take office in January, and there was every confidence, he would turn things around!  However, the percentage of the people dependence upon government benefits had increased steadily, thereby shifting the center of political power, whereby these very government dependents now constituted 58 percent of the electorate.  As a result both houses of the U.S. Congress came under the control of the radical left, more properly, the socialists, if they were called by there proper name.

There numbers were such the liberals in the electorate have voted in a veto proof majority in both houses, and they were now able to place one of their own in the Presidency, rather then his opponent.  The socialists now have the nation bound to where our individual rights exist in name only!  Presidential administrative actions and regulations, issued under the guise of civil rights, equal treatment and fairness, has pretty much hamstrung constitutional government, and the growing federal goon-squads act more like a ‘Gestapo’ then a federal law enforcement.

Just about every facet of the lives of the citizens’ is now under scrutiny, including all forms of communication!  Government cameras gave been mounted seemingly everywhere as well as smaller, hard to see drones in the sky above us!  There exists a scenario whereby precious few people dare express an opposition to, or difference with, the administration.  Howbeit, behind the scenes people have begun to waken, and are driven to seek the restoration of our lost freedoms, but the question is how, inasmuch as we the people lack the means.

The federals still proclaim, the people have the right to peacefully and freely assemble’, but in truth only in theory, for according to there socialist mindset, only those in agreement with administration, dare to meet openly.  Plans for forming an opposition are discussed strictly in whispers, and in locations where there is a certainty they weren’t being spied upon.  My hometown in Florida has become intolerable due to the overwhelming presence of the goon-squads, so I moved the family to a place outside of Madisonville Tennessee, near the Cherokee National Forest.  I had been raised in the country during my boyhood years, so adopting to country life was not difficult, besides it was very peaceful.

Besides, the wife and I seemed to be in far better health, maybe it was the country air or the exercise, but whatever it was we both felt like taking walks from time to time.  So one day we decided to do a little scouting in the area where we now lived, so we turned down a dirt road heading into the backcountry; it was late in the evening, we had paused along the way to take in the scenery.  Since it was a beautiful moonlit night, we turned to each other in conversation, until something in the distance caught our attention.  Across an open gorge atop a high hill, perhaps a mile or more away, we could see a long line of dark ghostly figures moving across the horizon, like shadows in the moonlight. .

My wife Alice was a little spooked and decided she’d rather return to the house, ‘George she said, this makes me feel uneasy, I want to go home!’  I looked at her, then at the last of the shadowy figures passing in the distance, ‘they’re probably scouts taking a nighttime hike in the woods.’  I am sure the Park Rangers as well as the State Troopers know they are there.’  I knew within myself these men weren’t Boy Scouts, and at the same time; instinctively, I had a hunch they weren’t regular militia either.  We turned and began our walk back to our cottage size home, as we did so I was turning the thoughts of what we had seen over in my mind, then and there I decided I had to know more. .

After arriving back at the house I turned to Alice, ‘Alice I said, I am going to do a little snooping around, maybe I can find out who these people are, and what they are doing at the edge of the park this time of night.’  Alice didn’t seem to like the idea of me tracking down these people, whomever they were, ‘George your going to fool around out there and get yourself hurt, or worse.  I am frightened, maybe something bad will happen!’  I could see the look on her face, ‘Alice, I’ll be careful, I promise, I’ll keep my distance!’  I gave her a loving hug and kiss then headed for the door, ‘this shouldn’t take very long honey, I figure to be back in a couple of hours.’

I slowly walked back down the road to the spot where Alice and I had seen the shadowy figures in the moonlight, high on the ridge, and after looking about in every direction I spotted a narrow overgrown pathway leading down into the gorge.  The ridge was obviously further away then I first thought, since it took me approximately and hour to walk the distance.  Once I reached the foot of the ridge, it took me a while in the dark to find the pathway up through, the heavy forest thicket, which blocked the light of the full moon.  It took a real effort at my age to make the climb, but nonetheless being in fairly good shape, finally I found myself standing at the southern most end of the ridge.

As I looked toward the north end, the full of the moon and the clear sky, when added to a clearing in the forest, all these things together allow me to see fairly good for some distance ahead.  Seemingly not more then a hundred yards ahead, more or less, I saw what was obviously the most beautiful black horse, which appeared to be a stallion, though I couldn’t tell for sure at this distance and at night?  He was kicking his forelegs high in the air and whinnying, then after standing in place for a while, he disappeared in the forest, just north of his previous position.  Suddenly the image of several men appeared in a clearing just ahead, on the very spot where the two of us had spotted the men earlier.

I moved slowly forward toward the clearing and the images of the three men, when just as suddenly, they disappeared again!  I thought that perhaps they had stepped behind a clump of bushes or trees, but as I entered the clearing, I found no sign they had ever been there.  While the moon was indeed bright, the light was not bright enough to see any possible footprints; in any case the foliage was thick enough to where tracking would have proven most difficult, even for an experienced tracker, which I was not.  Finding a large convenient rock nearby I took advantage, and rested my weary bones; the time passed, and while it seemed like only a few moments to me, I am sure it was much longer.

The clearing where I had chosen to take my rest wasn’t all that large, and I could hear the sounds of the night about me, nothing really frightful; a nearby owl kept asking ‘who, who’, and feeling someone nearby, I had the same question in my mind, who.  A raccoon ran across the open space not far away, but other then that, not much was happening.  I was about to stand to my feet and walk a short way further, when a very gruff voice called out to me, ‘who are you and why are you trailing us?’  I dared not turn around but simply stood to my feet, ‘I, I, I, am, am, am, G-G-George M-M-McCullum and I was just curious, my wife and I saw you crossing the ridge in the moonlight.’ .

Finally I got up enough courage to turn around, and did so quickly, but to my surprise there was no one to be seen anywhere, only the black stallion I had seen earlier, now standing quietly nearby.  I looked about, considering that maybe I had imagined the whole thing, when just as sudden, nine men stepped out from the trees and into the clearing.  They were military all right, but my own years of military experience lead me to believe, they were more then merely a militia.  An officer stepped forward and stood in front of me, ‘now sir, it is my turn to ask a few questions, and just perhaps you might be able to answer, without scaring the daylights out of an old man.

Well grandpa, I am Colonel Lucas Marcellus of the Confederate Special Forces, at your service!  The Officers and Enlisted men wore historic Confederate Rank Markings; a First Sergeant by the name of Lynn Chaney stepped forward, about to say something, when Colonel Marcellus reached out his hand, touching him on the chest, ‘it all right Lynn, I know this man’.  ‘Who is he Colonel, replied the First Sergeant, don’t think I’ve had the privilege!’  The Colonel looked at the First Sergeant, then at me, ‘He’s George McCullum, one of four men responsible for launching the modern Confederate Movement in 1990.  HJHHe has worked tirelessly since then for the Confederate Cause, you can believe me when I say he can be trusted!’

Mr. McCullum my friend, said the Colonel, ‘we are the ‘Invisible Army you envisioned!’  I looked at the Colonel, my curiosity growing by the minute, ‘How many of you are there Colonel Marcellus?’  Our army is divided into groups of two companies of 175 each, totaling 350 men, each of the companies have two nine man special Forces, attached.  We have roughly 25,000 troops scatter over 16 States, and they are not merely militia, but rather the reformed Armies of the Confederacy.  Once our government has been restored, we shall report to the Confederate States President, as Commander in Chief.’

Colonel, as much as I’ve strived towards that day, still, I must say, ‘you will never be able to defeat those people, by force’!  The Colonel smiled, then responded, thanks you your advice, however that won’t be necessary; you once stated, never send an army to do what a few special men can do better.  Tell our friend, Sergeant Major, how we fight as well as our motto, ‘Yes sir; Mr. McCollum, no one outside of ourselves and now you, know we even exist, we take on the enemies of the Confederacy anywhere, anytime.  We arrive unseen; eliminate the enemy then withdrawn, unseen!’  I looked at the First Sergeant, ‘what about cameras, satellites and ease dropping devices?’

The Colonel broke in at this point, ‘I’ll answer that question, ‘the empire also has special forces commands, however as good as they are, and they are magnificent, our tactics begin where there’s end.  We have learned to defeat their devices, thus they see only what we wish them to see, nothing more, nothing less!’  How do you move about so quickly, and to such distant locations, I asked?  The Colonel again smiled, ‘that George is classified, even to you, for your own protection, you don’t want to know more!’  The Colonel turned to a Private by the name of Lain Barnard; ‘Private tell the man why we fight!’ .

The Private stepped forward, obviously not accustomed to vocalizing his strongly held sentiments!  ‘The Grand ole Republic became an Empire because of Abraham Lincoln, and has now chosen to suppressing our liberties.  We must either bow to their will and march in lockstep to their arrogant socialism, or else stand ready to fight for our freedoms – Numquam Posthac.’  Private Barnard turned to Colonel Lucas Marcellus, Colonel; he saluted then returned to his place!  Looking at the Colonel I asked, ‘perhaps you can tell me about that black stallion I saw, first in the moon light from the roadway, then in the clearing just a few moments ago.’

The Colonel smiled again as he replied, ‘the stallion is my horse Mr. McCullum, and he serves as a showpiece as well as bait once and a while; however, I do ride him from time to time!  I sat down and lowered my head for a moment, rubbing my face with my hands, as I did so I could hear the Colonel say, ‘perhaps our motto might explain some things, that is - Numquam Posthac.  I thought quietly to myself as I turned all these things over in my mind, if only for a moment, but finally I looked up again.  But to my surprise and awe, the nine men who were only moments before speaking to me were now gone, with no sign left behind, as to how they had existed the area so quickly.

I moved about the immediate area for a short while, seeing if I could somehow detect where they went and how they had managed to disappear so quickly.  But finding nothing, I turned and walked slowly toward the southern end of the ridge toward the pathway leading down, thereby heading toward the roadway and home.  The next day the news was filled with the story of the destruction of a major training and communications base set up by the federal goon squad, to suppress the Southern People.  Absolutely no sign was found as to who had done the deed or how they managed to penetrate the massive security network, even more humiliating to the Empire, the bases own munitions were used.

As Alice and I sat drinking coffee, concentrated on the television news, showing on a number of stations; I couldn’t help but speculate that just maybe, the Invisible Army was carrying out their motto – Numquam Posthac – Never Again.  If so, hey had obviously given a firm and unmistakable answer to the suppression of our rights, by what was now being referred to as The Federal Gestapo.  In opposition, our Men in Gray had finally returned, and for now the names of our heroes must remain unknown; nonetheless, it wouldn’t take the Southern People long to realized, a very powerful force had arisen in their defense.

Alice and I decided to set our home brewed coffee aside and go out for breakfast, our choice was a place known locally as ‘Grandma’s Coffee Shop’, as we entered and took our seats, we couldn’t help notice the chatter about us.  I had decided it was best to say nothing of what I knew, precious little to Alice and certainly not to those round about in the coffee shop.  Besides I was sure the Federals had the place pegged, and among those people gathered in this modest size coffee shop, was likely a few who were Agents of the Federal Gestapo.  Still, I smiled within myself as I listened; these people, common everyday folks, were identifying themselves in terms of the Confederacy and of Tennessee.

The words of our beloved President Jefferson Davis came back to me where he said, “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert it's self, though it may be at another time and in another form.”  And at another time he said, “The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.”  The situation is indeed different in our time, and according to the words of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate Cause has indeed taken a different form.  But alas, conditions have come full circle, and the Yankees will now have to pay for their aggressive and illegitimate war as well as the victory they celebrate, at our expense.  Then our people shall write the history of our time?

God save the Confederacy


"The North has used the doctrines of Democracy to destroy self-government. The South applied the principle of conditional federation to cure the evils and to correct the errors of a false interpretation of Democracy." --- Lord Acton

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