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A New Vision - 1 January 2014


The year 2013 has come and gone, we are now into the year 2014, and the entire year lay before us!  I hereby renew my devotion to the Confederate Cause, but in doing so, let those of us who are devoted to the cause, ask ourselves, what is the Confederate Cause?  It’s a fair question to ask after 149 years since the surrender of our Confederate Armies!  If a total stranger, perhaps someone from a foreign country, unaware of our history, ask you that question, how would you answer.

I’d like to ask each and every one who reads this message to log onboard the below two webpages, then after reading, pass this message along to others.  Read the Proclamation of Independence carefully, and take note, I did not write it, I only posted it on this website!  The Proclamation of Independence was written by an English Scholar who ask me that he remain annonymous, and so he has, but never has the Confederate Cause been described so accurately.

Notice there is no signature, that is because the concept here is that each of the 13 Confederate States, would pass the document into law, after which it would then be signed by the Governor of each respective State.  At the right time of course!  Also log onboard The Passing of the Sword and read of my own vision, as pertaining to the reason for having founded the Confederate Legion.

Simply put, I dreamed of long columns of modern Confederate Ceremonial Troops, and I fully intend that my dream should be fulfilled, and these troops are to be, by and for the Confederate Cause at large, not merely for the Confederate Legion as an organization.  The Confederacy still lives, howbeit under occupation, and it can be liberated and restored, but doing so will require a new vision on behalf of all of us!

Those Yankees who may by chance read this message and boast of your ill gotten victory, take care, history has a way of rolling back and bitting such people on the backside.  Our beloved President Jefferson Davis once stated, "The contest is not over, the strife is not ended.  It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.”  So let it be written, so let it be done!

Proclamation of Independence 

The Passing of the Sword

God save the Confederacy

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