Wise Old Owl

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"The Wise Old Owl"

I. "A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart is at his left.” {Ecclesiastes 10:2}; it sounds like the Holy Scriptures had an eye on our times, when this verse was written. It doesn’t take a scholar to see how foolish, and destructive, are the policies of our modern day liberals and socialist!
II. The right to keep and bear arms is to protect 'the people' against tyranny in government. Government registration of firearm owners is but a prelude to disarming the people; which is inevitably followed by their enslavement.

III. How many empires must fall, before those who walk the halls of political power can see, the stupidity of their policies, And when will 'the people' see that they have sold their birthright, for the sake of government handouts?
IV. Political Correctness is like ‘willful ignorance’ on steroids, denying the truth, while calling good evil and evil good! We have now arrived at a day wherein it is considered bigoted to describe those sins condemned by the Almighty God, by their true name and description. They are now called by such terms as empowerment and an
alternate life style!
V. The concept that an unborn baby is merely a blob of useless flesh, rather then a living human being is atrocious! Alternate terms are used so as to avoid the truth, such as calling these unborn persons fetuses, and the mother as merely exercising her freedom of choice. It is hard to even speak of a situation where people would mutilate an unborn baby, afterward throw this precious child away as medical waste.

How are Abortion Clinics different then the Concentration Camps of the Second World War, or the ancients who burned their babies upon an alter, in sacrificd to a heathen idol god? Now, it has been discovered that when these aborted babies are accidentally born alive, the butchery continues outside the womb.

There is no defense before God or man for the evil, such as is carried out in abortion clinics, and let it be said, the use of the word 'Clinic' itself, is atrocious. If anyone is offended by this posting, so be it, it is the truth!

VI. Those who sold Black men and women into slavery, have not the standing to condemn those who purchased them. Thus it is with today’s Yankee who condemns the Old South and the Confederacy for owning slaves, while their own forefathers were the merchants of the slave trade. Slavery was an institution of its own time, thus modern day Confederates, owe no explanation or apology!

VII. The Confederate Cause having suffered defeat, surrender, occupation, and cultural genocide, must now eliminate the option of surrender, from its lexicon. Henceforth there is no other substitute for victory; unconditional and total victory must be our mission, strategy, and purpose.
VIII. A nation or empire heads down the road to decline and collapse, when it imports more then it exports, devalues its currency, and persistently spends more the its total income. Added to these are a worldwide overreach, as well as the corruption of family and social values! Histories greatest empires have all traveled this same road; does any of this sound familiar in our time?

IX. The good citizens of the Confederate States of America, having in former times surrendered to the aggressor, which had invaded, murdered, raped, pillaged, and burned their way through our homes, cities and nation. Knowing the evil treatment inflected upon them, during and after that terrible war we of the Confederate Cause call, the War for Confederate Independence!
And being certain the Confederacy will in due course of time regain its national independence, thus the message is repeated here! We have no other option, then to forever strike from our lexicon, the term surrender. Henceforth there is no other choice then unconditional victory, or else we go the way of our forefathers. This fellow Confederate Compatriot, is the price of freedom!
{Stay tuned, there's more to come}



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