Wrath of an Angry God

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 Wrath of an Angry God 
Has the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse began their?

”Jesus said unto him, It is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” {Matthew 4:7}.  The Holy Scriptures gives severe warning against putting the Almighty God to the test or of tempting the Lord thy God.  When an individual commits gross and vile sins, while excusing them as an expression of their individual freedom and of their unalienable rights, it is a profane use of the very concept of human rights, as endowed by Almighty God in creation.

However, when a nation and a society supports these gross and vile sins by using the force of law and adjudication, backed up with police power, that is far more then tempting the Lord thy God.  These sins are normally defended as diversity, sexual orientation, and freedom of expression as well as of speech, when in reality they are still horrendous sins against the God of all Creation; the judgment such a society and nation can only be a matter of time.

This type of behavior is like unto goading the Almighty God and snickering in his face; in doing so, the society and nation places itself in a position of incurring the wrath of the Lord our God.  Come with us now into a not to distant time when the Yankee Empire faces the Wrath of an Angry God.  While this story is being written, it is fiction, but unless there is a massive forsaking of sinful ways in repentance, and a change in the direction of our modern lifestyles, this story may become a devastating reality.

The below story is fiction, but within the fiction is an example of the type of scenario, which could very well unfold, if this modern society continues to mock God, by their vile and perverted lifestyle.

The story you are about to read could very well take place, and while we may not know precisely how things will unfold, it is reasonable to imagine a situation where nature itself is turned against a people and nation, that has forsaken the Almighty God of their forefathers.  We are taught that He is a God of love, so He would never do such a thing, while forgetting is also a God of justice, judgment and wrath.  If the people tempt His wrath by their vile sins, it should come as no surprise, when He reminds us that He is still the Almighty God.

Friday 19 June 2009
Sodom and Gomorrah

Our story begins on a calm, beautiful Friday in June; the liberals had gained in the 2008 General Elections and now controlled both houses of the Federal Congress. Already legislation had been proposed to further erode the moral fiber of society, appeals were underway to overturn State Laws banning Gay Marriages. Federal protection was offered to Abortion Clinics, thereby increasing the practice, thus wiping away even the modest gains made in former years. The Iraq War was winding down, but much to late for the Republicans, which had suffered huge losses in the previous elections.

The open border problems grew worse, as Illegal Immigrants poured across in ever-increasing numbers. A relatively small percentage of the people worried at the continuing drop in public morality, fearing the Almighty God would soon loose patience. An ever-growing percentage of the Adult Population now lived together outside of marriage, teenage promiscuity, homosexuality and all manner of vile behavior was being equated with Civil Rights. The percentage of the people, which gave more then mere lip service to Christian Faith, as taught in the Holy Scriptures declined, making Christianity a small minority religion.

Still there arose a few Ministers of the Gospel who warned of impending danger, resulting from the possibly of the Wrath of God being poured out, if the United States continued to rebel against him and his teachings. However this was received with mockery and laughter as cartoons, movies and late night television made joke of the Christian’s belief in God, considering it old fashioned, out of date and bigoted. There were many claiming to be Christians, but this was a kind of liberal social gospel having little relationship with the Holy Scriptures and its description of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The very idea of God pouring out his wrath, as described in the Bible was laughable; the nation was beginning to appear more and more like unto a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, and even this comparison became material for the comedians and critics. In the wee hours of Friday morning a long dormant Volcano on one of the Canary Island off the coast of West Africa begin to belch smoke and ash; a sign that an eruption was probable. The volcanic activity was taking place primarily on the western face of the mountain, which slops down toward the sea; if there was an eruption, a tsunami was inevitable.

Smoke, ash and steam could be seen for miles; no one doubted, this ancient volcano had come to life and it was only a matter of time before and eruption took place. If this was not enough to frighten the wits out of everyone, a little known fault line running under New York and down the east coast to Washington DC began to trembled at a small 1.5 on the Rector Scale. There were those who believed the two events were related, feeding off one another, but no proof existed to confirm this hypothesis. The East Coast Fault amounted to no more then a hairline crack and it hadn’t been known to quake since before Europeans landed on this continent.

The arrogance of what amounted to a modern heathen society had caused the people to become complacent and the entire issue was passed off as a kind of quirk of nature, that would never amount to very much. The Email Messages and Cell Phone traffic within the growing Confederate Legion in particular, and the Confederate Movement general, expressed the opposite viewpoint. Warnings went out to Confederates stock up on vital necessities, can goods, water, flashlights, batteries and especially baby supplies. Directions were given as to how to store these supplies, so they would survive a disaster, should it come.

Those believing it would all pass with time were reinforced when the mountain seemed to quiet and the quaking activity along the East Coast subsided and faded away. A week passed and even many Confederates began to believe it was essentially over; those having preaching doom and gloom, appeared to be wrong again. Still people living in areas subject to hurricanes weren’t sorry for having prepared; August and September have always been the months for the worst storms. Those in the Tornado prone areas justified their efforts by saying; well we are at least ready, whatever may come our way.

Monday 29 June 2009
The Clouds Gather

The Geologists, which had originally made the predictions, now faced criticism, as did the television networks, which broadcast a series of Volcano and Earth Quake related programs. However those along the Northeastern Atlantic Coast who believed fervently in our Lord and Savior, knew the United States was far overdue; if the Hammer of God’s justice was about to fall, they wished to be elsewhere. One particular family was Mr. and Mrs. Beau and Phyllis Jamison. Beau was known to be a great, great grand son of a Confederate Soldier, who road with General P.G.T. Beauregard; thus his father named him accordingly; however, he was known simply as ‘Bo.'

Mr. Jamison had lost a lucrative job in New York working for a computer corporation, whose factories were in Southern California, but headquartered in the Big Apple. The majority of Bo Jamison’s family lived in the Eastern Suburbs of Nashville Tennessee, and that is where he and his wife decide to make preparations for survival, should disaster strike. Having lost his job over concerns of a possible tsunami and an earthquake, on Saturday 27 June, the two of them along with their son Jeremy set out for Nashville, arriving there about mid afternoon on Monday.

Bo had always wanted to get out of New York and the events of the past ten days had only forced his hand; somehow he felt like a ten-ton weight had been lifted off his chest, if for no other reason then being back in the Southland, the homeland of his forefathers. Other then being back in Dixie, he wondered if his over zealousness about the possibility of disaster was worth the cost of loosing what was becoming a very lucrative carrier. Let alone what it cost his wife who was a Legal Secretary at a Law Firm; still, they held no regrets over their decision, even if prayerfully, disaster did not come.

In California, Oregon and Washington States, Christian believers began to pack up and move inland across the mountain, in droves, even though there had been no order to evacuate, not even a warning. The West Coast was for once, not the center of Earth Quake and Volcano warnings; therefore the Governors of these States felt no urgency to take action. Still the Christians saw a real parallel between the Godless societies of Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities of the plains, and modern America. Approximately 52 million plus babies had been murdered; homosexuality was not only rampant, but also supported under the law, as constitutionally protected.

The question in their minds wasn’t would God loose patience, but when; they simply added 2 plus 2 and found it still added up to 4, which in their minds meant the Wrath of God was surely on its way. Whether it came tomorrow, next week or a year from now mattered very little, they were leaving town before it came. The highways were bumper to bumper, packed with cars, pick-up trucks and moving vans, vehicles of all sorts heading east, anywhere east, as long as it was out of the danger zone. None-the-less, as numerous as these Christians were, they were only a fraction of the total population of the West Coast States.

Many of the larger liberal churches however, were proclaiming those who were leaving to be by and large of the extreme radical right; California and the West Coast would be better off without them. The States of California, Oregon and Washington now stood even more in the likeness of the Cities of the Plains, just moments before their ultimate demise. But would it come or was all this hoopla just scare tactics, and were the departing Christians no more then extremists of the radical right, as they were portrayed. A young Melton O’Connor and his lovely wife Bernadette believed God had blinded the eyes of the heathen.

The O’Connor family are Christian Confederates from San Bernardino California; they did not think it was a false alarm; at 10:15 A.M. the morning of Tuesday 30 June, Melton had finished packing their big new 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, with a trailer in tow. That very morning he had raised his Confederate Battle flag over his property, as was his custom; but now he walked slowly over to the 25-foot pole, which stood in his front yard not far from the house, saluted the flag, unwrapped the lanyard, and then began to lower his flag very slowly. He felt strange in a way, was he doing this for the last time or is everyone going stir crazy!

Melton was moderately successful and held down a job at a company, which was in a business relationship with the famous Silicon Valley Micro Chip works. But now he was heading east along with droves of others, like stampeding animals fleeing a forest fire; Melton had always though of himself as a reasonable man, while having Faith in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Scripture, still he was not prone to rash conclusions. However, somehow something was in the wind, he could feel it deep in within himself and his wife Bernadette was of the same mind; for a moment he smiled at himself, that he and his wife were in agreement on something.

These same unannounced evacuations that were taking place on the West Coast, were also taking place along the New York to Washington DC corridor. Along the Southern Coastline, it was not so much an evacuation as a kind of pulling back from the Coastline; the vast majority of the believers was moving back approximately 50 miles or more, and had been since the first warnings of 19 June. However, those living along the Gulf Coast remembered what Hurricane Katrina had done to New Orleans. Nobody was sure if the Tsunami was even coming their way, but a sizeable number of them decided, better safe then sorry.

Rodney Rinehart, his wife Jennifer, their two sons Jacob and Justin were among the group deciding to evacuate, so as a result nearly every highway heading north out of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Louisiana and inland from the East Coast of Texas were all crowded. Justin had decided to head up to his parents house in Huntsville Alabama for a while, then see what would develop; his parents certainly weren’t rich by any means, being owners of a small farm northeast of town, and also worked as a mechanic at a Pontiac Dealership in town. Old Mr. Rinehart had inherited the farm from his father, but never claimed to be much of a farmer!

Saturday 4 July 2009
Storms of Doom

Throughout the west coast and the New York to Washington DC corridor, the vast majority thought those who were leaving were simply over reacting. New Orleans, known as the Sin City of the Southeast, the heathen continued in their party atmosphere, looking forward to a huge boost in business as the 4th of July drew ever closer. Meanwhile Geologists in Southern California recorded new trimmers measured 1.9 on the Rector Scale; these were not strong enough to ever be noticed by the general public. However, deep in the bowels of the earth pressure was building, sooner or later it would be released!

There was an attention getter however, which managed to dominate the news along the Southeastern Shores of the Atlantic; a tropical storm approaching the Southern Caribbean, managed to make an unexpected turn toward the northwest. This turn was thought to be due to water and atmospheric conditions! Now it had now reached hurricane strength and growing steadily in intensity! The storm somehow managed to be named out of its normal sequence; this was now Hurricane Damocles, the name is derives from the ancient story of the Sword of Damocles. A sword over Damocles being supported by nothing more then a hair!

The Governors of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina held off declaring an emergency, as Hurricane Damocles moved ever closer, mile-by-mile. It appeared as though the storm might follow the wind and ocean currents turning toward shore, however, it would then unexpectedly move outward toward the northeast, causing no damage. The cities along the Atlantic Ocean front were on alert, but none-the-less continued with their plans for celebrating the 4th of July Holiday. Overall conditions made a drastic shift when in the wee hours of Saturday, the Canary Island Volcano erupted and the western third of mountain began to slide.

In Washington DC President Borax Odama was awakened and informed of the pending crisis, the combination of a number five hurricane and a likely tsunami that could put the entire east coast under water. The President quickly called an emergency secession of his Cabinet, who then advised him to evacuate the government immediately. The President’s secretary was kind enough to have return in the middle of the night and was sitting in on the conference; contact the leadership of Congress, and the Chief Justice tell them the government must evacuate at once.

See to it the Vice President is informed and is advised to leave, both of us should not be in town during what could be a disaster. But what about you Mr. President, replied Secretary of Defense Clayton. While these people lay in the path of two catastrophic storms, how would it look, if their President abandoned ship and fled in order to save his own hide? Where do we send all the people of Washington, when we call for a mass evacuation? We haven’t got time Mr. President, replied the Homeland Security Secretary; we must at the very least make the attempt or else these people will surely perish, answers President Odama.

The President adjourned the meeting and the various Cabinet Secretaries went their way in hopes of evacuating both the government and the people, before the entire east coast lay in ruin. Odama turned to his secretary, who had been with him throughout his previous campaigns; how about you leaving and make sure your family is safe? Thank you Mr. President, my family has already departed and I am scheduled to meet them after this storm has passed. The President wrote a note; there will be a helicopter leaving in about 15 minutes from the lawn outside, this is your ticket out of town.

It only took only 30 minutes after the initial television and radio stations broke in with emergency broadcasts, when the every highway heading westbound was bumper to bumper, and every airline seat outbound was booked, with no vacancies. The Present ordered all military aircraft capable of carrying passengers, to help with the evacuations; given the shortness of the hour, even he knew they’d be fortunate, if anyone manage to escape before the disaster turned the entire east coast into a crap heap. Still, if all they could do was to make a touch down landing, load up and leave, some lives might be saved.

While a disaster loomed over the Northeast Atlantic as well as the entire Pacific Coastlines, the United States Government fleeing from their Capital City, death loomed over the Great Lakes. Whether it is called a Hurricane, Tornado or simply a bad storm, it was deadly, it was homing in on Chicago and it was expected to spawn tornados strong enough to top the scale. Confederates were not that numerous in the windy city, but there was one particular family, with roots deep in Mississippi; this was Mr. And Mrs. Ruston and Nellie Jackson.

The Jackson’s watched closely at the weather news and like most true Christian believers, particular Confederates, pack up and prepared to leave town, heading down bound away from the coming storm, even then brewing over the Lakes. The storm was estimated to be a day may two away and Nellie was worried about here pets. Ruston finally relented, we’re going to need a moving van, I’ll go down and get one right now, so we will have enough room, we can tow the car. Nellie continued to pack, while listening to her favorite Southern Gospel Music, hoping it would get her mind off of all the bad news.

Ruston returned in about two hours with a ton and a half size van and their car in tow; they continued to pack and was finally ready to leave by 1:00 P.M. that same day. Meanwhile the storm over the Lakes moved ever closer and growing in strength, even as they moved down the highway toward Mississippi and the home of their forefathers. Upon arrival in Corinth Mississippi at their Parents home, the news came over the television; Chicago and bordering counties were struck by as many as 18 category five tornadoes, as the storm, itself of tremendous strength, moved through the area.

Saturday 4 July 2009
Modern Sodom and Gomorrah

The combination of a category five hurricanes closing in on the Southeast Coast and a tsunami racing across the Atlantic at 600 miles per hour, spelled total disaster, but in the waning hours Hurricane Damocles slowed down and stopped well off the Georgia Coastline. The winds indicated it should have continued, as did the ocean currents, why then did it stop so abruptly; only the Almighty God knew the answer. The stalled hurricane however intensified into a very powerful category five, while at the same time, as the sunrise broke over the eastern horizon, the tsunami was closing in on the East Coast States.

The colossal hurricane, according to satellite images as well as airborne observers, seemed to have dropped ever closer to the water and continued to intensify; hurricane experts claimed they had never seen anything quite like this strange phenomenon. It is far enough off the Georgia, South Carolina Coastline so as to pose no immediate threat to land, however this didn’t ease Governor William O’Connell of South Carolina’s anxieties very much. He paced back and forth in his Office in Columbia, speaking more to himself then to his State Emergency Management Team.

The Governor continued rambling his thoughts out loud; “we can’t depend on the Federals this time around, they are leaving town, and besides, they need assistance themselves!” We’re in a no win situation here; the hurricane, the tsunami or both will destroy our State. Both the hurricane and the tsunami have come to us straight out of some science fiction movie, Hollywood couldn’t have written a script any more horrific then we are facing today, and on the 4th of July of all days. Just then a messenger for the Emergency Management entered his Office; Governor excuse me for interrupting, but you did ask to be kept updated.

The evacuations are going well, it appears the earlier departure of so many from the Christian community has eased the exodus now underway; it appears the last of the outgoing traffic is far enough inland for safety. However, our last reports received are that the hurricane is not moving, just spinning in place. What about the tsunami, how close is it from shore; asked the Governor? Here’s where it gets craze; the hurricane winds have acted as a kind of barrier to the tsunami and has redirected its enormous waves toward the northeast; I am afraid Governor, that is precisely why Washington is not replying to your request for help. They are under the gun themselves!

Saturday 4 July 2009
Coming Yankee Apocalypse

While things were going fairly well in the Southern States, they were turning bleak along the New York to Washington Corridor, it appeared the prophets of doom were not far off the mark. One need only witness the freeways having become a parking lot and the entire northeast preparing to be devastated by a tsunami of unparallel magnitude. President Borax Odama waited in his office for the outcome, soon to be joined by his loyal Secretary who had decided not to make use of her ticket out of town. Secretary of Defense Dillery Clayton and the Homeland Security Secretary soon joined them. “It looks like we may all go down with the ship;” stated the President, having finally faced the reality of the situation.

The sun was just peaking over the horizon when a messenger entered the Oval Office! Mr. President, regretfully I bear bad news; “Go ahead ordered the President, lets hear it!” Satellite Reports indicate the Hurricane Damocles has acted as a kind of weather barrier to the tsunami and has diverted its deadly effects in another direction. That’s not bad new replied President Odama! No Sir Mr. President, the bad news is that the entire force of the tsunami is now head toward the northeastern coastline. If it comes ashore Mr. President, as is expected, there will be nothing left within 50 miles of the coast, including Washington itself.

The first waves will begin coming ashore any time now, the estimates of a likely death toll could not be accurately calculated, but were estimated to be in the range of 60 million or more. About then a Marine Helicopter landed on the lawn just outside, and the ‘Homeland Security Secretary’ advised the President and those remaining; “It is time to go, we only have a short space of time in which to fly inland a safe distance away from the approaching tsunami.” President Odama officered no future opposition, but followed the remainder of his Security Team out of the Oval Office; his wife and family had already departed earlier that day.

Unknown to the President and his team, Hurricane Damocles was beginning to move forward, paralleling the tsunami up the coast and would follow it ashore, like a one two punch that spelled nothing less then total devastation. While the last of the Presidential Team walked across the lawn toward their waiting helicopter, boarded and took off, they all looked back, wondering if there would be a city for them to return to, afterward. After the take off, the President said in a very sublime tone; “Have we so insulted God to such a degree, that He is about to pour out his wrath upon us?”

His Secretary of War Dillary Clayton replied; “I don’t thinks so Mr. President, I still believe these extremists are wrong, many of us are Christians ourselves, are we all wrong, this is ludicrous. “How then, asked the President Odama, can you account for Hurricane Damocles reacting in a manner unheard of in weather broadcasting, then acting as a shield to protect the Southern States? Something is happening here and it goes beyond merely a series of natural disasters, this strange phenomenon comes from a much higher power. In any case, maybe I am beginning to be effected by the rhetoric of these radicals!”

The Hour of Judgment

The Presidential Helicopter had scarcely taken off when a messenger entered Governor O’Connell’s Office in Columbia; “Governor, as you are aware, communications with Washington have been down for a while now; the courier began to stutter, “Gov … Gov … Governor, there is no such city as Washington DC, it doesn’t exist anymore.” What is your name, asked the Governor? “Pat … Pat … Patrick Kelley sir!” Sit over hear {the Governor pointing to a seat, which sat along side his desk} and relax for a moment, then begin all over again, the Governor pouring and handing him a cup of coffee.

The young Patrick paused, sipped from his coffee several times, then began to speak! “I was at the weather bureau when the news came over the satellite feed; the tsunami came ashore with what must have been at least 150 foot waves, followed up by Hurricane Damocles about an hour later. The devastation stretches from Arlington Virginia upwards to New York State, Connecticut and Rode Island. A State Helicopter from Richmond made an initial flight over the area, and if the entire east coast looks anything like Washington, it would be a conservative figure to say there are 50 million dead.”

The Supervisor for Homeland Security for the area, which includes South Carolina, a Mr. Robert Epson knocked on the Governors Door and was granted entry. Governor O’Connell, I’ve not been able to communicate with the Secretary of Homeland Security, possibly due to hurricane or the Tsunami conditions in and around Washington, therefore I feel compelled to make my report to you. I appreciate that Mr. Epson, stated the Governor, continue! Well, we are still able to receive satellite images and we have observers onboard the Space Station, they are even now reporting further activity.

The Krakatoa Island Volcano in Indonesia, whose last known activity was on 26 August 1883 has now erupted, besides the local disaster, a tsunami is even moving across the Pacific and will strike the West Coast within a few hours. The waves, which come ashore, will likely be 150 to 200 feet in height. That’s not all Governor, several fault lines in California have quaked, Monte Vista-Shannon and Calvarisl, both near San Jose; these have set off the San Andreas Fault near the entrance to San Francisco Bay. How severe are these quakes Mr. Epson? Call me Bob, if you wish, replied Mr. Robert Epson.

The first two were 7.1 and 7.4 respectively, but the San Andreas has registered at 9.6 and the after shocks continue; between the tsunamis and the earthquakes, I believe the entire west coast could face or has already faced total destruction. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Mount Saint Helens in Oregon and Mount Rainer outside of Tacoma Washington is venting. What it means Governor is that it is very doubtful there these west coast State any longer have a State Government, nor is there likely a U.S. Government; I recommend you call a conference of the Southern Governors and take charge of the situation, or we all go down the sewer.

The Governor called his Secretary, a Miss Madelyn Dominic who preferred to be called Maggie, who quickly entered his office; Maggie, call the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense, anyone, see if this nation has anything minutely resembling a government. Governor, I’ve been calling for the past half hour and no one answers, all I get is a dead line. I’ve called these numbers seemingly thousands of times over the years, there just don’t seem to be anyone left up there to answer. Get me the Governors of North Carolina and Georgia online for a conference call, it is time we Southern Governors began to compare notes.

Then call General Kalian Winslow, our National Guard Commander and have him report to me immediately; tell him it is a critical situation. After that call the other Southern Governors, including Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, set up a conference call with these other 13 Southern and Western States in a 10:30 A.M., then contact what’s left of the networks and arrange a press conference for 12:00 P.M., nationwide. Miss Dominic departed and within 20 minutes Governor O’Connell was speaking to the Governors of North Carolina and Georgia.

Gentlemen, stated Governor O’Connell, “I am sure you are aware the Federals are not answering our calls, save for those located within our own States and even they are no longer able to communicate with their respective Cabinet Secretaries. I propose the National Guard as well as the U.S. Armed Forces of the 16 Southern and Southwestern States, report to their respective Governors, at least on a temporary basis, until this crisis is resolved. I am due to speak to the other 13 Governors within the hour and I expect to relay this information to them.” There was complete agreement on Governor O’Connell’s plan of action!

Further the remaining members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Senior Command of each of the Branches of Service are to report to McClellan Air Force Base west of Montgomery and set up a new Command Staff. There Commander in Chief will soon be made known to them! Governor, asked Miss Dominic, who was even then on her way out, would these Generals respond to your orders? Yes Maggie, I believe they will; there is no longer a Federal Government to which they formerly owed allegiance, and the source of their financial support has been removed; they will respond or join the unemployment line.

Monday 6 July 2009
The Empire Passes into History

The Governors Secretary entered the office once more to announce a guest, Governor; Major Robert L. Donaldson of the Air National Guard wishes to speak to you. Please show him in, the two men shook hands as the Major entered the office. Governor, I’ve received reports that in the absence of Federal authority, you have been attempting to take up the slack. That is true Major, what have you for me; “Governor, I have just returned from a flight over Washington, the mud and debris has buried at least two stories of most public buildings. Additionally, a helicopter has search westward of the city, looking for Marine One!

Please do continue, replied Governor O’Connell, any sign of the President’s Helicopter? Yes, they were obviously flying in the direction of West Virginia, perhaps hoping to reestablish the Government at the Old Cold War facilities. However, they crashed 30 miles outside of Washington, no survivors were found! An Air National Guard Chopper from Virginia landed and also surveyed the crash site, there was no sign of the President, and it is assumed everyone onboard was washed away by the storm. Flights over the city revealed nothing but the tops of buildings; everyone and everything below the Second Story is likely buried, most are destroyed.

Flight Controllers in Richmond report the Vice Presidential Chopper, known to have flown out of Washington during those final moments, has not been located, it is believed they were blown off course and crashed at sea. General James McMullen has directed me to report that he has searched for signs of Congress, even to the extent of calling their home States, where possible. What about the Pentagon, asked the Governor; there is no such place as the Pentagon, it is my estimation they are buried inside with their staffs. Also let me add, there is no such place as Arlington or the National Cemetery, save for the Lee Mansion.

A number of flights over California was arranged and headed up by Colonel Jason Weber of the Arizona Air National Guard, himself commanding a squadron of relief supplies, which was to be dropped wherever most needed. The Colonel found there was a dead zone, which stretched from the Pacific Beaches, then, inland about half way to the Mountains. His patrol area stretched half the distance of Southern California, north about half way to San Francisco. Colonel Weber’s squadron dropped his sizeable load at the edge of the dead zone after discovering a large percentage of those who evacuated, had made it that far.

Whatever manpower and resources could be made available was then moved to the affected areas, but in reality, it turned out to be a recovery more then a rescue operation. The old liberal States of California, Oregon and Washington, which existed before, was now gone forever. In like manner there was found precious little life or usable property along the Washington DC to New York corridor, therefore action was taken to begin a Statewide recovery program starting with Maryland, first reestablishing a State Government, and then restoring to State Control, the area previously known as Washington DC.

Just before the Governor was scheduled to begin his Press Conference his Secretary ask him; Governor, Washington DC has been laid waste and the archives is under who knows how much rubble and mud, what Constitution do we use. Well, stated Governor O’Connell, it is obvious we haven’t time to draft and ratify one at this time. The Governor gazed out his window and noticed a Confederate Flag dangling by a single small lanyard from a car antenna below. We shall use the Confederate States Constitution, which is stored safely in Georgia; we will restore the Confederate States of America, if for no other reason then out of necessity.

Governor, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada are calling in about those ‘Top Secret Bases’ located in their States, what shall I tell them. The Governor replied; “Tell them to block all entries from a safe distance, but otherwise leave them alone! Their issue is the need for military secrecy, to which there is no disagreement on my part; however, they must respond to civil authority. There can be no Black Projects or Dark Secrets to which they alone are party; those days are over. Additionally should military personnel or their agents threaten civilians, those involved will face trial and possible imprisonment under State Law.

Given enough time, they will come out from behind their wall of firepower and barbed wire, particularly when the food and money are gone, we will simply bide our time. There was still another set of visitors to Governor O’Connell’s Office, and his loyal Secretary was all to eager hear his response. Upon entering the Office she announced them with an obvious smile on her face; Governor representative of the N.A.A.C.P. Mr. James Eubank and the A.C.L.U. Mr. Walter Eckert. The Governor O’Connell shock both of their hands, while asking them to have a seat, he then took his place behind his desk.

Mr. Eubank began to speak first; Governor, given the Confederate Flag flying over the Capital Building, we are naturally concerned about the situation in the State. Governor O’Connell then turned to Mr. Eckert; I don’t believe I need to ask what you have in mind, so I shall be brief. Mr. Eubank, I have a message, not only for your membership in South Carolina but also in the other States, you’d be wise to pass the word. The Civil Rights Movement is over, if Blacks want equality, they will have it, but minus affirmative action, recompense or special favors. It is time for your people to get in or get out, but stop standing in the doorway!

As for you Mr. Eckert, you and your organization amounts to nothing more then Civil Terrorists and that too is over! The Confederate States Constitution will be reactivated and the Confederacy restored. Agreements have been made with the other States to reinstate the former concept whereby the seats in each State Senate will be based strictly upon fixed geographic areas, as it formally had been. This process will balance the political power of State Government between the rural and the urban, plus there will be no appeals regarding ‘Civil, Domestic or Constitutional Challenges’ beyond the State Courts.

Mr. Eckert spoke up; Governor, we have struggled long and hard for issues such as ‘Separation of Church and State, Abortion Rights and Mr. Eubanks of the N.A.A.C.P. has done likewise for the sake of inclusion. I am aware as to what each of your respective organizations have struggled; you have managed to stripped society of just nearly every moral and just principal upon which it was founded. We have suffered under ‘Imperial Court Injunctions’ against the Holy Scriptures in our Schools, as well as advocates of homosexuality and other perversions, which each of you have not only supported but caused to be passed into law.

Now gentlemen, I have a speech to make over the Networks, whom I might add, now come under State law, and will adhere to the moral Standards of each individual State or else loose their license, which we would happily give to some else. Gentlemen, my only advice is to close shop and find another line of work, or else leave the Confederacy. You will excuse me; I have an important phone call before my speech! After speaking to all 15 Governors, himself being the 16th, Governor O’Connell addressed what remained of the United States on schedule, at 12:00 P.M. that very day.

The Governor Speaks to the Nation

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all aware of the horrific series of natural disasters, which has struck both the East and West Coasts, regretfully the destruction is total in the effected areas, the death toll is anyone’s guess. The latest reports are that the infrastructures as well as the Governments of California, Washington and Oregon no longer exist. Additionally, we have been unable to locate any remnants of the U.S. Government, and Washington DC lies under at more then 30 feet of mud and debris.

Therefore, I have no other option then to take action in the absence any Federal Authority! All State and National Armed Forces will henceforth answer to the Command of their respective Governors and standby for further orders. Representatives from each of the 16 Southern States will be nominated and confirmed by their respective State Senates, afterward a Conference will be held in the city of Montgomery Alabama, at the State Capital Building.

This conference being an Official Conference of the States will be prepared to begin the process of reconstituting a National Government. We must face the realities of our situation that for all practical purposes, the United States of America, no longer exists, as a viable nation. Like it or not, it is apparent, the Wrath of an Angry God has fallen upon what was the United States of America, and the Confederates States, now being reconstituted, must not repeat those sins, which brought down the Union.

The States that were not previously member States of the Confederacy will be listed as territories or else protectorates, all remaining Federal Officials, including Federal Judges and U.S. Marshals will cease exercising authority and report to their respective Governors for instructions. The individual States will henceforth be sovereign over all domestic affairs within their respective borders, in accordance with the Confederate States Constitution, which is even now being reactivated.”

The Conclusion

It didn’t take long after his Press Conference until Montgomery began taking on all the signs of a National Capital City, what remained of the U.S. Armed Forces High Command began gathering at McClellan Air Force Base, west of town. The sign at the entrance was quickly covered over with the words “Davis Air Force Base!” The duties of the Federal Emergency Management Administration {F.E.M.A.} were quickly handed over to an interstate cooperative, whereby each State contributed.

The U.S. Monetary System was supported temporary support, until a new Confederate States Monetary System could be created. The aftermath of this horrific disaster had the effect of decapitating Federal Authority thereby revealing the truth about State and Local politicians; their primary interest is in remaining in power. They would no doubt go to extremes in that regard, even to the extent of reactivating the Confederate States Constitution, if refusing to do so meant loosing their power.

God save the Confederacy



Ours is to do the work as God gave us the strength, talent and wisdom, and then leave the results in His precious hands.  I have myself strived in the movement since the early l990's, and have watch small victories melt away like snow on a hot July afternoon.  The best laid plans and strategies have fallen by the way!  Yet we must all continue, knowing that an inter-voice speak to us; "...and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." (Matthew 28:11).



"When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when reason shall have stripped the mask from representation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of the past censure and praise to change places." --- President Jefferson Davis


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